Risks associated with lasik eye surgery

Lasik is a procedure done with lasers that is used to correct vision problems. The main idea is to change the shape of the cornea so that the images it reflects onto the retina are clear and crisp thus producing better vision. As with any surgery, lasik holds some risks. The thing to keep in mind is that these risks affect your vision and should not to be taken lightly. Before undergoing lasik vision correction, patients should know all risks associated with it.

Lasik is a fairly new procedure. The first approval for lasik eye surgery came in 1998. The long term effects are still not clear. There is no data that shows how permanent lasik correction is or if it can produce long term problems. The risks that immediately follow the surgery are well known. It is important to note that a small percentage of people experience harmful effects as a result of lasik. Possible problems that can occur are complications, vision problems and the aggravation of previous vision conditions. One common complication is the dry eye syndrome. The surgery may affect your eyes ability to produce tears which then leads to your eye being dry. When the eye is dry you can experience blurred vision and discomfort. Other complications can result from the cornea not healing correctly. If this happens additional surgery may be necessary. To reduce the chance of complications you should follow post operative orders that your doctor gives you regarding after care. Normal risks associated with surgery also apply, such as reactions to the anesthesia, bleeding and infection. In some cases patients develop a problem where they see starbursts or halos around lights. This also makes it hard for them to see in dark conditions. This problem can sometimes be fixed through another surgery and other times it is permanent. In severe cases some patients have actually ended up with worse vision than before the surgery. While this rarely occurs it is still a possibility and all potential patients should be aware of that.

There are other risks to think about. Lasik is an expense that most insurance companies will not pay for. You need to understand how you will finance the procedure, including any possible work in the future. You should be prepared to handle any possible problem, both financially and emotionally. You should also make sure if a problem does occur that it will not put your job at risk. Talk with your employer about your decision and specifically discuss what will happen if you need more time off. These risks may seem minor, but with a lot still left unknown about lasik there is always a possibility of something unexpected occurring.

In conclusion Lasik is generally a safe surgery. As stated due to the surgery being in the eye and affecting your vision it is very important to know what can happen even it is most likely not going to occur. Being prepared is the best way to ensure your lasik experience is a good one and will meet your expectations.

Lasik Eye Surgery

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