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Lasik eye surgery was first approved in 1998. Results can vary from person to person depending on their personal eye health and other affecting factors. It is important to know exactly what can happen and about the general success of lasik vision correction. There are still limitations to what can be achieved through lasik surgery, but in its short history there have been developments in both technology and procedures that continually improve the results for those who have received lasik eye surgery. Newer developments like wavefront lasik have been achieving even better results than traditional lasik.

As with any surgery there can be complications that happen, but if they do can have a huge impact. As with any surgery you need to know any possible outcome that there is. In the case of lasik surgery the worst possible scenario would be blindness occurring. This can happen but is extremely rare and very preventable. There is the possibility of loss of night vision (night blindness) halo’s or glare around lights, double vision, decreased vision or just no improvement. Most complications of this nature are from over or under correction caused by incorrect programming or setting of the laser before or during surgery. These can be corrected with further surgery. Dry eye syndrome can also happen. There are treatments for this that can be recommended by your surgeon but there is no cure. Results of the above mentioned type can be mostly avoided by using a competent surgeon, giving an accurate medical history and discussing any questions you may have prior to surgery. Your surgeon will offer advice based on these questions and the medical history you provided.

Those that have problems other than vision blurriness may not achieve the best results with lasik surgery. A problem called presbyopia which is age related may require the use of reading glasses as the patient ages. Far sighted patients may also find the correction reverses as they get older. At this time there is no long term study results available since lasik is still fairly new.

At the present time approximately 50% of surgeries end up with 20/20 vision correction. So for the most part, lasik surgery ends with very successful results. The introduction of new technology like wavefront these results are as high as 94% ending in 20/20. The likely hood of perfect eyesight is increasing as the lasik technology improves.

Since lasik eye surgery is permanent it is very crucial for patients to understand all the possible outcomes and risks. Success rates still outnumber the failure rate, so with the knowledge of risks and outcomes and a good choice of surgeons you can still expect total success and 20/20 vision.

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