The dry eye syndrome connection with lasik

The dry eye syndrome is a very irritating problem and if you are considering lasik surgery you need to be aware it can aggravate it. Lasik surgery can also cause it. So you need to learn some about the syndrome if you are considering lasik surgery. This way if you were to develop it you have some information to assist in handling it. If you already have it you may be able to learn the most effective way to treat it. Treatment is the only solution since there is no cure. You will have the condition the rest of your life.

When the eyes do not produce enough moisture it is a condition called dry eye syndrome. The symptoms are dryness, burning or even a scratching feeling in the eye. This condition can be very mild to very severe. This lack of moisture causes the eye to become very dry and feel like there is something in the eye at all times and no matter what you are unable to remove the irritant. In mild cases the symptoms can normally be resolved easily, but in the severe cases dealing with dry eye syndrome is very difficult to resolve

The cause of dry eye syndrome is the eye doesn’t produce tears normally. This can caused by a chemical imbalance in the eye or the eye just not developing properly. Other factors can be age, result of medications, or even climate conditions. Wearing contact lenses, or not blinking enough and smoking are also causes. More woman than men, suffer from dry eye syndrome because of hormone changes. Doctors can diagnose dry ey syndrome by using what is called a Schirmer test. This uses a piece of paper placed near the edge of the eye to see the moisture content.

Here are some solutions that your doctor may suggest in the treatment of dry eye syndrome. But you and your doctor need to work together to find the one that is best for you.

  • Special sunglasses, called Panoptx sunglasses that keep out wind, dust and other airborne allergens.
  • Artificial tear eye drops.
  • Adding more omega-3 fatty acids to your diet.
  • Plugs that go into the tear ducts to keep the tears in your eye.
  • Stopping medications that can trigger dry eye syndrome

For patients who are considering lasik eye surgery it is important to find out if you have dry eye syndrome. It then is imperative that you tell your surgeon prior to surgery. Your symptoms can be more severe after lasik, it could also make healing more difficult. If you have dry eye syndrome prior to surgery, your surgeon will more than likely want to get that condition under control prior to proceeding.

Remember you are dealing with a life long condition and also your vision. You need to make sure the surgeon is aware of any potential complication. You and your surgeon’s interests are in the best possible outcome from lasik surgery.

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