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The lasik vision institute is one of many places where patients can receive the lasik eye surgery procedure. It is important for patients to find out all they can about the office or clinic they choose because of all the options available. The lasik vision institute does set itself apart from many of the others with good reason. It is advisable to check them out before making your lasik decision. Lasik vision institute prides itself on their highly experienced surgeons and state-of-the-art technology that are associated with their offices.

The lasik vision institute has been in business for over 15 years. They have offices all across the United States. The following list is the states where offices are located:

Alabama Arizona California
Colorado Connecticut Florida
Georgia Idaho Illinois
Indiana Kansas Louisiana
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota
Missouri Nebraska Nevada
Ohio Oklahoma Oregon
Pennsylvania South Dakota Tennessee
Texas Utah Virginia Washington
Wisconsin West Virginia Wyoming

The corporate offices of the lasik vision institute are located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Besides having many locations available, the lasik vision institute offers affordability to their customers. The lasik vision institute can offer a lower fee because of several reasons.

First, the institute owns all of the lasers that they use. This means a savings, as they do not have to make up the laser cost through the surgery procedures fee. Second, they do not pay referral fees. They have onsite optometrists to handle all the patient needs. This offers an added bonus as you can take care of all your lasik needs at one place without having to travel to several different locations. The other main reason, they can charge less because they are a specialty center. Lasik vision institute only focuses on lasik vision correction. They do not have to make up costs from losses on other procedures. The combination of these situations makes the lasik vision institute able to provide you excellent service at a very reasonable price.

Location and price are two very large factors, but more importantly is the quality of the service. The lasik vision institute surgeons are focused on performing only lasik surgeries. The institute performs over 100,000 lasik eye surgeries a year. They are committed to only treating patients that are good candidates for lasik eye surgery. This selective process means that they will not put you or your eyes at a bigger risk just to be profitable. They are concerned about you and your well being. In addition to highly trained and experienced surgeons, the lasik vision institute has state-of-the-art technology. The lasers used are all FDA approved. They offer different options for lasik surgery including traditional lasik, custom wavefront lasik, PRK and lasik. Having these various options allow them to be able to help a bigger selection of patients, including those who may not be ideal for traditional lasik but whom custom lasik can help. The combination of skilled professionals and up to date technology provides the lasik vision institute the ability to give you the best care possible.

The lasik vision institute has made a guarantee to its customers to always provide the best service possible at the most affordable price available. This includes customer service and complete care throughout the entire procedure. They are committed to stay on abreast of new innovations in the field of vision correction. Their goal is to be a leader in lasik surgery and to maintain that position.

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