Complications that can result with lasik eye surgery

Lasik, or laser assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, is a laser surgery that is fairly new being introduced in 1998. The goal of lasik surgery is reducing the dependency on eye glasses or contacts by improving vision. Because it is dealing with the eyes, this is a delicate procedure and has had many studies done on it. There are many complications that can arise and is dependant on may issues such as surgeon and previous medical history.

The first step a patient needs to take to increase the likely hood of success is having a qualified lasik surgeon. A qualified surgeon will be experienced and skilled in the lasik procedure. You will need to speak with their doctor about previous experiences they have had with lasik surgery. You need to feel comfortable with the surgeon and trust them. This can be attained by discussing the procedure, finding out what to expect, what results are possible, and any complications that may arise. You need to completely understand all the instructions given for before, during and after surgery.

The doctor should ask many questions along with the complete exam to ensure that you are a good candidate for lasik surgery. This is the best way to avoid complications. These complications occur most with people who were not good candidates for the procedure. Things like eye diseases, existing eye conditions, and other problems can make a person unsuitable for the procedure. A condition known as blepharitis which is an inflammation fo the eye lids will result in a higher risk of infection. Seriously dry eyes may become more of a problem after lasik surgery as it can in some cases cause dry eyes. A side effect of large pupils causing problems seeing in low light is another concern. The biggest concern with lasik surgery is having thin corneas, this can cause extreme trauma or blindness because the procedure reshapes part of the cornea.

Complications are possible even with healthy eyes. More vision problems including loss of vision can be experienced. Night vision can be effected along with halo’s or glare around lights is possible. After surgery the flap that was cut in the cornea could move or not heal correctly causing further problems. It is very important to let your doctor know if anything does not seem correct after surgery. At this time since lasik surgery is a fairly new procedure any long term effects if any are still not known.

We have mentioned several complications but the average rate of complications is only between 1 and 5 percent. This low rate is mostly because surgeons are very careful on qualifying patients for the procedure. Also if complications do happen many can be repaired with another lasik surgery. Just keep in mind lasik is a surgery and it can result in complications.

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