Basic Life Support Trauma

The mission of basic life support trauma course is to live in a stress free environment and provide support and high quality knowledge. A basic life support trauma course is useful for paramedics as well as advanced EMS providers and can impart knowledge about the skills required for rapid assessment, resuscitation, stabilization as well as transportation of trauma patients. A course such as this would suit advanced emergency medical technicians, paramedics as well as trauma nurses and its primary objective is to teach proper sequence of evaluation as well as the techniques of resuscitation, and also packaging a patient. This can help out to tackle an emergency situation.

Of course, the student must have the necessary qualification required for this course. The manual of the basic life support trauma as well as other relevant material should have been studied prior to joining this course, and in order to be successful in passing this course, the student would need a minimum score of eighty percent on the written evaluation as well as proficiency in the evaluation stations. The course is available with many different institutions including Methodist Health System that has a history of caring for the community behind them.

These courses serve the purpose in a way that this is one of the important ways of helping out the community in emergency situations. Basic life support trauma courses have found acceptance throughout the world and ever since 1982, have been taught and become the standard for pre-hospital trauma care. There are several versions of this course being taught.

Trauma can occur to any one at any place. It may be in the form of a serious physical injury or an uncontrollable emotional injury. Thus this course has great demand. The Basic course spans two days of trauma assessment as well as treatment courses that target first responders as well as hospital staff that has to deal with trauma patients. Participants get knowledge as well as hands-on experience with oxygen delivery devices, basic airway devices, spinal motion restriction equipment as well as extrication devices and patient assessment tools.

You never know when an emergency is going to happen. An accident can happen any time and you may just become completely shocked. You may or may not get injured physically. But the mental shock may leave you completely under trauma and you need to cope up from this shocking traumatic situation. There may be anything shocking. Whether an accident is a single-occupant car crash or the crash of a large passenger jet, the lives at risk are dependent on the first responders.

The Advanced Basic life support trauma course is similar to the Basic course and targets providers in need of advanced skills who wish to learn as well as practice how to incorporate these skills into trauma care. Re-certification usually dovetails with the ongoing Basic and Advanced courses and are of a single day’s duration at certain institutions.

The content of such courses would include demonstration as well as learning the basics of life support techniques, maneuvers for controlling an airway as well as skills to ensure intravenous access and administration of drugs.

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