Post Stress Trauma

Trauma mainly is injury but rather than a physical one, the reference is mainly for the mental and emotional one. When some situation disturbs you or an event leaves you feeling helpless, you may encounter sudden mental and emotional injury. You may start feeling sad, anxious, angry, helpless etc. When you cannot do anything about such feelings and they really affect your life in a negative way, its time to seek help for this condition. You are under an intense trauma.

A trauma can make the foundation weak of one’s beliefs regarding safety, as well as shatter trust. It leaves you feel angry and helpless as you are not able to fight with a particular situation. Trauma is may lead you on the path of depression if you do not seek professional help at proper time. Trauma is a condition so far removed from what one expects that a traumatic event can provoke reactions that are strange as well as crazy, to say the least.

Post stress trauma is a condition that can be consequent to a physical or emotional event that has terrified the patient. There are different such instances which include physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual molestation, ritual abuse, family violence, dating violence, kidnapping or abduction as well as serious accidents, and much more. After any such disturbing events there may be post stress trauma and that can affect mind and emotionally you can become weak.

There are one million children that suffer abuse every year and they are most likely to be affected by post stress trauma, and it can also be evidenced in those that have had other previous traumatic experiences. Some of the risk factors associated with post stress trauma include type of trauma, severity of trauma, and duration of the event, recurrence of the event as well as the individual’s own resilience and coping skills, and support available from family, friends as well as community.

Post stress trauma can occur to anyone and at all ages. This includes childhood and it may be accompanied by depression, substance abuse, anxiety as well as self-injurious behavior. The symptoms may be mild in nature or severe. It depends on the person who suffers with this.

For one to be suffering post stress trauma there are certain conditions that must be present in the patient and they include persistent frightening thoughts, flashbacks, avoiding people, places as well as situations associated with the event, emotional numbness, nightmares, problems getting to sleep, depression, physical problems, and a lot more.

Family as well as friends should give support to the patient and this would help them get over some of the post stress trauma, even though, in some cases, the post stress trauma does not show up until months or even years after the traumatic event. Early detection, intervention as well as mental health treatment can go a long way in getting the patient to recover and in such cases; the parents can also play a pivotal role to help the patient get over post stress trauma.

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