Therapy Trauma

Trauma mainly is injury but rather than a physical one, the reference is mainly for the mental and emotional one. When some situation disturbs you or an event leaves you feeling helpless, you may encounter sudden mental and emotional injury. You may start feeling sad, anxious, angry, helpless etc. When you cannot do anything about such feelings and they really affect your life in a negative way, its time to seek help for this condition. You are under an intense trauma.

A trauma can make the foundation weak of one’s beliefs regarding safety, as well as shatter trust. It leaves you feel angry and helpless as you are not able to fight with a particular situation. Trauma is may lead you on the path of depression if you do not seek professional help at proper time. Trauma is a condition so far removed from what one expects that a traumatic event can provoke reactions that are strange as well as crazy, to say the least.

There are many causes that lead to trauma. Sometimes certain medications or treatment may also lead to trauma. Just because a certain treatment is meant to make a patient recover more easily from a certain malady doesn’t mean that such form of treatment could not affect the patient in some other way. According to studies, there are many patient who had gone through certain types of treatments develop that so called “therapy trauma” which usually leave them feeling really scared of some forms of treatments. “Therapy trauma” usually happens among patients who have serious illness such as cancer. Cancer treatments have heavy treatments like chemotherapy and others that cause a lot of trauma in the patient. This can be said to be therapy trauma.

People who have cancer are often subject to invasive treatments that would leave the patient feeling really weak. In many cases, the treatment or the therapy is so painful on the part of the patient that he or she would develop an aversion towards that certain form of treatment. Once the patient develops “therapy trauma” it is often more difficult for him or her to go through the same type of treatment. Sometimes “therapy trauma” would make the patient feel so scared about the treatment that they would opt not to undergo another forms of treatments at all.

“Therapy trauma” is something that should not be taken lightly. If your loved one is undergoing so much because of his or her ailment, the fear of painful treatment could add more burden and would tend make him or her less responsive to other forms of treatments. To help your loved one cope with the situation, you should try to seek for professional help. Get a therapist to talk to him or her and help her come to terms with his or her fears and anxieties. Discussing how he or she feels with a stranger would help him articulate his or her feelings better. Since the therapist is not emotionally attached to the patient, he or she will be able to provide for a more stable and less emotional atmosphere for the patient.

In the event where your loved one would still refuse to go through another round of treatment after he or she had some sessions with the therapist, you should not force him or her to undergo the treatment. Explore other forms of treatments that are not so invasive and would not put your loved one to so much stress and pain. There is really not point of making his or her life so miserable.

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