Coping With Trauma

A trauma can make the foundation weak of one’s beliefs regarding safety, as well as shatter trust. It leaves you feel angry and helpless as you are not able to fight with a particular situation. Trauma is may lead you on the path of depression if you do not seek professional help at proper time. Trauma mainly is injury but rather than a physical one, the reference is mainly for the mental and emotional one. When some situation disturbs you or an event leaves you feeling helpless, you may encounter sudden mental and emotional injury. You may start feeling sad, anxious, angry, helpless etc.

The symptoms may last a few days or weeks after a disturbing experience and not everyone that experiences a traumatic event will go on to suffer serious traumatic symptoms. It is very important to come out of this situation and recover fast. Mental trauma can become a reason to ruin your physical health too.

The problem with trauma is firstly; people do not recognize the problem. Even if they do they are ashamed of asking for help. But it is necessary to take professional help. People in trauma would be strongly subjective about their experience with unfortunate events, and it is most clearly visible in case of disasters where a wide spectrum of the population becomes exposed to the same traumatic experience. It is very important that the patient suffering from trauma must be given a lot of moral support. The person will never ask for help but it is your duty to help him out. Coping with trauma is a tough task and differs from person to person. In case of very sensitive people it is like facing a challenge.

Traumatic events occur somewhere every day. Studies indicate that adults are less capable of coping with trauma than children and are more likely to suffer physical and emotional problems years after the traumatic events took place. The key to coping with trauma is to find the right kind of help as soon as possible. There are trauma counselors who can help out the patient. Both adults and children can be target of trauma and

Re-experiences can also occur when the patient is exposed to anything that is a reminder of the traumatic event. A sufferer should look for professional help in coping with trauma when his or her life is disrupted by avoiding activities, places or people that trigger memories of the trauma, by lack of interest in important activities, by loss of the ability to feel emotions, or by a troubling sense of a shortened future.  Other symptoms of problems coping with trauma include sleep problems, irritability, and difficulty in concentrating.
These symptoms should date from the traumatic event in order to indicate a difficulty in coping with trauma. If the symptoms last longer than month and cause distress or the inability to function in normally important areas, then professional assistance is required. It’s important for the person who suffers needs to find assistance in coping with trauma before his life is seriously altered by the symptoms. Many people have had to find help in coping with trauma since the events of September 11, 2001. Also other natural disasters like earthquake, tsunami etc has shattered people’s faith and beliefs.

Trauma counseling can help both adults and children who all react in different and individual ways to a traumatic event.  Coping with trauma can be easier in case if you are under the shelter of a professional trauma counselor.

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