Nursing Trauma

You never know what future has for you. It can be good or bad. Whatever situation has for you, it is necessary to maintain cool. But this is easy to say and difficult to do. After any kind of traumatic event, adults and children alike can find it hard to cope with the aftereffects of the situation. Anyone will be affected by the trauma caused due to the emergency situation.   A traumatic event can be anything from a car crash to a natural disaster but can lead to difficulty moving on and victims can even experience flashbacks and anxiety attacks while children are susceptible to regression during these extremely difficult times.

Trauma counseling plays a key role here. Trauma counseling is a way in which to confront the fears and memories of a traumatic event and lead to the victim overcoming their loss and anxiety about the situation.  Trauma counseling should be available for anyone who has suffered through a traumatic event. This has given a boom for trauma nursing career.

There are many nurses who have the vision of pursuing a trauma- nursing career and see that there are many avenues open for them. According to statistics available on trauma, injury is deemed to be the primary cause of death in persons aged below forty-five years of age, and optimal trauma patient care is best attained through a framework in which all concerned with treating traumatic cases do so in a systematic as well as standardized manner.

Trauma mainly is injury but rather than a physical one, the reference is mainly for the mental and emotional one. When some situation disturbs you or an event leaves you feeling helpless, you may encounter sudden mental and emotional injury. You may start feeling sad, anxious, angry, helpless etc. When you cannot do anything about such feelings and they really affect your life in a negative way, its time to seek help for this condition. You are under an intense trauma.

Nursing trauma courses provide the necessary knowledge and background required for emergency nurses to deal with such cases. Through proper education, and after becoming a member of an emergency team, morbidity as well as mortality of trauma patients may be significantly reduced. In this regard, the Emergency Nurses Association has to take up the responsibility to facilitate trauma-related care as well as provide continuing education opportunities to nurses entrusted with caring for trauma patients.

Nursing trauma pertains to the field that requires a good amount of discipline and dedication. At the very core of the discipline is the need for more knowledge, and the purpose of nursing trauma courses is to present core-level knowledge, refine skills as well as build a firm foundation on which nurses can deal with trauma patient care.

A nursing trauma course may take up sixteen to twenty hours in which the learner is provided with cognitive knowledge as well as psychomotor skills. For nurses with limited emergency nursing clinical experience, and who work in hospitals having limited access to trauma patients, the twenty-hour course is recommended.

The subjects that are taught under the nursing trauma course include epidemiological, biomechanics and mechanisms of injury, initial assessment, shock, brain, thoracic and neck trauma, abdominal trauma, spinal core and vertebral column trauma, burn trauma, trauma and pregnancy, and much more. There is also taught nursing trauma process, airway and ventilation interventions, spinal immobilization as well as selected interventions for chest trauma and traction splinting.

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