Why is Manual Trauma Important?

You never know when an emergency is going to happen. An accident can happen any time and you may just become completely shocked. You may or may not get injured physically. But the mental shock may leave you completely under trauma and you need to cope up from this shocking traumatic situation. There may be anything shocking. Whether an accident is a single-occupant car crash or the crash of a large passenger jet, the lives at risk are dependent on the supplies in the trauma kit as much as on the training of those who carry one to the scene. The trauma kit that has a manual trauma is an emergency room in a bag that arrives as soon as possible after an emergency.

You must understand the importance of golden hour. Trauma surgeons know that the sooner an injured person is diagnosed and treated, the more of a chance he has to recover as well as possible. The 60 minutes following an accident is called the golden hour. Treatment given during this time can be more effective than the same treatment given later. Since few traumas occur in a hospital itself, the golden hour includes the time it takes for help to arrive and for a trained professional to get to the injured. Trauma kits serve as the best medicine during this golden hour. Trauma kits that has trauma manual can be used t diagnose the problem and thus treat the traumatic situation.

It is very important to have a manual for trauma treatment in every trauma kit this is because not every one using the kit will be a professional. When an accident or violent crime occurs, the lives of those affected are in the hands of the trained first responders who answer the call armed with the proper tools. In every trauma kit among bandages and burn gel is a manual for trauma treatment. No amount of training and experience can prepare emergency personnel to treat every injury successfully without the help of such a manual for trauma treatment. This helps the person who carries out the treatment to get proper guidelines for trauma treatment. Trauma can be both physical and emotional. It is important to attend it at the earliest.

Every patient needs different type of treatment and it is thus advisable to look into the situation and refer to the manual trauma. At each trauma scene, the injured are removed from immediate danger, stabilized and evaluated for high priority injuries. Head trauma, breathing problems and uncontrolled bleeding are dealt with right away. These and other injuries can be affected by the time it may have taken to rescue the patient, underlying health conditions and the nature of the environment. Since keeping the patient warm treats shock, severe cold conditions can have a serious impact.

It is important that manual guides the person who treats the patient. A physical trauma is different for a high school athlete than it is for a pregnant woman or for an elderly man. The manual for trauma treatment helps interpret diagnostic results. What should the blood pressure be? What if it’s not the same in both arms? If a patient is taking blood pressure medication, how should that impact? If emergency medication is needed, how much should be given according to body weight, physical condition and what is the likelihood of allergy? All of that vital information is contained in the manual for trauma treatment. It is very important that before starting any treatment, the manual is referred thoroughly. It is an important content of a trauma kit.

Besides providing the best available information, the manual for trauma treatment helps protect the emergency personnel. If a patient has a bad result due to the treatment administered in the field, the emergency personnel can rely on the manual for trauma treatment to prove that the best available care was given. In a litigious society, this allows some level of confidence on the part of the first responders.

When push comes to shove, as it does in an emergency, it’s good to have all of the expert knowledge that’s contained in a manual for trauma.

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