Infertility & Acupuncture

There are a lot of people throughout the world who are suffering from the problems of infertility. This problem of not being able to achieve pregnancy and become parents become a whole lot stressful to the parents and that is something that they have to go through day in and day out. The couple also goes through a lot of psychological issues that need to be addressed.

At this day and age, there are a lot of different therapies that are being offered to the couples and these couples then go through these therapeutic processes with either a successful or a failure in attempt of getting pregnant and this just leads to a great deal of stress that they have to go through at those times.

Among many other therapies that are being offered, one of those therapies is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a Chinese mode of treatment in which the therapists believe that the disease process arises because of the fact that there is a restriction of flow in the energy in a specific portion of a body that leads to the problems in the different organs and thus gives rise to the different disease processes.

It is being said that this Chinese method, Acupuncture, is said to work even where the modern medicine fails to help. In acupuncture, there are needles that are being inserted into the different points of the body and that allows the energy to flow without any obstruction at any point.

There are a lot of reasons for infertility and when you go to an acupuncture specialist, you must state as to what are the different reasons to which the infertility is related such as low sperm count, polycystic ovarian syndrome, miscarriage problems, problem with ovulation or blockage of the fallopian tubes, acupuncture has the remedy for all of these problems.

Acupuncture is also used as an alternative treatment. People use acupuncture when they have burnt all other modes of treatment without any effective results. People who cannot afford the costly methods can also use the acupuncture therapy as a mode of treatment. Acupuncture is also considered as a safe and reliable treatment that can provide very fast and effective way to treat the problem of infertility. In treating infertility through acupuncture, it involves the pricking of needles in the eyebrows, earlobes, eyelids, ears and fingertips. The patient is then set to relax for about 35 to 40 minutes when the needles are being pricked and acupuncture guarantees a complete cure in just 3-4 regular sessions of acupuncture.

Along with using the acupuncture, there are also adjuncts of herbal therapy that are being used. The Chinese herbal medicines include Hachimijiogan, which is a Chinese herb whose function is to reduce the levels of the serum prolactin level and this then results in the normal ovulatory cycle and then pregnancy.

This mode of treating infertility must be used by the couples who are suffering from its aftermath and who want to achieve pregnancy and thus can start their life as parents and are able to get themselves out from a state of severe depression. I believe that this mode of treatment holds great benefits for you and you must check this out, may be as your last resort and do not ever lose hope because hope is what keeps the life going in the right and a positive direction. Best of Luck.


Determining Health Problems Through Fingernails

Determining the health problems is a detective’s work and there are a lot of investigations that are carried out to determine the different diseases that an individual is going through. You will be amazed to hear that there are a lot of diseases that can be traced from your fingernails, you must be thinking that is it true, and to let you know that it is really true and that there are a lot of different diseases that can be seen through different appearances of your fingernails. In the following paragraphs we are going to tell you about the different signs on the fingernails and what diseases that these signs indicate.

If you have nails that are brittle, soft and shiny and do not have a moon base, then these indicate the presence of an overactive thyroid. Apart from this, the brittle nails also indicate iron deficiency, deficiency of minerals, as well as impaired kidney function and also indicates the circulatory problems.

Spoon shaped nails or dark nails indicate the presence of vitamin B12 deficiency. If there is a downward curve of the nails then this might represent the problem with liver, heart or the lungs. If there is presence of bumps or lumps on the nails then this might represent a full blown rheumatoid arthritis.

There are also ridges that develop on the nails and these represent poor absorption of the nutrients or iron deficiency. If the ridges are vertical then it can represent a kidney problem and can also indicate the presence of arthritis. If the ridges are horizontal, then these ridges can represent stress, psychological or physical due to diseases or infections.

The nutritional deficiency is shown on the fingernails due to the presence of peels, cracks or if the nails break very easily. It is also seen in individuals who use antacids on a regular basis.

If there is presence of pitting red brownish spots with split ends, then they indicate the presence of psoriasis. If there is presence of black splinter like appearances under the nails then this generally represents the presence of vitamin A deficiency, as well as the presence of endocarditis, as well as possible bleeding disorders as well.

This is a very brief description of how the fingernails represent the different diseases that can be recognized and if you have any such indications, you can setup an appointment with your doctor and can determine as to what is the problem that you are going through and what are the different things that you will need to take care of that.

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Stress Causing Infertility In Women

Stress is a very big factor that is prevailing throughout the world. There are a lot of people who are suffering from stress and it is affecting their life in an adverse way. It is really shocking that the stress in the world is increasing as the time is going on and does not seem to be lowering in any way. In this article we are going to discuss the effects of stress in causing infertility in women and this has been a great concern among the women because stress is becoming an accelerated cause of infertility in women. It has been reported earlier in different journals that stress is causing a lot of problems to the individuals and the reported evidence is that stress can cause ulcers and it also imbalances the chemistry of the body and thus results in a great deal of problems inside the body.

Another breakthrough that the scientists have been able to find out is that the women who are suffering from high levels of stress, this causes high level of stress hormone in the body that results in stoppage of the ovulation and thus the women are unable to conceive. There have been about forty percent of women who are linked to the cause of infertility and also about forty percent of men are linked to the causes of infertility and in about twenty percent of the cases there are both the men and women who are the cause of infertility.

The other causes of infertility in women apart from stress includes hormonal disorders, blockage or damage of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis is also a cause of infertility because there is presence of the uterine lining elsewhere other than the uterus. The causes of infertility in males include the low sperm count, de-shaping of the sperm and decreased motility of the sperm.

In this article we will discuss about the stress being the major cause of infertility in women and the major reason for this is a lot of responsibilities being on their shoulder where they have to be up from very early in the morning till the kids go to sleep as well as abusive attitudes that they have to bear and severe marital issues through they have to go. It has been analyzed that the women who are at risk of being infertile because of stress are mostly in a denial phase that they are not stressed and it has been found that the women who are going through severe stress in their lives can be helped with the talking therapies, which can reverse the harmful effects of stress in their lives and can improve the chances of the women getting pregnant.

There was a study that was conducted on about 16 women who were in their 20s and 30s, these women were of a normal weight but they did not have a menstrual cycle in a period of about six months. There were blood samples taken of these women to find out the picture of the blood and it was found that these women who have not had a period in six months and when the blood levels came back, there was a spike in the levels of the cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone.

After getting the blood tests showed that there was a high level of cortisol in the blood, these women were given the cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as rest. The researcher added that the women when asked if they were going through any stresses they denied to it and said that everything is going fine in their life. The researchers added that the individuals who mostly report that everything is going fine in their lives are the ones who are mostly suffering from severe stress.

The researchers added that these women who say that they do not have any stress at all are actually possessing a nonrealistic attitude and they just do not realize that they crack with the severe stress but they do not understand stress in its true terms. The researchers stressed upon the fact that the lifestyle of different women have a direct effect on their life and that has a lot of influence on their menstrual cycle.

The women who had been given the cognitive therapy, as well as rest, there were about 80 percent of the women how had started to ovulate again as when compared to the women that were in another group and then after a span of two months there were about two women who got pregnant.

The research coordinator added that their study solely included women whose menstrual cycles were stopped, but it was also said that their study implies to the women who are still menstruating but have fertility problems, this study implies to them as well. Another very important point that was added was that it was possible that there are a lot of women who just only can benefit from the reduction in stress in order to treat the problems with infertility.

The researchers added that they are going to do a much bigger study than this so that they are able to have a bigger picture to see the results from that study and compare to the results of this study and if the results are going to match then this would just be a very strong evidence that the stress has a very big role in causing infertility in women and that this could become a part of detailed history taking that is being taken to determine the causes of infertility.

Another very important fact that was added was that the women who are suffering from infertility, there are about 20% of women who are suffering from the problems with ovulation and there are a lot of women who have problem with increased weight. It is known since long that the lifestyle greatly affects the menstrual cycle in women and that it can become a part and parcel to determine that whether the stress is cause of infertility and that cognitive behavioral therapies be instituted to treat the women who are suffering from infertility as an approach to treat it.

Therefore with decreased stress levels there can be much better chances at getting conceived and thus the research pointing out to stress as a reason of infertility can greatly help a lot of couples achieve pregnancy.


Detection Of Bladder Cancer In An Easy Way

Earlier the test that was used to diagnose bladder cancer was cystoscopy, which is an invasive procedure, but now there is introduction of a new test, which is known as the urine test through which the bladder can cancer can be diagnosed.

The urine test that is going to change the world of diagnosing the bladder cancer as this is a noninvasive test and will prove to help a lot of people throughout the globe. In this test, an enzyme telomerase is being measured, which is a major part of cellular repair. If the levels of this enzyme are abnormally high, then this represents the presence of a bladder cancer.

The most important thing that the urine test is going to help with is that it will cause an early diagnosis of the bladder cancer and will help millions and millions of men throughout the world.

According to the statistics, there are about 64,000 people all around the world who suffer from the bladder cancer each year. The bladder cancer is more common in men than in women. According to another statistic there are about 13,000 men who die each year from bladder cancer.

The first indications of the bladder cancer is that there is an increase in the frequency of the bathroom. Currently in order to diagnose the bladder cancer, the individuals go through a very painful procedure of cystoscopy in which a tube is inserted through the urethra and then it is moved into the bladder. There is a camera in the tube that helps the doctors visualize the internal lining of the bladder and they can remove the tissue of the bladder so that they can perform the histology analysis on that tissue and then make a diagnosis of the bladder cancer.

Even though the cystoscopy gives an accurate diagnosis, this procedure is very painful and bears risk of infection and bleeding. On the other hand the urine test is not invasive and it is easy to perform and gives an accurate diagnosis of the bladder cancer by detecting the abnormally high levels of telomerase.

According to the recent statistics, the smokers have a very high incidence of developing the bladder cancer and this discovery is going to help a lot of men throughout the world.


What You Should Know About Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood pressure is a vital that needs to be monitored in various clinical conditions and the monitoring can include checking of the blood pressure at different times in the day. Self monitoring of the blood pressure helps the individuals to know as to what are the readings of their blood pressure at different times.

The benefits of checking the blood pressure at different intervals include the reduction of risk of stroke, cardiovascular diseases, etc. The physicians mostly ask their patients to check the blood pressure at regular intervals in a day for a week or so and then ask them to bring in the readings at their visit so that they can see as to how their blood pressures had been so that the can strategize as to how they are going to manage the blood pressure crisis.

So from the above, we can clearly see that how important it is for the individuals to get the accurate readings of their blood pressure so that they can record the exact readings and are able to manage it properly.

There are different companies that are making reliable blood pressure monitors, which include Microlife, Omron, Braun and A&D monitors. They have proven that the technology they are giving in their products is the most reliable one and would give the individuals the accurate readings of their blood pressure. The blood pressure monitors that these companies are developing are used in the doctors offices and a lot of individuals who depend on getting accurate readings to manage their blood pressure and their health.

The most reliable technology being used these days in the blood pressure monitors include the Digital Filter Technology in which there is a sensor that totally eliminates the noise and gets a reliable reading.

There are automatic blood pressure monitors that operate with just a single push of a button and then they take a reliable reading of the blood pressure, as well as pulse. There is an automatic inflation and deflation of the blood pressure cuff and it occurs really fast with a gentle push on the button.

There is another technology that is taking a whole lot popularity these days is the Motion Artifact Extraction Technology, which takes the accurate readings of the blood pressure even if the individual is moving and eliminates any faulty readings that are recorded on the other blood pressure monitors. With this technology one can check their blood pressures even while they are moving in a vehicle.

There are machines that take the blood pressure either from the wrist or the fingertip. These blood pressure monitors are not reliable and are not recommended because they do not take the same measurement of blood pressure as is being taken from the arm.

Another very important thing that is being mentioned is that when the blood pressures are taken, they must be taken at the regular times every day and they should not be taken after exercise, as this may result in erroneous readings.


Trans Fats Should Be Under One Percent Of Calories

At this day and age there are a lot of people who are suffering from heart diseases and the number is increasing day after day. There are a lot of things that are being said to be the cause of the cardiovascular diseases and it is being said that the people must start to think about their health and must adopt the ways that are healthy. The way that these diseases can be prevented is through prevention and the care that we can offer to ourselves. There are a lot researches that have been conducted on the topics as to how to prevent heart diseases and what are the different things that must be done so that the large number of cases of heart diseases can be cut down. The American Heart Association also known as AHA has set new guidelines in which they have said that there should be less than one percent of the total calorie intake of trans fats in our diets.

It is also being mentioned by the American Heart Association that the lethal killer of people in US is heart disease and the organization is encouraging people to adopt better and healthier lifestyles so that they are able to prevent falling a victim of this disease. According to the recommendations made the individuals should work on reducing the intake of the saturated fats and the trans fats. It is also being recommended that the individuals must cut down the intake of food and drinks that have sugars as additives in them. It is very good that the people adopt a healthy lifestyle by taking active participation in sports and sport related activities so that they are able to control the gain of weight. People should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. It was also mentioned that the individuals must not use any tobaccos or cigarettes. If the people can follow the above outlined advices then they can maintain a very good level of cholesterol, blood pressure and the blood glucose levels.

The researchers at the American Heart Association also added that before it was being advised to people that they should have a healthy diet and that their diet should have a specific pattern, but now according to the recent research and by finding the new ways and exploring how people can benefit more so that they are able to prevent being a victim to a cardiovascular disease, it was said that it is also important that people should adopt a lifestyle that includes exercise and a healthy life pattern. It is not one thing on which we can say that the people can protect themselves from getting heart diseases it is just a set of things that they have to look for such as diet, exercise, stress free life, good sleeping habits, quitting drinking and smoking and controlling the weight so that they are able to live a healthy and a better life, not only for them but for their loved ones too and also to make an example for the rest of the people to follow so that they can also protect themselves from the harm of the cardiovascular diseases.

According to the American Heart Association, they say that they are putting more stress and focus on the number of calories that are being taken on a daily basis and that how many calories are being burnt on a daily basis. It was also being added that it is really important that the individuals who are preparing the foods must keep that in mind that they are not using a lot of saturated fats while cooking the foods, as well as salt and sugar, so that it can ensured that the food that is being cooked is a truly healthy food for everyone to eat and poses no threat or risk to health.

The guidelines that are being given by the American Heart Association are also valid for the children who are growing up, the elderly, people who are suffering from the metabolic syndrome, along with people who are suffering from or are at risk of the cardiovascular diseases as well as the kidney disease. By undertaking and understanding the recent trends by the people who are currently eating out, these people are certainly at risk because they are not taking care of the portion size and the amount of fats and sugars that they are ingesting and they are obviously not burning the amount of fats that they need to in order to maintain the right caloric requirement that they need to for the day.

The American Heart Association is trying to bring awareness among all the people throughout the country that they need to learn as to what are the healthy ways of living and what are the different things that are needed for all of us to be aware of so that we can help each other to stay healthy. For example if the restaurant makes different foods and in that they are making sure that they are not using trans fats and saturated fats or are using very low amounts of that then they are helping everyone to stay healthy. If this becomes a trend that people eat smaller portion sizes then this would be a big breakthrough where people would able to not eat compulsively and would eat right. They also suggested that people must also add eating of the fruits and vegetables as well as fish in their diets.

The saturated diets are present in the animal products and can also be found in the oils such as coconut oil and palm oil. The trans fats are used to make the crackers, French fries, cakes, pies, as well as cookies and bread.

People do not have to totally change as to what they love to eat, but they just have to change a little of the direction that they are currently going in and the best thing is to change the lifestyle and eat what is healthy and best for you and involve yourself in exercising regularly.