Stem Cells And Spinal Injuries

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An accident caused an individual to not be able to move throughout his life. This was the news that was given to the person who had gone through an accident and that person was living a very happy life having a wonderful family but now every dream of that person was broken into pieces and that the only thing that he is able to see now is that he is going to live the life of a crippled person and his every single dream is going to go down the drain. What can someone give to that person to comfort? What is the motivation level of that person to live? What are the feelings that he is going through every single day? Those of you who can feel that can feel but honestly speaking it is that person who is going through all that. He is the one who is suffering so no one can understand the agony and pain better than him. For example if I burn your finger with a match stick, it is you who is going to feel the burn and not me. If we just talk with these people who are going through this pain and ask them about their feelings, they might ask as to whether they have any hope where they can get their life back or not.

Well there is hope and there is light in the times of darkness and something to look up to. The scientists have recently conducted experiments where they have been successfully able to regenerate the damaged spinal cord tissue in the mice. This is not a dream, this is a reality. This experiment has been conducted and it has been successful. The researchers said that this is just the beginning and that a lot of people can find their lives back and they can find a cure for their problem with the spinal injuries. The approach of the scientists is a little different in this experiment where they did not let the stem cells mature into the neural cells but the scientists have used the adult neural cells before they were transplanted into the spinal cord. These adult neural stem cells that were injected into the spinal cord of the mice who were suffering from spinal cord injuries then transformed into the oligodendrocyte cells. Once the cells transformed into the oligodendrocyte, they then were able to restore the myelin around the damaged axons of the nerve cells. Myelin is a substance, which acts as a biological insulation for the nerve fibers and are required as a must to provide insulation for the nerve cell. If for any reason the myelin is being stripped off of the nerves then this can result in the sensory as well as motor deficiencies and in certain cases can also result in paralysis.

The most amazing thing in this experiment was that these adult neural cells did not only transform into the oligodendrocyte and restoring the myelin around the nerves but they also differentiated into the new neurons that are responsible to make the new synaptic connections with the neurons of the mouse. The researchers were really amazed to see that the experiment that they have conducted was something that turned out into a big success. The researchers said that they were really happy when they saw that the cells that were damaged responded to this therapy and not only this they were able to make new cells that would definitely help restore the connections as well as assist in repair.

At the end of the experiment, the scientists found out that the mice who got human neural stem cells after the spinal cord injury showed a remarkable improvement in the walking ability as compared to the mice that received control transplant of human fibroblast cells or no treatment at all. The mice who got the controlled transplant were the ones who were able to walk but their walk was uncoordinated but the mice who got the human neural stem cells were able to walk in a coordinated way. The scientists said that the cells that were transplanted were able to survive for about four months and shown extremely positive results. The scientists have said that this is just the first step that they have taken in the direction where the people who are suffering from the spinal cord injuries are going to get their life back in which they will be able to walk back again.

So those people who are suffering from the spinal injuries must not lose their heart, there are people who are working on finding the remedy and have found the remedy but more advances are needed as well as more experiments to make these advancements work for humans so that they are able to get their dreams back and live a full and a happy life. So as a last word for all those people who are suffering, I would just say that do not lose hope and the life is not going to be as dark as you think it is going to be. Just feel alive and be strong, just know that things are going on in the direction where the remedy is being sought out and a little more work is needed to get promising results in humans.


Growing Liver In Lab

Do you actually know as to how many people are there throughout the world who had been suffering from chronic liver problems? How many people know that they are going to diet in a few months to days with their liver dying at a very rapid pace? Do we know as to how many people are starting to be alcoholics every day? How many people are found positive with the hepatitis A, B or C viruses? How many people got certain medications that cause acute liver toxicity and can cause it to choke and die? These are all the different causes that can eat up the liver very quickly. There are thousands of cases reported throughout the world where the people are going through the liver problems and are at the verge of losing their lives. All these people are just hoping that one day that will be very soon, they will see a breakthrough where they can get a liver implanted in them so that they can get a new life. There is a long long cue of people who are awaiting a liver transplantation and they are awaiting a transplant desperately and if they are not going to get the transplant they are going to die.

There is a lot of population who is going through the disease processes where life is just moving further away from them every single day. But I think that the medical science has been putting forward a new ear of hope and life in the people who are going through these problems where they can find a new life for them. Scientists have been successful in making a liver in the lab. Isn’t that amazing? I believe that a lot of people who are going to read this information will be thinking of getting themselves a new liver made in the lab and I think that it is really an awesome thing and that time is not so far. Recently the British scientists have grown a small liver from the stem cells and that is a huge breakthrough. All this is still in the experimental phases but it can really give life to an individual who need the liver transplant urgently. The liver that they have made in the lab right now is the size of the coin and they are used for drug testing and another amazing thing is that it reduces the use of the animals to experiment on.

The scientists who have made the liver have said that they have made the section of a liver and that they are seeing that they will be able to repair the liver in sections and will be able to repair the damaged portions of the liver and they will be able to make livers that are of full size and are completely functioning organs. I know that you might be thinking as to how the scientists conducted their experiments where they were able to make a liver that works as a live organ. The scientists made this liver with the stem cells. Stem cells are cells that are the precursor cells and that they can change to any form of cells. These cells are being taken from the umbilical cord of the newborn babies and thus these cells are used to make a new liver. When these cells are being taken from the umbilical cord, these cells are then placed into a bioreactor. In the bioreactor the environment is of weightlessness and this environment just provides the environment where the cells can multiply very rapidly. They said that they then use the different hormones and chemicals and it is then the stem cells are then persuaded into becoming the liver tissue.
There are other research teams who have made the liver from the stem cells and the above researchers who have used the stem cells from the umbilical cord are the first ones to try and make the liver from that. There are different school of thoughts who say that it is not ethical to use the stem cells that are derived from the embryos and that to make the different organs it is not advisable to use the embryos because during the process of using the stem cells the embryos die and that makes the formation of the organs this way unethical. On the other hand the researchers who are using the stem cells from the umbilical cord are considered more ethical and in this process no life is being taken for scientific research and hence a lot of people will be favoring to this mode of development of the organs. These organs that are being made can be used to test the effects of the different drugs and can prevent the individuals from suffering of going through a great deal such as an individual who got the name of the elephant man because his entire body swelled and he was almost deformed.

The scientists believe that in a few years that they will be able to make the liver and replace it with the liver that is being damaged due to alcoholism, toxic drugs, infections etc. and in such cases the sections of artificial liver can be placed inside the people so that they can live their life much better with a good quality of life. The scientists are also thinking that they will be able to fix the liver with the dialysis machines so that they would be able to clear out the toxic components from them. These days the researchers are thinking that they need to make a wave going throughout the world where the blood from the umbilical cord is being collected from the millions of people throughout the world. They added that there needs to be blood banks where the blood of the umbilical cords is being collected and stored and be used for the experiments.


Cancer Killers

Cancer is known to be a big scare for a lot of people throughout the world and a lot of people are being diagnosed with the different forms of cancer. When a person is diagnosed with cancer the first thing that comes into mind is death because one just thinks that the cancer has accounted for the lives of so many people throughout the world and that they do not know whether this cancer is going to let them live or will they die. There are many different forms of cancer that are being diagnosed. You can very easily say that as many organ systems we have in our body that all of them are affected with cancer. Now with the advancement of the medical sciences it is being found that we can battle the cancer. There are new drugs and regimens that are now present in the market and that there are a lot of researches going on that are just moving in the direction of finding better regimens and better therapies to treat the cancer.

Since there are new researches that are going on there is a lot of hope out there for the people who are suffering from cancer. At the point in time when these therapies were not found there were a lot of people who had been losing their battle against cancer and they had no resort to turn to except to accept that they are going to die no matter what. The word cancer has been a big threat to a lot of people throughout the world but now the advancements and research there has been a lot of hope that is out there for the people to rely on and they can now find complete cure from the cancer. The purpose of writing this article is to tell you about a new research that the scientists had been working on and have found really good results from that. In this research the scientists have been able to genetically change a patient’s cell to fight the cancer.

This was the type of treatment for the cancer that the scientists had been looking for quite some time. It is really remarkable that if we think for a moment that our own cell from our body that is going to fight the cancer and that one would not have to go through the chemotherapy or other toxic regimens. This research is really amazing and really a huge breakthrough for the people who had been trying to find a way to get out of the clutches of this treacherous disease. This treatment so far has cured two patients completely where they do not have any cancer cells in them at all. The patients who received this therapy were the ones who were suffering from melanoma, which is a skin cancer and can be malignant, which means that it can spread to other parts of the body. The patients who had been cured from melanoma were the ones who had the metastasis throughout the body and it is impossible to get such people back from this state to the state where they are totally cured of their cancer.

The scientists are hoping that this breakthrough can make a huge change in treating the other different forms of cancers which are malignant and that can spread to the different organ systems of the body. This research can really give a big chance of life to the people who have been going through such horrendous disease. These people can have a new life and can have a ray of light that is hope for them so that they are able to come out of the darkness that they had been living in.

The researchers have found out that there were a few white cells in the body that were really active and aggressive in fighting off the cancer cells. The scientists have said that it is unfortunate that the body does not produce more of the cells that fight the cancer the way that they do and this just makes the cancer cells an environment where they just spread throughout the body and do not find the resistance of the kind that those few white cells give. The answer to this problem was that the scientists thought of growing such cells in a lab and then placing these cells back inside the body so that they fight the tumor in a good number. The researchers also pointed out that there are people who do not have those white cells at all that fight the cancer the way that those specific white cells do that are present in certain individuals. What the researchers did was that they took the white cells from the body of the individuals who are going through the melanoma and turned them into the fighting cells to combat cancer cells.

The basic key of making the white cells work that way was in the genetic sequence of the cell itself. So the researchers infected the cell with a virus and then they this causes a change in the genetic sequence and these genes are then incorporated in the healthy white cells that are being taken from the patients who are suffering from the cancer. When these white cells are placed back into the body and that they then make a specialize protein that finds the cancer cells and destroys them. The study that the researchers conducted on the 17 patients with melanoma, there were about 15 men who did not have any improvement in their melanoma condition but on the other hand there were about two men who said that they were seeing a lot of change in their well being. These studies are still in the initial phases but they are the future of treating the different cancers. Hopefully in the coming years we would see cells shelved up of specific cancers. You just have to take a pill or inject yourself with that cell pack and those cells start to fight against the cancer and cure the individual completely of the cancer that they are suffering from.


Recipe To Prolonged Life

It has been dream of the people to live a life where they can live longer and healthier. This desire of humans to live forever just dates back to many centuries and Egyptians have been trying to find the remedy to live forever for a very long time. It is not that the people from the ancient times have been working on that, there are people these days who have been trying to find the way with which they would be able to live for a very very long time. The researchers who had been working on trying to find the remedy to prolong the life have found that magic ingredient in the red wine. They found that the red wine not only increases the life but also lessens a lot of the diseases when being given in large quantities to the mice.

The researchers conducted experiments on the mice to see as to the effects of the ingredient in the red wine and they found that it had a very positive effect in reducing the obesity as well. The researchers found that in order to reach an equivalent dose of the ingredients into the humans they have to drink about 20 bottles of red wine in order to get the required level of the active ingredient in the system. This chemical that increases the life span of the individuals is known as resveratrol. This ingredient has been known to have the life prolonging effects in the yeasts, roundworms, flies as well as fish.

I think we all would like to know a little more about the resveratrol. This ingredient is being produced in the plants and it is being sold as a nutritional supplement. This ingredient is found in different quantities in the skin of the grapes, peanuts, berries and the berries that have the resveratrol includes blueberries, bilberries and cranberries. It is also present in the pines and the roots and stalks of giant knotweed and Japanese knotweed. The amount of the resveratrol in the different food substances that has that varies a lot. For example the resveratrol in non-muscadine red wine is in the range of about 0.2 to 5.8 mg/L and it depends on the variety of the grapes too. Some of you might think that white wine must have a good amount of resveratrol in it too, it does contain resveratrol but it is present in very small quantities because the red wine is being fermented with the skin of the grapes whereas in the white wine it is not being fermented with the skin of the grapes. The wines that are produced from the muscadine grapes with both the red and white wine contains more than about 40 mg/L of resveratrol.

Now we are going to see another aspect of resveratrol where we are going to see the benefits that we can get from it. The benefits of it includes its anti-cancer effects, protection of the brain from toxic insults, anti-inflammatory effects, as well as life prolongation effects that have been reported for sure. As an evidence it was found that the individuals in Southern France have a very low rate of coronary artery disease and it is because that these individuals consume a lot of red wine even though that they eat a diet that is very rich in saturated fats.

The researchers are now planning to work on expanding their research on the rhesus monkeys where they are going to do a trial of resveratrol in them and will find out the effects on the rhesus monkeys to see as to how they respond to it. There is a whole lot of potential in the studies that are going to be conducted in the coming years and holds in itself a lot of room where it is possible that they can find a way as to how the humans can benefit from smaller doses where they do not have to drink a very large amount of red wine to get the adequate amount of resveratrol in the system to get the beneficial effects. Another research company has found out another related very potent compound where they are starting to treat the humans for a very common problem, type 2 diabetes.

The researches have also issued a warning for the people that they should not use the resveratrol as a food supplement because the researchers say that since only the positive stuff and there must be negative effects if they are taken at very high doses and they need to know as to what are the negative effects of this ingredient. So it is really important that people should not use this ingredient on their own and must consult their doctors first if they want to take it. It is also not desirable that people should take this compound on their own because the different packings in which it is available does not contain the specified dosage that is being advertised as well as they might have certain materials in them that are not good for health.

Now I would want to shed some facts that were found in an experiment that was done on mice in which the researchers took about 165 male mice that were the age of one year old, which equals to about middle aged humans. They divided this group of mice into three groups. The first group of mice was given a healthy diet, the other group was given a diet that high in fats and the third group received diet that was very high in fats as well as the ingredient resveratol. The two groups who were eating a healthy diet as well as the diet that was rich in fats became fat. The last group that was getting resveratrol in their diet along with the fat rich food were the ones who were healthy and did not get fat. It was also found that the level of the fats and glucose in their blood remained normal whereas in the other two groups the levels of fats as well as glucose rose very high.

Another very astonishing finding was that the livers of the mice who were given the supplements was normal whereas the other two groups grew double in size. There was also a lot of difference in the weight among the groups where the weight of the mice who were on resveratrol remained normal whereas the other groups became fat. The mice were also made to go through the different exercises and it was found that the mice on resveratrol were able to pass all the tests whereas the mice who were obese failed to pass the exercise tests that they were made to go through. When the mice got to the age of about 114 weeks, about 58 percent of the mice who were on the high fat diet died whereas the 42 percent of the mice who were on supplements were still living and were healthy. It was being found that resveratrol prevented these mice from having any side effects of the diet on them and kept them healthy.


Is Eating Addiction

It has been a mystery for people thinking is eating addiction? There were many school of thoughts on that, some thought that eating is addiction and some thought that it is not. There have been different people who had been asked from time to time as to what is food to them and there were many different answers from them. There were groups of people who said that they could not live without food, they have to eat something with quick intervals or else they would die. On the other hand there was another group who said that they have fixed timings when they eat and in between that they just try to abstain from eating as much as possible so that their routines of eating do not get disturbed. Another group of people said that they like to eat during meals and they like the times when they are eating. There were three different groups from whom the data was being collected and thus it was being determined that these different opinions do really hold a great deal of data in them.

The group who said that they do not like to eat meals in between their meal times were the ones who have restricted themselves from eating much and were focusing on maintaining their routines and taking a balanced diet. On the other hand there was another group of people who said that they cannot live without eating and they have to eat something in quick intervals or it is a do or die situation for them, these people can be considered addictive to food and that they cannot live without eating and all what is on their mind is to eat, what to eat, when to eat etc. Their words clearly show that these people have that thing inside them of what we call Addicted To Food. Another group of people who have been saying that they eat in between meals but not that much, this shows that this group of people are the ones who can get addicted but are not showing the feelings that are similar to the ones who really are addicted.

There was a research that was conducted recently in which the researchers made it clear that overeating is really addiction. The researchers said that the people who are overeating are very similar to the people who are using drugs because the drugs stimulate the same areas of the brain as does overeating. The scientists proved that there was a strong connection of the stomach and the brain. The scientists mentioned that this habit develops into a human without actually making them know exactly as to what exactly they are entering into. Like the person who is addicted to food is someone who just cannot live without it. The scientists made it clear that these people who overeat, their stomach has a very close connection with the area in the brain that is known as hippocampus. This area of the brain is the same area that is known to be the active area of the drug abusers.

The main function of the hippocampus is related to the function of memory and emotions. It is this area that is stimulated of the people who are overeating. Another area of the brain that is linked in the individuals with overeating is the front al cortex of the brain. This was a big finding where the researchers were able to find that the hippocampus and the frontal cortex are directly involved and sends signals that causes the individuals to eat almost on a constant basis. The researchers also mentioned that the hippocampus as well as the frontal cortex are the same areas that are involved in the individuals who are drug addicts, which means that overeating and drug addiction are linked to the same areas of the brain, which makes overeating linked to addiction.

There was another view that the researchers put forward was that since the hippocampus and the frontal cortex are the areas of the brain that trigger the individuals to overeat. They also said that it is really very difficult for the people who are overweight to cut their habits off because they get signals from these areas of the brain and this tempts them to eat more and more and this is a drive that makes them eat on a constant basis. It is just like a behavior that has been modified in an individual, it is something that the brain has learnt and a pathway being set. If the individual who had been overeating and is now trying to lose weight and is successful in losing the weight and has got his BMI back to normal that they are also at the brink of getting back into the same habit and can be called as individuals who are at risk of going back into the same habit again.

This information that is being gained by the researchers can turn out to be a very useful information and in the future can be made to work into play where there is development of new drugs, new therapies that are being brought about and this can change the entire world of the way that obesity is being treated world wide. It is now clear cut that overeating is directly linked to the brain and it is addiction. There are people who leave addiction of drugs or alcohol on their own will and the individuals who are overeating can learn to stop overeating on their will as help. But for those people who are weak and just do not have enough will power would remain a victim and these are the people who need help in terms of medicines and hypnotic therapies, as this is a truly eye opening research for all the people as there are a lot of people throughout the world who are getting into the category of being obese. I hope this research opens more doors and more avenues where a lot of people are able to find benefit from it.


Build Your Immune System

An amazing discovery was made when it was found that there were very small living organisms that cannot be seen through the naked eye. This discovery led to the era that revolutionized the entire basis of the medical field. A very basic fact that we must all know is that every individual has with themselves the capacity to fight against diseases. This defense mechanism in our bodies is known as immune system. Whenever a foreign agent enters our body, the defense system of our body recognizes it as the invader and thus it causes activation of the defense system inside the body and this then result in the capture and killing of the invader, which thus protects our body from the harmful effects of it. For a moment if we think that our bodies were without this defense mechanism or system then we are so much vulnerable to a lot of different foreign bodies and can die ultimately without having a chance to get better at all.

Know this thing for sure that you are a very lucky person who has an intact defense mechanism working in your body, since we do not care for it we take it for granted and also cause it to go through a lot of insults where the defense mechanism go weaker and weaker. Very common things make our immune systems to suffer such as lack of adequate sleep is one thing that just causes our system to get weakened day after day until we correct our habits and come out of the phase and start to adopt a lifestyle that is much healthier for us. Also having excessive amounts of alcohol disturb the normalcy of the immune system and the immune cells that protect our body then start to decrease in numbers. There are also other factors as well that cause the depression of the immune system such as increased stress, use of medications etc. that are known to depress the immune system.

Just learning a little more about the immune system, our immune system consists of cells, these cells are macrophages, CD4 and CD8 cells. The CD4 cells are known as the helper cells and the CD8 cells are known as the killer cells. The macrophages ingest the foreign bodies and then release chemicals, which causes the CD4 cells to come close to them and thy get sensitized and start forming the antibodies against those specific foreign bodies and the killer cells known as the CD8 cells then ingest the foreign bodies.

Now coming back to the topic, where the low levels of immune system is unable to give protection and defense for the body, the same way the increased levels of immune system are harmful to the body itself therefore it is really important that the fine balance is being maintained. There have been researches that have been conducted through time to determine the role of the defense system in our body, the way it acts and the different mechanisms that affect it. These researches have led us to learn a great deal about the behavior of the defense system of our body. There was a recent research being conducted by a group of Australian scientists where they have been able to revitalize the immune system in the body of humans with the use of a hormone. This is an amazing discovery by these scientists because there are conditions in which there is a very steep decline in the immune cells and this then results in loss of the defense of the body but with this discovery the humans will be able to regain their defense system up and running.

This discovery is not only going to help people who are suffering from immune deficiencies but also will help people who have recently got a transplant and in this way the immune system can be controlled where it would not fight against the body’s own defense system. The most affected people with the change in the immune system are the individuals who are suffering from AIDS, cancer and with ailments in which there is a direct drop of immunity.

The process with which the revitalization of the immune system occurs is through thymus, which is the seat of production of the T cells that are the major key players of our defense. This organ, thymus, stops its activity during the early adulthood years, which is responsible for the production of the immune cells, but now the scientists have found a way to get it back to working. The scientists said that the thymus stops its activity because of the presence of the hormone testosterone, but when the hormone testosterone is blocked it is then the thymus starts to work again. In order to block the testosterone, the scientists have used a hormone known as luteinizing hormone releasing hormone that is known to inhibit the production of the sex hormone and this in turn causes the activation of the thymus. It is just like that luteinizing hormone releasing hormone is a key that unlocks the thymus and thus it starts producing the T cells. The patients who are going through the prostate surgery with temporary blockade of their sex hormones are the ones in whom there is increased activity of T cells is found in their blood.

In cases where the patients are suffering from cancer in which they have to go through radiation therapy as well as chemotherapy are facing a severe blow to their immune cells and this causes them to go through infections and hence leads them to increased morbidity and even mortality. It is then that this therapy of blocking the sex hormones and reactivating the thymus helps these individuals to have a better quality of life. This research has opened great new avenues. Those people who are getting transplants can now be provided with the situation where the researchers are able to manipulate the way so that the thymus grows back and they will bring it back in a way that that the transplant does not get rejected, which is awesome.


Be Careful Feeding Children

The most beautiful gift that God gives to parents is a child that gives them a feeling of completeness. We just love the feeling of being a parent and we think that we are going to give everything that we can to our kids. We set their room and buy them gifts and plan for their education and future. Since we care so much for them we do overlook on a lot of things. This article is solely based on educating the parents on an issue that is hurting most of the children since they are very young and the parents do not even know about it at all. In this article we are going to talk about a chemical known as Bisphenol, which was first synthesized in 1891 as a synthetic compound. Around the year 1931 the scientists were looking for synthetic compounds of estrogen and it was at that time there was another compound that was found known as diethylstilbestrol, which was recognized as a synthetic estrogen and was classified as one. The synthetic compound Bisphenol was not listed as a synthetic estrogen.

The major use of Bisphenol is in the industry of plastics as well as the epoxy resins. These polycarbonates known as Bisphenol are used in the manufacturing of sunglasses, CDs, water containers, food containers and the feeding bottles for babies. They are also used in the filling for the dental procedures, as well as the containers in which the food is canned. The chemical Bisphenol just seeps down from the plastic containers that are cleaned and are used again. When the blood is being tested of individuals in the developed countries there are low levels of Bisphenol, which are present. Now what we have to see is that what Bisphenol does to our kids who are taking their feeds from the bottles. The Bisphenol can activate the estrogen receptors that can cause a trigger in the body of the effects that are similar to the estrogens. This means that when you are giving your children the feeding from the feeding bottles you can clearly say that you are giving them an estrogen pill.

There was a study conducted in the 1930s in which this synthetic compound was given to the rats whose ovaries had been removed and in them there were effects of estrogen activity seen after the administration of this compound. There were disrupting effects on the hormones that were seen in the individuals who were getting these chemicals in their diet through canned foods etc. It was also found that these compounds can also cause health related problems in men such as decreasing their sperm count as well as causing infertility. One of the strange facts that are there is that the plastic industry itself says that these compounds are not harmful to people through on the other hand there are evidences that these compounds are harmful to the individuals.

There had been studies that were conducted on and off on the compound, in some of the studies there was not the controller environment used to render the exact analysis, in some there were rats used that were extremely insensitive to estrogens, thus it was all confusing for the people who had the knowledge about this compound but then they were not sure whether it did have any negative effect or not. Thus the people continued to use the canned stuff and fed their kids with the bottles not being sure whether it was safe or not. The group of scientists who were working on finding the effects of individuals determined that even if the levels of the Bisphenol were very low they can still disrupt the development of the brain of the rat fetus. Therefore the researchers concluded that this chemical is really very harmful for the individuals and especially the kids. These scientists have been trying to make their point that there should be a ban on the use of the compound in any food cans so that the people are not using them at all and are prevented to suffer from any health hazards.

I think the governments throughout the world must take an action on this and conduct more researches so that they can take solid steps in banning this compound anywhere throughout the world and if any such use of the chemicals is being made anywhere then there should be laws to deal with such violation. I want all the people throughout the world to take a serious note of this thing and they should be careful about what they are eating and as to what they are giving to their children so that they can make sure that nothing of such is being ingested by them or their children. I hope you all are going to take good care of yourself and your family and I hope that my article has brought you to light of this fact.


Facts About Sleep And Weight Connection

There are a lot of studies that are being conducted to determine the link between sleep and weight. Today our article is also based on this fact and we will discuss as to what are the findings of the link between sleep and weight. It is really important to note here that the problem of weight gain is a very common problem throughout the world and a lot of people are suffering from it. It is a very common finding and everyone knows it that when you are not having enough sleep at night, you have a terrible start of the day. You are feeling irritated, your mood is totally out of order, you eat in a hurry and everything just seems to irritate at its limit and thus it makes one feel really bad throughout the day and these effects have a direct relation to your health. On the other hand if you have a good night sleep then you would be feeling really good in the morning and everything seems to be very pleasing and smooth and you would be able to function really well throughout the day.

According to a latest research done the two hormones known as leptin and ghrelin were found to be playing a major role in the process of weight gain and these hormones are playing a vital role in maintaining that balance between sleep and weight gain. It was found that the individuals who are deprived of sleep are the ones who show an alteration in the levels of these hormones and thus this puts them at risk of developing gain in weight. The sleep deprivation causes a disturbance in the balance of the feeling of hunger and fullness, which then leads to the eating at abnormal times as well as at higher levels than before. It was found that the people who are sleeping less than eight hours every day are the ones who see a trend in the increase of weight than the individuals who were sleeping close to or about eight hours per night.

Thos people who are sleeping less hours are the ones who do not feel energetic during the morning hours and they are not able to perform their daily activities with the mental alertness that it requires them to have. It is also found that the people who are gaining weight are the ones who are needed to follow a daily exercise program so that they are able to lose weight at a good pace, but since they are unable to sleep well, they are less energetic and they do not feel that they can exercise well and hence they do not get involved in doing exercise as part of a regular routine. Those people who have a good night sleep can make a pattern in their life where they are able to do their activities of daily living well and can exercise regularly too and it is not something that they have to push themselves to do it.
The researchers also pointed out that since where the number of hours are important in maintain a balance in the hormones, it is also important that these individuals have a good quality of sleep as well. Those individuals who are suffering from sleep apnea are unable to get good sleep and this is most commonly seen in individuals who have gained weight and it is with this problem that they are unable to get a good quality sleep and hence are prone to gain weight.

Another hormone that is linked with appetite, weight loss and weight gain is cortisol. The increased level of cortisol is the culprit in causing weight gain and thus prevents the loss of weight with its high levels present in the blood. The factors that cause increased levels of cortisol in the blood are the physical and the psychological stresses. At this day and age there are a lot of factors that cause increase amount of stress that the individuals go through and thus it makes it very difficult for the people to find a balance in their lives where they are able to keep really calm and smooth. The cortisol level also achieves really high blood levels when an individual is not taking adequate amounts of sleeping hours. When an individual is going through stress the body signals that there is increase loss of energy and this then makes the individual to eat in large amounts to level up the nutritional requirements as are being signaled by the increased level of cortisol secretion in the blood. In this case you need to see that there was no loss of excessive energy from your body and with the increased level of cortisol your body is signaling you to eat more to level up your energy requirements and you will do so by eating but if you see that the food that you are going to eat is not what yoru body actually needed but is something that is now going to be stored in your body in the form of fat.

This needs some immediate realization in the matter so that you can set the right patterns for yourself. You must know that you are not going to eat under the severe amount of stress even if your brain signals you for that. Another important thing is that this pattern in your life where you are sleeping less and in turn you are eating more is something that you have to cut down slowly. It is not something that you can just curtail in a day or two but it is something that will need you to have proper organization where you set your times when you go to bed, make a proper sleeping environment and list down all the possibilities where you can fix all the patterns appropriately and you will see that there will be a huge turn for good in your life.


Don’t Think

Our brain is the seat of learning and it is where we have all our learning stored, we think and decide, we figure, understand, see, listen, sense etc. All these functions and more just make our brains a very unique organ. The current medical research has uncovered a lot of the diseases that are related to the brain where they just totally deteriorate the brain functions. Our brain is made up of billions and billions of cells and these cells are connected to each other through synapses and the communication of the nerve cells occurs through chemicals, which we also known as neurotransmitters. It is really important for us to understand that since the brain is such a vital organ and performs so many important functions, any clinical abnormality of the brain can lead to a disastrous situation, hence it is very important to save the brain from any outside or inside the body insults to prevent it from degenerating. It is really important to state here that once the brain cells are damaged it becomes near to impossible to cause regeneration of the brain cells.

There was a new research that was conducted by the scientists in which they have found out that there the neurodegenerative diseases such as HIV, dementia, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis as well as Parkinson’s. The scientists said that when a brain goes through an inflammatory condition the process of thinking just makes the brain to become more prone to injury and this makes the situation more worse and this ultimately results in more damage to the brain. Scientists say that the process of learning and thinking and remembering things, which are the normal daily routines of an individual are something that is going to hurt the brain more if the brain is going through the degenerating illnesses. Scientists say the best bet here is to decrease the normal activities of the brain to bare minimum.

The researchers have found an amino acid, which is known as glutamate that is considered responsible to cause excitatory activity of the neurons, which thus can cause damage and death of the cells. This excitatory activity then leads to the increased damage of the nerve cells in the neurodegenerative diseases of the brain. Therefore there are drugs that are made to lower down the excitatory effect of the amino acid, glutamate, to prevent the injury by blocking the glutamate, but this did not go well and the researchers kept on finding out as to how the excitatory activity really damages the functional capacity of the nervous system.

The researchers then moved on from their focus on analyzing the neurons to the dendrites that are the projections arising from the neurons and it is these that carry impulses from the nerve cell and makes a connection to another nerve cell through the synapses and causes the exchange of information from one neuron to another neuron. The diseases in which there is increased damage to the dendrites is seen in Alzheimer’s disease and HIV dementia in which the dendrites are seen with a characteristic finding of decrease in their size, beading, as well as loss of the spines of the dendrites.

The researchers then started to conduct experiments where they exposed the brain cells to the platelet activating factor, which is a compound that takes part in the working of the synapses, the activity related to the learning as well as memory. This platelet activating factor is also responsible for causing inflammation as well and is produced by neurons and also by the immune cells during the process of inflammation. It was found that the activity of the platelet activating factor increasing many folds in the neurodegenerative diseases.

It was then known by the researchers that the platelet activating factor was the one that promoted the beading of the dendrites and injured the synapses that occurred with the bursts of the synaptic activity. Thus the researchers concluded that it is not only the glutamate that is responsible for the damage alone and that when the individual is suffering from the neurodegenerative disease then they are more vulnerable to the excitatory activity of the brain. It was also stated that this mechanism of the deterioration of brain is implied by a number of diseases and this includes Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s along with any other neurodegenerative diseases that involve the synaptic dysfunction with inflammation.

These findings open up a whole new world for the drugs that can be made to treat these disorders and to lower down the process of inflammation and damage to the brain. The scientists gave an idea that the people who are suffering from the neurodegenerative disease, a specific chemical adaptation can be made in their brain cells that would prevent the injury from occurring in the nerve cells and hence would prevent excessive damage and ultimately loss of the nerve cells. The scientists said that the people will be more resistant to stressful situations with the chemical preconditioning and hence would be able to offer more resistance to the damage that takes place.

There is a drug that the researchers are talking a lot about these days is known as diazoxide to precondition the brain cells. Again if we go in the labs and see the experimentation that was being done, we will see that the nerve cells that were treated with the diazoxide and then exposed to the platelet activating factor, it was amazing to see that there was no beading effects caused by the platelet activating factor and thus it showed that the adaptations caused by the diazoxide makes the dendrites resistant to the changes caused by the insults. Therefore the scientists concluded through their research that it is important to make the cells withstand the injury by causing them to adapt rather to preserve the cell body.


Dogs Detecting Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death throughout the world and a lot of people are losing their battle to the different types and forms of cancer involving different organ systems. Cancer has become one of the biggest scares among humans, though with the technical advancements, the medical science has been able to provide cure with earlier diagnosis and proper treatment and management of the individual suffering from cancer. But still there are a lot of people in whom the cancers are not being diagnosed at an early stage.

The most common cancers that cost people their lives are the lung cancers, cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, cancers involving the reproductive organs etc. The number of the patients reported with cancers have been growing at a very fast pace and a lot of people are being reported to have cancer throughout the world and it is from where the battle starts between life and death.

Cancer has become one of the biggest financial burden on the governments, because billions of dollars are being spent on the tests to diagnose cancers, as well as very expensive therapies that are being given to treat the cancer, but it is still not known whether the cancer would be manageable because the cure largely depends on when the cancer is being diagnosed. The physicians ask their patients to get an annual examination so that they can order the tests to check whether there are any findings to suggest any abnormal behavior in the cells such as Pap tests are being conducted on an annual basis to detect any changes in the cervix so as to diagnose the development of cancer at initial stages.

Still after doing so much there are still a lot of cases that are being reported at a very late stage and a lot of people are dying from this horrifying disease process and thus it becomes a big threat to a lot of people around the world. In these clouds of hopelessness there is a ray of hope that has emerged. According to a new study it is being shown that dogs can sniff out the cancer through the breath samples of individuals. This is a very latest advancement in terms of determining whether the individuals are suffering from cancer or not. The dogs have an extraordinary power of smell and they are being known for it through centuries and they are being trained for the purpose of sniffing out the cancer in individuals. A program that I saw on TV showed that the dogs are being made to sniff the breath sample of a normal individual and then the breath sample of an individual who was suffering from cancer.

With the two breath samples, the dog clearly distinguished as to which breath sample was abnormal and it yapped when it was being made to sniff. It is also being said that the dogs have the ability to sniff out the breast and lung cancer at very early stages. I know that most of you would be thinking that is it really true that could it be so simple that you give a breath sample and the dog is just going to sniff out whether you have the cancer or not. Well my answer would be yes, it is tested and proven now that the dog can sniff out the cancer. This information is widely out in the media and has been named as a big breakthrough of the century in terms of diagnosing cancer at very early stages. I know it is a bit surprising for people, it did to me too, but I saw it as to how the breath samples were being collected and the dogs were made to sniff them and they yapped when they sniffed the abnormal breath samples of individuals who had the cancer.

There are still a lot of questions that must be crossing the mind. This process of using the dogs to sniff out cancer started when the owner of a dog was being warned by his dog who was constantly sniffing out his melanoma lesion and thus the owner was being screened and was told that he is suffering from melanoma. It is a really interesting avenue that has been opened up to diagnose the different cancers that people suffer through. Another interesting thing to note here is that the dogs were being trained and they successfully sniffed out the bladder cancer as well as melanomas.

A study was conducted in which the breath samples of individuals who have been recently diagnosed with cancer were being obtained in special tubes and then these tubes were being placed at specific distances. There were also special tubes containing breath samples of individuals who were normal. The dogs who took part in the study were being trained for approximately three weeks before this study was conducted and they were not any special dogs but ordinary pets who went through the training. These dogs were being trained to sniff and indicate which of the test tubes had samples of cancer patients. It was already known by the researchers as to which test tubes had the normal samples and which ones were abnormal. The dogs sniffed out the tubes with about a percentage of between 88 to 97 percent both with sensitivity and specificity. This is something amazing. The dogs after sniffing the normal breath samples ignored it and indicated only to the abnormal breath samples.

I believe that this is a huge breakthrough and that it can result in early diagnosis of cancer and can save millions of lives throughout the world. These studies were conducted in England and America and I am hopeful that other nations will work on training the dogs for early detection of cancer as this can change the face of diagnosing cancer patients at very early stages.