Find Yourself A Partner

There are different people with different lifestyles that they prefer to live in, there are some people who prefer to live alone so that they are able to find the most time for themselves and that they can do whatever they want to do and they do not have anyone asking them the different questions that they do not like at all. These people are the ones who actually do not like any intrusion in their life at all, but still people need people to live their life in a healthy way. It is very important to note here that the people who are living in their 50s and 60s are the ones who are the most affected living their life in total isolation.

Isolation is an environment where the individual is living all alone and when they come home they have to cook their food, wash their clothes, fix the mess in the house, but the most important thing that should be noted here is that these people do not have any one with whom they can share their feelings or thoughts, they are just hearing the echoing of their own sounds and just keep the things inside themselves. For some people this situation might be very satisfying, but I think for a lot of people this thing can be just a killer for them. For people who depend on people need someone to be with them and live their lives with and this is something that they need very badly.

The worst part is that when people need someone the most, it is at that point in time at the ages of 50s and 60s that people are living an isolated life. An isolated life for these people who are depending to share their emotions and feelings are living a very depressed life and depression is the root cause of a lot of problems that could be disastrous to these people. I believe that if you are a person who want to live in an environment where you love to spend your time to share your feelings and emotions with the person or people you love, it would be very depressing to be in a home that is all quiet, where everything is just so depressing and this is something that is taking the life out of you. Every single day is just a burden and this just very seriously affects the mental health of an individual. If you are a person who is not the kind who wishes to live alone, then you must be find yourself a partner whom you can live your life with.

There have been a lot of researches that have been carried by the researchers who are trying to find out as to what are the effects of the lifestyle of living alone on these individuals and especially the people who are in the age group from 50s to 60s and it is not only the men who live alone but also women and both of these make a big community of people who are living a life in isolation. It would not be wrong to state here that there are people who are very happy to live their life in total isolation and always wanted to live that lifestyle but just never had the opportunity and they are the ones who are very happy with how they are, but on the other hand the other group of both men and women are living a very distressing life being alone.

According to the recent research that was being conducted showed that the people who live alone are at double the risk of developing heart disease as compared to the individuals who are living with a partner. It was also added that these individuals are also more prone of developing the problems of severe angina as well as heart attacks and this includes both the men and women. It was also added that these individuals who are living alone are living a very stressed life and it is because of this that they are leaning more towards developing habits that are really devastating to their health when they need to concentrate the most towards a healthy lifestyle so that they are able to prevent from developing any serious illnesses. These individuals who are living alone are also the ones who eat poor diet and then ultimately suffer from a lot of diseases. The negative lifestyle includes excessive smoking, drinking, not taking care of their personal hygiene, not eating at regular times and thus they are at a risk of developing a lot of serious illnesses.

The researchers stated that they studied about 1000 people who were elderly and they found that there were about 646 people who were found to suffer from severe heart problems and had heart attacks and there were also individuals reported to have died from the condition known as acute coronary syndrome. Therefore on the basis of this study it was established that the relationship between age and living alone was one of the strongest reason to predict that the people from these age groups can really suffer serious medical conditions. There was also a very stunning data that stated that the women who were over the age of 60 years were a total of about 5% of the entire population but the startling finding was that they were making one third of all the deaths from the acute illness they were suffering from within the 30 day span of their diagnosis. On the other hand men who were of the age of 50 years or above made about 8% of the entire population but accounted for about two thirds of the deaths from acute illnesses in the 30 day span of diagnosis.

Therefore the major thing that accounts for the death of these individuals is the bad habits that they adopt such as smoking, poor eating habits causing them to have increased weight gain and cholesterol and depression. Another really important thing that needs to be mentioned here is that these individuals have either a very small or no social support group at all and it was also mentioned in the study that the individuals who were living alone and had a good social network were the ones who were enjoying a very healthy life with a pretty healthy lifestyle. I would conclude on another very interesting finding that the scientists have found on the factor of living alone and that was that there were monkeys who were kept in an isolated environment and during that study period it was found that these monkeys were the ones who were at a very high risk of developing atherosclerosis, which is the buildup of fat accumulation in the vessels that can lead to severe coronary disease leading ultimately to death.


Misconceptions On How High Sugar Meals Affect Us

Children eating unhealthy foods are on the high rise. We see children snacking on high sugar foods, burgers; French fries etc. and we just do not feel as to whether they are eating healthy or unhealthy. It is generally becoming a part of a trend that most of the people around the globe are following especially in the United States. People who care for what their children should eat mostly say that if their children would eat high sugar foods, as well as oily and greasy foods is that they will gain a lot of weight, but in reality these parents do not know that their children would not only gain weight but they will also be going towards a lot of degenerative diseases that they can be going through when they will enter their adulthood. This is something that most of the parents just do not know at all and things are just getting worse for these kids day after day. If parents want to take care of their children, they should not let them eat the food that is unhealthy for them so that their children can live a longer and a healthier life than the kids who grow up into adults who suffer from a lot of problems as they grow up.

There are a lot of researchers who have been involved in finding how the children are affected with the unhealthy diet patterns and there is a new study that suggests that eating of the high sugar foods trigger the release of a lot of damaging substances into the blood and they said that it is not necessary that the parents get their children to whatever they want to eat but they should be taking care as to what is best for their children and should not just get them everything that they ask for because there are a lot of things out there in the market that are just not good for their kids at all because they can just lad their kids to a lot of health problems as they progress towards their adulthood. The researchers also said that as to what trends your kids will be in now, they will just follow those trends and their life will be truly miserable, it might be something that will appear in the later years of life and that would be very hurting for you and your child, so it is very important to develop better behaviors at a younger age.

The parents should educate their children as to what are the healthier foods that the children can eat. A very important information that the parents should know and pass on to their children is that there are high glycemic foods and low glycemic foods and all foods have a glycemic index, which tells as to how fast the body burns and turns the food into energy. The foods that burn very quickly are the foods that have simple sugars in them and the foods that burn slowly are high in fiber. The high glycemic foods are the ones that burn very quickly and raise the level of blood sugar pretty fast. In reaction to that the body just releases large amounts of insulin to push that blood sugar into the tissues and that causes the blood sugar level to go down and that is why there is a feeling like energy crash after eating foods that are high glycemic foods.

On the other hand the foods that are low glycemic foods burn very slowly and cause the blood sugar level to rise at a very slow pace and thus the body just does not need to manage that situation on an urgent basis and this just leads the body to have the sugar in a controlled level and that is why an individual does not feel a crash in energy as one experiences with high glycemic meals. When an individual just have a high glycemic food one can see a very high rise in the energy and as soon as this energy gains its peak, it is as soon as the energy goes down. With the high rise of glucose in the blood there is development of a lot of ATP molecules. The formation of the ATP causes the production of oxygen free radicals that are very dangerous and causes damage to the cells. If the oxygen free radicals are not checked, then this can lead to the development of the chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancers, as well as depression. This damage just also causes a lot of problems in the arteries, heart, lungs, brain that ultimately leads to the chronic degenerative illness.

As a defensive mechanism, the proteins neutralize the toxic effects of the oxygen free radicals and that those oxygen free radicals are not dangerous. Therefore it is pretty obvious that there is very less consumption of the high glycemic foods and thus through this we should prevent the chronic degenerative diseases that can arise at a very young age. It is also really important that the parents and the kids must eat foods that have the antioxidative properties in them. It is to be noted here after going through all the facts and figures that the foods that the kids eat are the foods that are high glycemic foods and we can see as to how these foods are affecting their lives and if you want your kids to be healthy you must be sure that the kids are eating healthy foods and not the foods that are the high glycemic foods.

We must educate our kids and tell them as to what are healthy lives and how we can be healthy and what is the importance of the foods that we eat and what effects it bears on us and how we can improve and learn as to the foods that are going to keep us healthy and will make our lives much better. The education that you are going to pass on to your kids is something that your kids will pass on to their kids and this will then pass on from generation to generation and your generations will be thankful to the healthy lifestyles that you are going to teach to your children.

I hope that this article is going to help a lot of parents and will change the future of a lot of children and I hope that all of you have a happy and a brighter life.


Lots Of Drugs Lacking FDA Approval Are In Market

There is a very startling news that has been disclosed by the Food and Drug Administration that there are thousands of prescription medications such as the cough remedies, pain killer, as well as sedatives that are being sold out by the pharmaceutical companies and these medicines being not approved are being prescribed by physicians and are being dispensed by the pharmacists to millions of people. It was also being stated that these medicines are in the market before the rule was passed for the drugs to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration and still these drugs have not been approved as of yet to check whether they are safe or are as effective and whether they have the effective labeling that make the people aware of their benefits, side effects on their labels, as they are being marketed throughout the United States.

The senior officials of the Food and Drug Administration stated that it is very hazardous that these medicines are floating in the market without the run of the proper checks on them so as to establish their safety and this then can lead to a very serious drug safety issue to the consumers and this must be addressed because it is not only the older drugs but it also contains the newer drugs that are present in the market and do pose a serious risk to the users of those medications. The statistic that was provided by the Food and Drug Administration was that these medicines that are not approved by them represent about only 2% of the prescription drugs. It was also added by the Food and Drug Administration that the pharmaceutical companies who are selling these drugs are making millions and millions of dollars in revenue from them on a yearly basis and these drugs cover a broad range of medicines that are not yet approved and have unapproved active ingredients in them.

In another notification from the Food and Drug Administration, they have announced that they will start to sort out the companies who are making these drugs that are illegal, i.e. not approved by the Food and Drug Administration so that they can be labeled as safe drugs for people to use and they said that they will begin a very comprehensive crackdown on these companies who are making these medicines that are unapproved. This is a very important issue that the Food and Drug Administration is focusing on right now because FDA is the regulatory authority to test the medicines before they are launched in the market and these drugs are such that we do not know their effectiveness and we don’t know that whether they are going to cause any side effects that are hazardous for the people and are longer lasting and will cause any impairment of the activities of daily living or disability. These drugs need to be checked for so that it can be ensured that the people who are going to be using that medication will be safe from its harmful effects in the given dosages.

There was also a comment being made mentioning that it is really surprising that there is such a big amount of these prescription drugs that are floating in the market that are not being approved by the Food and Drug Administration and yet a lot of people believe that these medicines are being tested and checked for their safety by the Food and Drug Administration and that is very surprising. The Food and Drug Administration officials said that they are making a detailed report on the different statistics as to what are the different prescription medicines floating in the market that have not received any approval from the Food and Drug Administration and what are the different companies who are involved in the production of these prescription drugs so that proper action can be taken against them and these medicines be removed from the market in consideration of the public safety. They also added that there are certain medication products that come in the market for a short period of time and then vanish and that they will keep a close eye on all the unapproved medications that are there in the market.

The Food and Drug Administration stated that the major unapproved category of the medicines include cough and cold medicines that have antihistamines, narcotics with single ingredient, as well as sedatives that are present in the market. The other category of medicines that are unapproved belong to the class of the anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs related to the gastrointestinal tract, as well as a lot of other products. The officials of the Food and Drug Administration also said that they do not know exactly for sure as to how many medicines are out there that are currently being used as the prescription drugs but they think that that is a huge number that they are looking at.

The Food and Drug Administration officials have said that a lot of the doctors and the pharmacists would not consider that some of the medications that are being prescribed as unapproved by the FDA because these medicines are being marketed in the medical journals as well as in the Physicians’ Desk Reference. The manufacturers on the other hand say that the FDA should not take pull the medications out from the market because they have been proven effective and that the patients have not reported any side effects from them, but this view of the manufacturers was being rejected by the Food and Drug Administration.

It would be a very good step by the Food and Drug Administration to put a proper check on the medications that have been in the market but are not approved as of yet, so that these medicines can be checked for their safety levels and that it would be made sure that the patients receiving the medications are the right medicines and that would not damage their health in any way.


Know The Facts About Laser Therapy Before You Decide To Get It

At this day and age the modern technological advancements have made huge breakthroughs in the fields of science and have given a lot of hope to people who have been suffering through disabilities. Another technological advancement that has gained a lot of its grounds at a very rapid rate is the laser therapy of the eyes. The laser therapy is known as LASIK procedure, which is also known as Laser Assisted in situ Keratomileusis. In this article we are going to discuss the different aspects of this procedure, such as what should be known before getting this procedure done, how this procedure is performed and what happens after the procedure and what are the things that must be asked from a doctor about this procedure.
In this procedure the shape of the cornea is being fixed because the abnormal curvature of the cornea affects the vision of an individual and with this procedure the curvature of the cornea is being fixed with the help of laser with the help of the excimer laser. It is important to make a note here that the cornea is a clear curvature that is present in front of the eye and increased abnormality in the curvature of the cornea can also lead to blindness. Since the sense of sight is a very vital sense among other senses, there are a lot of questions that hover the mind of the people who want to go through this procedure to get rid of their contact lenses or distance or near vision glasses. It is really very important that the individuals who are planning to go through this procedure must clear all the questions that are in their mind so that they are comfortable when they are going through the procedure.

There must be a reason that you wanted to go through this procedure and that reason might be a very low eyesight to see at either distance or near or both and with wearing the high powered glasses there are individuals who suffer from the problems of headaches or the marks of spectacles on the bridge of the nose or for cosmetic reasons. According to the latest researches, it is being brought up that the cornea of the eye is being damaged when people wear extended wear contact lenses, which prevent the diffusion of oxygen through the cornea.

Let us discuss as to what makes you a poor candidate for the LASIK procedure. There are a lot of things that we will mention here that would prohibit you from undergoing this surgery and these include your career prohibiting you undergoing this surgery, expensive nature of this procedure, if you are an individual who is suffering from autoimmune diseases or other diseases such as hypertension, diabetes etc., other eye conditions and problems, if your vision is unstable for over a period of time, variation of the size of the pupil, if you have a thin cornea or are suffering from dry eyes.

Another very important thing that needs to be known here is that what are the risks and the limitations of the procedure because if you are having very high expectations from this procedure then you might not be of a right approach because the procedure might not benefit you as it has benefited the person who has persuaded you to get this done, so it is really important that you go through all the details at your level so that you can know that whether this procedure is going to be beneficial for you or not. One of the biggest risks is being over treated or under treated and due to under treatment one might have to go through another procedural session to get the defect corrected. You must remember that you go through a proper eye checkup before going through this procedure because this procedure might not be able to help you get rid of the glasses as in the case of presbyopia, which is a problem of the lens and not cornea. You must know that the results of the laser procedure might not be longer lasting and that you might need to setup another session for this procedure because the long term results of this procedure are not known. Another thing that must be in your knowledge is that one can lose more vision and that they might experience blindness. Due to this procedure one can develop severe dry eye syndrome. Apart from the chronic dry eyes, one can also develop glare, halos, starbursts etc., which can make the person totally disabled to drive at night. The vision can reduce greatly in dim light. Getting both the eyes treated at one can be very dangerous and one should not opt for that and must wait and see as to what is the result of the procedure in one eye. Another very important thing that all the patients must seek before undergoing through this procedure is that they must read the information booklet about this procedure and see as to what are the different options that they can undertake or what questions they need to ask from their doctor about this.

Now we will discuss as to what are the things that you need to take care before and after the procedure and what constitutes the procedure. Before going through the procedure, you must go through an initial evaluation by your eye physician so that it can be determined as to whether you are a good candidate or not to undergo this procedure. If you are being selected as an individual who can undergo through this procedure then you must know that you stop wearing the contact lenses and switch yourself to the glasses. The contact lenses that are being worn, change the shape of the cornea and this change persists for several weeks even one has stopped wearing the contact lenses and after stopping wearing the lens the cornea returns back to its normal shape. If you not stop wearing the contact lenses, then there would be inaccurate measurements that would have a very negative impact on the surgery and because of it the procedure will be delayed till the cornea gets back to its normal shape. It is important to have the right corneal measurements so as to determine as to how much of the corneal tissue needs to be removed. Therefore soft lenses must be stopped two weeks before initial evaluation and the hard lenses must be stopped for about four weeks before evaluation and if you are wearing gas permeable contact lenses, then you must stop wearing them for about three weeks.

Before undergoing the procedure, you must know as to what are the different eye conditions that you have been going through and what are the specific medications you are taking or you are suffering from any other diseases apart from the eye conditions so it can be known that whether you qualify for the procedure or not and it is really important that you go through all the details with your doctor so that you can be really comfortable and knowledgeable before you undergo the procedure. Another really important thing that you must know is that you should not be using any creams, lotions, makeup or perfumes because these can cause the increase in infection probability after the procedure.

The things that you should know will happen during the surgery would be that the entire procedure will not take more than 30 minutes. The equipment includes a laser machine connected with a microscope connected to the computer screen. During the procedure the doctor is going to place an anesthetic drop in the eye and the eye will be cleaned and the eyelids will be kept open with the help of an eye speculum. After that the ring will be placed on your eye and a suction will be created on the cornea and because of that the vision will go dim. After that an instrument, which is also known as microkeratome is attached to the suction ring and then the doctor will cut a flap of the cornea with the microkeratome. The microkeratome and the suction are then removed when the flap is cut and then you will be able to see but the vision might be blurred during the procedure. The corneal flap that is cut will be folded back on its hinge and then the exposed tissue will be dried.
After that the laser will be positioned on the eye and you will be asked to stare the light. This light will help you focus your eye on the light and if you are unable to focus on the light then you are not considered as a good candidate for the surgery. The laser is controlled through the computer and some of the patients reported about a smell of burning hair during the removal of the corneal tissue. After the laser vaporizes the corneal tissue the flap is placed back into the same position. A shield is placed on the eye when the procedure is being done to keep the flap in place and this shield is important to wear so as to prevent one from rubbing the eye. It will also prevent the eye from being poked and will give the time for the flap to heal.

After the surgery is done the eyes may feel the burn and itchy feeling. Since you will feel the discomfort, your doctor will prescribe you the pain killer and your vision will be blurry or hazy. Your eyes will experience light sensitivity and you must remember not to rub your eyes because you can dislodge the flap. It is better that you take good care of your eye by preventing yourself not going into any dusty environment. If you feel that the condition of your eye is not improving after two days of your procedure, then you must contact your physician and seek his help.

You must keep in touch with your doctor even after your procedure is done so that if you are going through any infection, then your doctor can prescribe you the proper medication to put in your eyes. I hope this article must have brought you good level of information on different aspects of getting the laser therapy and to outweigh the pros and cons of this procedure.


Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Obesity is a condition in which there is deposition of excess fatty tissue in the body. There are a lot of people who are obese and that is a cause of a lot of people suffering from a lot of problems such as the cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea, diabetes mellitus, stroke, osteoarthritis etc. and it just takes down the quality of life and puts these individuals at a greater risk. There is research being conducted that shows that the people who are obese have shorter lives than the people who are not obese.

There are a lot of reasons that lead the individual to suffer from obesity, which include sedentary lifestyle, a diet that is rich in high glycemic foods, illnesses that cause obesity such as hypothyroidism, Prader-Willi syndrome which is a genetic factor, binge eating, stressful life, deprivation of sleep, medications also cause obesity that include atypical antipsychotics, cessation of smoking, as well as excessive eating. All these factors just lead to weight gain at a very high speed.

The biggest reason that is being discerned that people are getting obese is that of diet and exercise. A lot of physicians emphasize on the fact that their patients work on improving their diet and their lifestyle and a lot of patients have reported that they have gained a lot of benefit by improving their diet and spending time to exercise. Those people who are on the road of improving their lifestyle and diet are on the path of improving their quality of life, but those who are not are the ones who are just on the road of deterioration and things get worse and worse for them and those are the people who are going to be put on the medications to control the rising levels of cholesterol in their blood.

There are a lot of researches that are being conducted as to how one can lose their weight and for this reason there are a lot of diets that have been brought into the market such as Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers Diet, Jenny Craig’s Weight Loss Program, LA Weight Loss Diet Plan, and a lot of other diet plans and structures, which are being adopted by a lot of people. A lot of people find benefit from them but there are still a lot of people who report that they did not get any benefit from that.

In this article we are going to list the different things that the researcher emphasized on reducing the weight in a natural way. The researcher added that this is not a diet plan that is going to have any bad psychological effects on the individual. He said that it is a plant based diet and it does not follow rules or plans where an individual has to eat at only specific times and with this diet there a lot of people who want to lose weight can lose weight at a gradual pace, they will have a better lifestyle and will have a better outlook as the way they wanted to. He added that his diet plan can benefit people who are suffering from heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc. as well. Another important thing that was added in the diet plan was to do daily exercise to make the body train to withstand the exertion for a specific period of time so that they are able to build their stamina and thus will be able to live in a better lifestyle.

The major question that was being asked by the researcher from all the individuals out there suffering with increased body weight was that why don’t we care for ourselves, what is the reason that we start compromising with so many things in our life and just raise our hands giving up, he asked as to why a lot of people who are continuously entering the club of obese. The researcher also emphasized the importance of people wanting to lose weight but not working towards their goal much so a lot of people are just in the phase of life where they are just stuck and in their opinion there is nothing much that can be done.

According to the researcher the diet that he was introducing was not requiring anyone to take the pills, it does not need any one to count the calories and they also don’t have to eat only at specific times, but they will be able0 to eat as many times as they like. Other benefits that were discussed of better diet is that the individual will be reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and will become healthier day by day. There were valuable things that were addressed by the researcher that can help all of us with increasing weight to improve our diets and our lifestyles. These points are being listed as follows:

1. The individuals must drink plenty of water because the water just flushes out a lot of toxins from the cells and thus clears them out from the body. Drinking excess water gives a feeling of full and thus prevents the individuals from over eating. Another very major benefit of drinking plenty of water is that the cells of the body are hydrated. There are some people who do not like to drink water, these individuals just can add lemon into the water and make it a very interesting drink, I bet you would love it.
2. Burn those calories that you are carrying around with you everywhere. You know you can burn them only with the motivation that you need. Just do not make huge plans, but make plans to walk for a few minutes regularly on your treadmill, but if you don’t have a treadmill, you can walk as much as you an around the house because you must get those extra calories burnt that you are carrying in the form of fats on you.
3. Just remember that you can snack as many times as you want to with the healthy snack foods rather than fatty or greasy food products and that it is truly better than eating large meals at two or three times in a day.
4. It is really important that one should eat lots of fruits and vegetables and try to cut down and reduce the levels of oily foods that are being ingested.
5. Eat a low carb, low cholesterol diet.
6. White meat is good meat and eating fish such as salmon and tuna because there is no fat in the meat and one can also eat beans and lentils as the main protein source.
7. One should try to eliminate the soft drinks because they contain a lot of calories in them.
8. Do not eat greasy or fatty foods before bedtime.

I hope that the information above will initiate a better life pattern and will help you improve the life standards and a promising healthier future for you.


Save Much With Cheap Health Insurance Quotes

One would easily pay a lesser amount for the proper coverage he/she gets and make use of the correct recommendations. On the contrary, if the person gets a wrong advice, the degree of coverage would be comprised, even though he/she can make large savings. Here are some of the tips which help in making the individual maintain enough coverage and save a lot.

The rates could be very well lowered if one stops consuming alcohol. This is because drinking raises the health risk. However, it is known that heavy drinking is traced from many of the health conditions. One could get the help from several organizations which helps in stopping the consumption of alcohol. Moreover, it could be noticed that co-pay would cost higher than the cost of drug sometimes. During such period, it would be wise to remit for a prescription without utilizing the health insurance quotes. This instance readily helps in saving more by opting the ways which offers huge savings.

Yet other alternative for reducing the rate is to become a member of health expense sharing plan in groups. It is a plan in which health insurance coverage are jointly offered by set of people by themselves. As they are found in large associations, one could spot out a group that satisfies the requirement in getting coverage at lower rate. The options should be considered such that it suits the best of the interests and not depending on the various health needs as persons.

One shouldn’t be shortchanged in lesser prices while shopping for health insurance at low cost. Though a cheap rate is preferred, the value of it should not be compromised. It is possible to obtain lower quotes if the person is efficient in shopping. Also, higher price needs to be paid if a right coverage is to be purchased. However, one could save many dollars by seeing five quotes sites at the minimum as this would result in 25 quotes in total to choose the best of them.