Finding The Best Weight Loss Program To Suit Your Lifestyle

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There are many considerations that you will have to make when attempting to find a weight loss program that fits your lifestyle. Committing to a system that you can actually afford to stick with is the only way to gain and maintain long-term results. Following are some of the most important points to go over when deciding which options will be right for you.

Honoring Your Current Level Of Physical Fitness
It is important to implement a weight loss program that is not too aggressive for your current level of physical fitness. Thus, if you have not been physically active for some time, you do not want to make a commitment to running several miles per day or attending a high-intensity boot camp training session right off. You do, however, want to challenge and encourage yourself to work past many of your own perceived limitations. Thus, it is vital to choose an exercise routine that forces you to work harder than you have in the past, but not so hard that you risk major forms of physical injury or becoming demotivated in your efforts to lose weight.

Selecting a Diet Plan That You Have Time For
The best foods to eat when attempting to drop pounds are those that are closest to their natural state. Foods that are highly refined and processed tend to pack a lot of empty calories and are ultimately what make people gain weight. This means that a healthy, beneficial diet can actually be fairly time-consuming to implement. It will require the preparation of a number of fresh selections such as salads, soups, lightly steamed vegetables and grilled lean meats. If you are currently living a very busy lifestyle and do not have the time to invest in preparing truly healthy fare, you may want to consider different options in prepared food delivery.

Deciding Whether Or Not To Prepare Your Own Foods
Although having cooked meals delivered to your doorstep might sound like the ideal, it can actually be fairly costly. There are many time saving strategies that you can implement to ensure that you always have good foods that are ready for consumption once hunger strikes. For instance, you can take one day each week to pre-chop vegetables and to grill lean chicken breast and fish. These things can be properly stored and then served as necessary, making it possible for you to enjoy fresh, wholesome meals without having to invest massive amounts of time into cooking everyday.

Some people also have a range of very specific taste preferences that make it unlikely that they will be attracted to the cooking other others. If you happen to be a very finnicky eater you might want to take this into consideration before paying a high price for food delivery services. Along with these things, you also want to consider you available budget.

Restructuring An Existing Plan To Make It More Affordable
It is often most cost-effective to take a look at some of the more popular plans on the market and to find ways that you can restructure these things on your own. For instance, if people have been experiencing marked success with meal delivery systems, you may want to copy the approach that these plans are taking by attempting to prepare similar meals on your own at home. Different bootcamp classes can provide stellar results; however, you may not be able to afford the ongoing costs of these training sessions. In the event that your budget is very limited to this end, it may be best to invest in a DVD fitness tape that will supply many of the same benefits. Making modifications like these on your own will help you to commit to activities that your budget and your body will be able to stick with over the long haul.


Why Should I Have A Walk In Tub Installed, Anyway?

Consider the benefits of walk in tubs for young people, too.

You’ve seen advertisements seemingly everywhere, letting you know that walk in tubs are superior than traditional tubs. You might see the point of having a walk in tub installed if you are elderly or disabled. However, if you are younger and able bodied, then you might not see any point at all in having one of these walk in tubs installed. You might be very happy with your traditional metal or porcelain tub. Some people pay very good money to have an old-fashioned, claw-legged porcelain bath tub installed in their home.  However, there are aspects about a walk in tub that you might want to consider, before you decide that these sort of tubs aren’t right for you.

First, consider the fact that walk in tubs allow for you to gain a better soaking experience. Yes, you can soak deeply in a traditional tub. However, have you ever considered how long it takes for water to fill up in a traditional tub? It can seem like it takes forever, and who really enjoys waiting for 15 or so minutes for their tub of hot water to fill up? Even if you sit in a traditional tub while it’s filling with water, you’ll find that your upper body is cold while the water is filling up. By the time your water fills up to the level you need, your water isn’t so fresh anymore. On the other hand, walk in tubs are designed to fill up very quickly.

Enjoy a deep soak with quick filling and draining.

Not only this, but when you sit in a traditional tub, you have to use a towel or a bath pillow to cushion your neck and soak deeply. You can sit upright in a walk in tub, and still enjoy a deep soak. The water fills up to your chest and you won’t have to worry about leaning back against a hard tub, in order to enjoy a good soak. You won’t have to worry about your body feeling cold and clammy. Best of all, when you are ready to exit your tub, you’ll find that the water from your walk through tub empties out very quickly as well.

 There are many other benefits that you can enjoy when you purchase a walk in tub. But you’ll never learn what those benefits are unless you give one a try. Many people have and they’ve learned that the quality of their health and lives have improved, drastically.


Five Surprisingly Popular Myths About Female Health

Despite the wealth of accurate information available online, the popularity of medical myths shows no signs of disappearing. When it comes to the anatomy of both male and females, the average person appears to know very little about what goes on underneath the surface. Here are five surprisingly popular examples of how little people know about the female body.

Menstrual Synchronicity

One of the most commonly believed myths about women’s health is that when a group of women live in close proximity, their period cycles sync. There is actually no scientific evidence to back up this claim.

In fact, researchers from the University of California conducted a study in which they asked 186 students living in close proximity of each other to track their menstrual cycle for an entire year. During the study, no menstrual synchronicity was discovered whatsoever.

Women Don’t Have Adams Apples

Another popular myth about female health is that women don’t have Adams apples. The truth of the matter is actually that both men and women have them. Adams apples are responsible for protecting vocal cords and consist of two cartilage plates joined together.

The reason that most people associate Adams apples with men is that men tend to have significantly larger versions. The primary reason for the difference in size is simply that men have more testosterone which pushes out the vocal cords and in turn, the Adams apple.

Married Women Put on Weight Because of Pregnancy

The fact that women tend to put on weight during their first ten years of marriage is often put down to pregnancy. A study conducted by the University of Queensland however indicated that weight gain is likely to occur regardless of pregnancy.

The surprising study indicated that over ten years, a women in her twenties or thirties is likely to put on eleven pounds regardless of pregnancy or marriage. Add marriage to the mix and that figure rises to fifteen pounds. Pregnancy does make a difference but is estimated to only lead to a further five pounds.

Women Have Smaller Bladders

Women tend to have to go to the toilet more often than men but the size of their bladder has nothing to do with this fact. In terms of bladder size, men and women are actually identical.

The reason that women tend to have to urinate more often is actually because their bladder is simply given less room to expand. This is because a woman’s bladder is supported by the front wall of her uterus and this wall tends to weaken as she ages leaving less room for expansion.

Women Reach Their Sexual Peak in their Thirties

Finally, there is the incredibly popular myth regarding female sexuality. Many people believe that a woman reaches her sexual peak during her thirties. There is however no scientific evidence to suggest that any hormone surges occur during this time period.

Though women are likely to have more orgasms during this period of their life, experts believe that this has nothing to do with hormones. It is instead believed to be caused by changes in sexual attitudes and generally being more comfortable with their bodies.


Little Known Ways to Overcome Addictions

Many of us struggle with some form of addiction. Many people’s addictions are very serious and very life altering. Their addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, etc have lead them down a road that is very difficult to turn around on. For these people, many times they need to seek professional help to assist them in overcoming their addictions.

But for most of us, our addictions aren’t nearly as serious. We’re not addicted to serious substances like alcohol, cocaine, cigarettes, etc. For us, our addictions are to sweets, or shopping, or watching tv. While not serious, life altering addictions, they may still affect us. We may not be extreme enough that we need to seek professional help or enter a treatment facility, but they still have gotten to the point where we know we need to make some changes.

For us, there are many options that can help us in overcoming these addictions. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Find a Hobby

For many of us, if we’re not struggling with a serious addiction, all we need is a distraction. Something that will keep our minds off of our addictions. If we are busy with something else more productive, we might not feel as many urges to eat, shop, get online, etc.

Finding a hobby not only provides us with some much-needed distractions, but it also helps us fill our time with something maybe a bit more productive. That can help improve our self confidence, which can also help us get over our addictions. Many times these types of addictions are caused by self loathing… we use them as a form of self-medication and distraction. So, if we can fill our lives with things that bring us joy and make us feel like we’re accomplishing something, we can work to overcome some of the feelings that might have lead us to the addiction in the first place.

Get a Pet

A pet is another great distraction. It gives us something to be responsible for; something that might become more important to us than the addiction. On top of that, pets are a great way to bring joy into our lives, and to help us feel companionship and less alone. So, if some of those negative feelings helped lead us to the addiction, this unconditional love that a pet brings could help us to overcome those feelings.


If you’re not an animal person, there are other things that can bring you joy, responsibility, and more fulfillment. Find opportunities to serve. This may be with your close friends and family, as well as throughout your community. Every community has many needs and programs for you to assist with. Find opportunities to serve. This will help you to reach out and think of others than yourself. This will also help to provide those much-needed distractions from your urges and negative feelings.

Set Goals

Sometimes all we need are goals. These can be short term, as well as lifelong goals. These goals can help to provide us with more perspective; with a bigger picture. They can also help us to see what we are missing out on because of our addictions. Set goals, both large and small. Recognize when your addictions are getting in the way of you reaching your goals.


Reading provides more than just a distraction from your addictive urges. It also provides you with education. This can be especially helpful when trying to understand what you are feeling, and how to overcome it. There are many books out there written on ways to overcome addictions, specifically on things like the 12-step program. Your addiction may not be extreme enough that you feel you need professional help or to join a group for it. You may just need some education on what steps you can take to overcome your addiction. Find a book(s) on overcoming addictions, and/or books on the 12 step program. Then use this learning and these steps to help you overcome your addiction.


7 Exercise Tips That Really Work

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On your journey to lose weight and reclaim complete health, it is essential to get proper guidance on the best diet and exercising techniques that will assist you reach that goal quicker and somewhat easier.

There are many weight loss products like phenq and programs out there to confuse just about anyone, so here we are peeling off all the unnecessary stuff and bringing you 7 simple exercising tips that will work magic for your mind and body.

1.Mean to lose Weight: This is the most important and also the most ignored aspect of weight loss. By really letting it sink in that your weight loss plan is a must-do, you engrave it in your sub-conscious, which in turn fills you with all that energy and motivation you need to do some real work in the gym. The best way to get yourself to really take your weight loss plan seriously is to ponder on the benefits it will bring you, then immediately follow that up with a picture of how things would be if you don’t exercise. This is crucial because a lack of motivation has been one of the most common reasons why people don’t get the results they expect in the gym.

2.Do Some Real Exercise: Walking is good and is actually one of the best ways to give your body a thorough workout, but unless you plan to walk for long hours every day, do some other grueling exercise. Exercise works to make us lose weight by breaking down the fat tissues in our bodies and turning them into muscles. When we choose exercises that aren’t demanding enough, the muscles are not worked up to the point of breaking down the fat tissues and therefore there is little progress. I suggest you add some basic weight lifting to your routine to get some results.

3.Workout Intelligently: Most of us are so determined to lose weight that we hit the gym and don’t stop for long hours, almost every day of the week. I’m sorry to inform you that you may actually be doing more harm to your body than good. Losing weight is a gradual thing, you want to give your metabolism time to adjust to your routine and let your muscles completely recover before you tear them up again. 2-3 days’ rest in a week can do a lot of good to your body.

4.Get a Partner: Like every other thing in life, exercising is a lot more fun when done with other people. They not only motivate us but also challenge us to work harder. You exercising buddy can be the best source of advice and would also be the first to tell you when you are progressing.

5.Make it Fun: It is really difficult to exercise when you aren’t feeling it; but this is a normal experience for everyone who is regular to the gym. The truth is that you are bound to become bored of doing the same weight lifting and treadmill routine every day for the next 2 months. So you must spice up your work out, take a long distance bike trip or visit the local gym and play with what they’ve got from time to time. The change of scenery is bound to do you some good.

6.Eat Right: I know it sounds like a cliché, every other exercise column tells you to eat only ‘green’ low calorie stuff to reach that perfect size. Well, it is actually true; the fat you are trying to burn off is the result of some bad food choices you made in the past. It is important to solve this root cause by structuring your food to supply just what your body needs before you go dripping sweat on every gym equipment.

7.Be Patient: This is the most difficult part of exercising for newbies. They want perfectly flat stomachs and bulging biceps just after some days in the gym, but it never happens like that. Results take time to show on your body, it is like saving in your piggy bank, and you need some time for the muscles to build themselves and completely burn the fat tissues before major results begin to show. The goal is to remain motivated and appreciate the little improvements all the way through.

Choosing to lose some weight is a commendable decision which has tremendous benefits for your health and productivity. Hopefully, these 7 steps outlined above will make your routines more fun and rewarding.


What Are Radiation Burns?

Causes of Radiation Burns

When skin is exposed to radiation, often a burn occurs.  The worst four types of radiation are ultraviolet light, radio frequency energy, thermal radiation, and ionizing radiation. 

There are certain radio frequencies that are absorbed into the body and become changed to heat.  The FCC mandates that anything above fifty watts must be monitored and evaluated by radio stations. Ionizing radiation gets in the body, changes and damages cells, and causes redness, or erythema, which is a burn.  Uv radiation is most prevalent, and is better known as a sunburn.  

Types of Radiation Burns

Prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation often results in radiation dermatitis.  It usually happens to patients going through radiation therapy.  Acute radiodermatitus Red patches show up on the skin and blistering can occur, too.  Chronic radiodermatitus  shows up months to years after ionizing radiation exposure.  This is often seen in radiologists and technicians who were constantly exposed. Sometimes women who get cobalt radiation as a cancer treatment get eosinophilic, polymorphic, and pruritic eruption. 

When the redness, blisters, and lesions begin to fade, radiation acne may occur.  Also, months or even years, after radiation treatment, if someone needs chemotherapy, they may have the symptoms of radiation dermatitis reoccur. 


As you can see, there are different types of radiation burns and causes.  Whether a cancer patient, a radiologist, or a scientist, if you or a loved one is suffering from them, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Quick, lukewarm showers are best.  No hot baths
  • Do not rub yourself dry, only pat.
  • No icepacks or heating pads on treatment areas
  • No exposure to sun
  • Loose fitting cotton clothes are best, and so are cotton sheets

 Here are some other helpful tips.  Use an electric razor if you are allowed to shave.  Do not put any skin care products on before radiation treatments.  Use fragrance free moisturizers and other products.  Be sure to keep hydrated, and use moisturizers and lotions.  These will help your skin not to crack and itch.  If you need a bandage, do not use any adhesive ones.  You don’t want to cause any more damage.

So, in closing, there are things to do to help you or your loved one who may be suffering from radiation burns.  These helpful tips, along with products especially formulated to help radiation patients, may provide a higher level of comfort in difficult times. 


Are Compression Garments Beneficial to Weight Loss

There are many ways to get the most out of your fitness plan. For example, you may choose to restrict your intake of unnecessary calories, supplement your diet with protein or creatine powder, or work out first thing in the morning when you can the most energy. One controversial method people use to squeeze the most out of their weight loss regimen is wearing compression garments. Although people have been wearing these tight-fitting articles of clothing for centuries, it’s debatable as to whether or not they actually aid the body in burning fat . . . or if they simply make the body appear slimmer. Are compression garments beneficial to weight loss? The best way to approach that question is to assess the claims held by compression garment “science.” Read on to learn more:

Water Weight Loss

It is a long-held belief than compression garments help you lose weight in the areas they cover because they promote increased sweating. Of course, this is true. The more clothing you wear – and the tighter it is – the more you are going to sweat. As your body loses water from sweat, it naturally loses weight. Some people report dropping as much as 5 to 7 extra pounds per workout due to compression garment usage. However – and this is the important part – that weight loss is temporary. The moment you consume water to replace the water you lost, your body puts that weight right back on.


Micromassage is exactly what it sounds like: massage on a very small scale. Some medical doctors claim that compression garments actually micromassage those stubborn fat deposits while you move around. While there are some scientific studies that seem to support the belief that micromassage can improve the appearance of cellulite, there is no solid proof that micromassage leads to weight loss. More importantly, there is no solid proof that compression garments provide micromassage on a substantial enough level to accomplish any of the claimed benefits.


The most obvious immediate effect of wearing compression garments is the illusion of slimness. It is obvious how compression garments accomplish this, and some doctors would have you believe that this also equates to weight loss. However, there is no supporting evidence that the compression factor of compression garments can actually help you lose weight.

As you can see, there are a lot of claims backing up the supposed weight loss benefits of compression garments, but very little evidence supporting those claims. When it comes down to it, the only surefire way to lose the weight you want to lose is through diet and exercise. Should you include compression garments in the mix? That’s for you to decide.


Ways to Find Relief from Five Common Symptoms of Menopause

Every woman will go through menopause in her lifetime, and chances are, she’ll face at least one of these five symptoms. While some women are troubled by menopausal symptoms and seek more extreme treatment to gain relief from the symptoms, other women may not find these symptoms too much of a burden at all. Each woman is different. Whether your symptoms are relatively insignificant, or if they cause you greater discomfort, below you can find a few ways to relieve five of the most common menopausal symptoms.


Treating and Coping with Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are considered the most common symptom of menopause. While these might cause you great discomfort, there are many ways to find relief from these hot flashes so that you can keep living your life normally. Importantly, try to notice what triggers your hot flashes. It is common for spicy food, alcohol, caffeine or high levels of stress to induce an uncomfortable hot flash. Once you realize what dietary or environmental triggers are responsible for your hot flashes, try to avoid this trigger. Other good options are to dress in layers and simply remove the layers of clothing when you experience a hot flash, or keep a fan beside your bed or workplace. If the hot flashes are still a great discomfort to you, and these options offer you no relief, speak to your doctor about Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) or prescription medication.

Fixing Sleep Issues and Insomnia

Difficulty sleeping through the night is another common symptom of menopause that many women face. In order to find relief for menopausal insomnia, try to avoid having caffeine in the afternoon, and avoid alcohol around bedtime. Both of these disrupt your sleep patterns. It is also advised that you keep your bedroom at a cool temperature, dark and as quiet as possible for an optimal sleeping environment and that you live an active lifestyle during the day. If these options do not cause relief, speak to your doctor about your difficulties sleeping for other options.

Finding Relief from Unexpected Mood Swings

With all these changes to your body, mood swings are not uncommon. Getting enough sleep and exercise will help ease mood swings, while relieving stress in your life will also help control mood swings. Support groups may also offer you relief, as it provides you with the opportunity to speak with women who are going through exactly what you are.

Making Sure Menopause Doesn’t Interrupt your Sex Life

Vaginal dryness is another common symptom that accompanies menopause. However, this doesn’t have to negatively affect your sex life. Over the counter water-based lubricants or moisturizers will offer you quick relief.

Dealing with Forgetfulness or Memory Loss

Some women notice increasing forgetfulness when they reach menopausal age. It is important that you are getting enough sleep and that you are doing enough exercise each day. Some doctors also recommend mental exercises, such as crossword puzzles. However, if the forgetfulness and memory loss persists, see your doctor.

Menopause doesn’t have to halt your life and the symptoms don’t have to be unbearable. There are ways to deal with each symptom and find relief. In addition to relieving these symptoms naturally, such as exercising, getting enough sleep and managing hot flashes, there are alternatives. Speak to your doctor about low dose oral contraceptives, prescription medication or Menopausal Hormone Therapy if the symptoms persist uncomfortably. There are always ways to find relief from menopause symptoms.


Early Stage Pregnancy Signs & Milestones to Look for in the First Month

In order to prepare yourself for pregnancy, it is essential that you spend as much time as you can trying to understand what goes on inside your body, from the very first week down to the last.

The first month of your pregnancy is perhaps the most crucial as these weeks will set the tone for your entire 9 months. From the first to the fourth week of pregnancy, your body will be going through an assortment of changes to prepare itself for the task ahead, and by the end of this month, your little one will also begin to take shape and register its first heartbeat.

1st – 2nd Week – The Journey Begins

At this time, your baby is just a tiny speck inside your tummy. As it is quite difficult to deduce the exact moment of conception, your doctor will estimate your due date based on the date of your last menstrual period.

Missing your period is the first sign that you may be pregnant. Once confirmed, it is important to immediately schedule an appointment with your ob-gyn to ensure that all is well with you and your baby.  Your doctor will also be prescribing the necessary vitamins to assist in proper development.

The importance of finding a good doctor at this time cannot be understated. As you will be sharing the entire journey with your doctor, make sure to partner with someone that you trust and are comfortable with.

3rd Week – Anybody Want a Peanut

While you won’t be noticing any physical changes in your body at this time, your baby is already starting to develop and is now a tiny embryo, roughly the size of a small peanut. During this phase, the outer layers covering your fetus will develop into the placenta, while the inner layer becomes the embryo itself.

4th Week – Bring on the Hormones

Now that you have been successfully impregnated, it is important that you pay close attention to your diet. Load up on healthy greens, cooked meat, and fresh produce.

As your baby continues to grow, you will begin to notice a few changes in your body. For one, your belly will start to slowly expand, which can make you feel bloated at times. Your bras will also feel tighter as your breasts get rounder and more tender. Feelings of nausea, faintness, and fatigue may also kick in during the 4th week.

More than the physical changes, the first month of pregnancy will bring a bevy of emotions ranging from fear to excitement. Worries about your job, your health, and your finances are most likely to beset you at this time. While you are still able to move freely, spend this time going over your work situation; talk to your supervisor and give them a heads up about your condition. Now is also the time to re-evaluate your diet and lifestyle. Learn more about what’s good and harmful for your developing baby.

Finally, make sure to go over your plans with your partner and discuss how you want to go about welcoming a new baby into your family.

If you’d like to narrow down the actual moment of conception, then Brenda recommends this pregnancy conception date calculator. You will also find an ancient free gender predictor at to have some fun with.


What To Look For In Savannah Orthopedics Services

What to Look for in Orthopedics Services

Anyone can do a name and address search to find local orthopedic services. It takes a truly wise consumer to start the search before the services are required. It is never a good idea to put the health of your bones, muscles and joints in the hands of a doctor you know nothing about, so consider carefully which doctor or clinic to choose, and how they can help you.

 Reputable Doctors and Surgeons

A moment of crisis is no time to try out an inexperienced or struggling doctor. Look for orthopedic doctors and surgeons who have a proven track record. You are sure to get better care and more successful outcomes.  Beyond that, you will feel more positive going into treatment or surgery.

Convenient Location

Of course, there are reputable orthopedics doctors around the country. However, finding one where you live will make life much easier for you. Search out orthopedics services that are close enough to you that travel for ongoing treatment will not be a burden.


In the event of an accident or illness, you may find that you need special care that a general orthopedic doctor cannot adequately provide. Look for orthopedic networks that feature the subspecialties that pertain to you. 

  • Pediatrics
  • Sports Medicine
  • Joint Replacement
  • Spine and Neck
  • Foot and Ankle
  • Hand and Wrist
  • Trauma

People Skills

An orthopedist who cannot communicate with patients may be lacking in diagnostic skills. After all, doctors can find out a great deal by listening to their patients. At the same time, you will want to understand the diagnosis and treatments you will be receiving. Find a doctor who is compassionate, caring and above all, communicative.

Follow-Up Treatment

Many muscle, joint, and skeletal problems require care beyond an initial treatment or surgery. Consider the types of aftercare available with orthopedic clinics or network you are investigating. Do they offer physical therapy, pain management, or follow-up visits?  If so, you can rest assured that you will not be left to fend for yourself during your convalescence.

Seeking out help before it is required is simply a matter of good planning. To find the best orthopedics for you and your family, start assessing doctors right away. Making this wise decision can improve your health and lower your stress level if the need for an orthopedic doctor arises. The best time to start is now.

Start your research today.  Discover why Savannah Orthopedics have the best doctors for you and your family.