4 Positions that Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy

How ironical…isn’t it? Earlier you used to be so afraid that you would get pregnant, but now when you want to get pregnant and are trying so hard for it, you’re left with just one question in your mind – “why can’t I get pregnant?

To find an answer to this question, it is important for you to understand that pregnancy depends not just on your body but also on a number of factors. One such factor is the way you are having sex. The sexual position should be such that the sperm is released close to the cervix – as close as it is possible.

Not many people believe that sexual position has anything to do with getting pregnant. But the position in which you are having sex determines how quickly the sperm meets the egg or flows out. Having said this, 4 sexual positions are given below that will help you best when you are trying to get pregnant.

1. The Missionary – This is the most common position in which the man is on the top. It allows for deep penetration and the sperm is released very close to the cervical opening.

2. Elevated Hips – Placing a pillow beneath the woman’s hips raises her hips and therefore, when the man releases his sperm inside her, the flow of the sperm to the cervix is easy and it does not flow out of the vagina.

3. Side-by-Side – Lie down side-by side with the man when you are having sex and the man is penetrating. This position exposes the cervix to the sperm, thereby increasing the chances of pregnancy.

4. Doggy Style – In this position, the man penetrates the woman’s vagina from the rear. When the semen is released, it is deposited very close to the cervix. Also, the chance of the semen flowing out is very less. This enhances your chances of conceiving.

Apart from these positions, the man must also take care that the woman achieves orgasm. While one reason is that the woman is satisfied and happy, the other more logical reason is that female orgasms contract the vaginal muscles, pushing the sperm inside the cervix.

It is fun to experiment when you are having sex. You would surely like to try out different positions but when you are trying to get pregnant, it is best to stick to positions that expose the cervix to the sperm. Positions like sitting down or standing up result in the sperm flowing out and there are no chances of conception.

Also, have sex when the woman is ovulating. The period of ovulation is two weeks prior to the next period, that is, 14 days.


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