4 Types of Dental Implants

Dentistry now offers you four different dental implants from which you can choose. If you have to remove a tooth or if you break it, your dentist can now replace it with a new denture with the help of implant dentistry. These implants vary in the time they require to heal and the techniques that dentists use to place them in your mouth. Here is a brief outline of the four types of dental implants –

1. Endosteal Implant

This is the most frequently used dental implant and the most popular one as well. But be sure that you’re getting it done only by any experienced Woodland Hills dentists. You will require a strong bone structure for this surgery. The surgery has two steps –

• Step 1

Your dentist will first drill a hole into your gum and insert the implant. He will then stitch the area and you will have to rest it for at least six months.

• Step 2

Once the first stage of healing is complete, the dentist will again open the area. He will now fix a crown on this implant and again let it rest for a while. With time, your bone will fuse with the metal implant and secure it.

2. Subperiosteal Implant

If you do not have a strong bone structure or if your jaws are worn out, then this is implant is best for you. The jawbone doesn’t have enough width or height to hold the metal implant tightly, therefore the implant placed on the bone is so designed to support it.

This process requires only one surgery, where a CT scan is done to determine the type of implant that would work. A computerized image of the implant is made and then the area, where the implant is to be placed, is cut open by your dentist. An implant, similar to the model, is inserted with a metal base that distributes the weight and makes it secure.

Then the crown is placed on top of the implant. It is often placed on a second surgery to allow the area to heal first.

3. Plate Form Implant

This implant will suit you if you have a narrow bone structure. The surgery involves placing a thin, narrow metal structure inside the gum after cutting the jawbone open. The dentist then seals the area till it heals. After a period of few months, when it completely heals, he places the crown.

4. Dental Supports

These implants are for people who have to replace their teeth or take them out. If you take out an entire set of teeth, you will have to replace them with artificial dentures. Intramucosal implants involve a series of implants connected with a rod. Ramus Framed implant uses a heavy piece of metal. This is implanted in your gums and supports your dentures. It is flexible. Both these implants are removable.

There are various different methods and implants to improve your dental health. Consult a dentist and find out which method is suitable for you.


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