Alternative to Bypass Surgery

There is an alternative to bypass surgery that is known as oral chelation. There are a number of people who are suffering from heart diseases. These disease till date have found only fixed cures such as angioplasty, bypass therapy etc. The oral chelation is a new method using which one can be treated for heart diseases.

In this alternative treatment to heart diseases a chemical substance is formed by the dissolution of the salt comprising of a metal. This is done by using EDTA which stands for Ethylene diaminetetra acidic acid.

The chelation therapy makes use of the EDTA which is capable of forming a bond and surrounds the metal ions. In the oral chelation method the patient is provided with the treatment orally rather than injecting the chemical into the veins, which is termed as intravenous. The intravenous treatment is done by doctors by injecting the medicine into the vein. Chelation is a term that refers to the grabbing action. Oral Chelation is thus a method for grabbing substances by orally consuming the chemical or medicine.

Oral EDTA chelation includes Cysteine as one of the chemical. The other component of this treatment is N Acetyl L Cysteine and EDTA. EDTA is one of the most important components of oral chelation. EDTA is capable of attracting the heavier metal particles.

Thus the heavy metals such as mercury etc coagulate due the presence of EDTA and are passed out of the system.

Oral EDTA chelation helps remove the heavy metals out of the body. However one must be careful as if some amount of EDTA is retained in the body it can also coagulate the nutrients present in the body and adversely affect the system.

The main advantage of the treatment is that it can very easily clear the blocked arteries and remove any blockages that are present in the heart.


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