Enhance Your Memory

At this day and age the most common thing that we encounter among people is their lack of remembering things and forgetting of what they were going to do next, which leads them to make them think as to whether they are going through some organic mental illness or disease.

On the basis of this a research was conducted so as to determine why there are memory problems at such a large-scale encompassing the entire globe. The main essence of their research revealed that we should filter out useless information, which we hold onto in our minds, which can increase our capacity to remember things that are of real importance to us and not hold onto things that can be managed other way around.

For example, if we have user name and passwords for e-mail accounts, bank accounts, login information of different sites etc. we can just write it down and save it in a secured folder so that we don’t have to remember it and can access it whenever we want to, thus not loading our minds with excess information, but only with the ones that we need to run our activities of daily living very smoothly.

Scientists say that our visual working memory does not depend on extra storage space in the brain, but depends on the ability to ignore the irrelevant information.

It was believed till now that people who have high visual working memory had greater storage, but again if we start keeping irrelevant information in our brain, then the information will start bouncing off of our mind, and we would not be able to recall the things that we need to, but our minds would start wandering into different chunks of information but not the ones that we need, which leads into heightened frustration at that point in time.

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