The 3 Less Common Foods that Help You Lose Weight

Losing body fat can have its own set of cravings. After all, it isn’t easy to keep your eyes, hand, and mind off food easily, especially if you have a restraining order and you’ve been a die-hard foodie all your life.

But your chances of resisting the temptation are at least better when you’re full. But when you’re following portion control and all that they suggest in diets, what if you’re still not completely full at the end of it? You shouldn’t eat more because you’ll put on weight. And you wonder, how great had it been if you could eat without having to put on weight?

The good news is that while you cannot eat just anything without stacking on those unwanted inches, there indeed are some foods that help you lose weight. Of course, we all know that broccoli, chicken, and spinach is all great. They are a standard when you talk about foods you can eat without adding on to your inches. But moving beyond the basics, dig into the matter and you can explore a whole new variety of foods that can help you lose weight rather than adding on to your calories even more. Here are some of the foods that can help you lose weight:

Berries – All berries work great for losing that extra flab, even when you’re also doing keto. They taste great and are extremely low calorie. You may add them to plain yoghurt or cottage cheese and add peanut butter. They make for a great calorie-less and nutrient-rich dessert from nature and are best to satisfy the sweet tooth. Around 120 grams of strawberries (10 strawberries) are 38 calories, 7 grams of carbohydrates, and almost your complete Vitamin C requirement for the entire day.

Wild Salmon – Take your intake of omega-3 in this yum treat. The omega-3 content in salmon is a lot higher than the wild fish, so be sure to upgrade your order and have a salmon instead. Animal fats and protein content in salmon is also very high. For me, they’re the most amazing thing in the world when you grill salmon on a barbecue with thyme, salt, and pepper, and topped with a lemon squeeze. A salmon steak with leafy greens on its side will both satiate your taste buds as well as the appetite.

Whey Protein – Okay, this is not that uncommon, still for novice fitness enthusiasts, this is a must know. Whey protein is mainly known for its thermic effect, which means that you do not feel too hungry when it’s time for your next meal, as a result causing you to consume lesser calories. Besides, it will help you preserve your muscle mass at the time of cutting and if you’re following a proper exercise program like this one, you’ll even be thrilled by your enhanced body composition and the improved basal metabolic rate.

This naturally available protein source has many other benefits, like tissue repair, immune response, brain function, et al. To satiate the foodie in you, try out the French vanilla protein. It tastes just like a blended ice cream when you add some ice and water/milk to it. You can have this as your everyday dessert without any sense of guilt, however be wary of health issues that might arise due to artificial sweeteners that some manufacturers add to their whey protein shakes.

Of course, it is not possible to stick to these choices all the time and it’s okay to sway and indulge sometimes, as long as you know where to draw the line. Now, cooking at home every day is really not everyone’s cup of tea. But boycotting dining out almost on a daily basis is no solution either. My blogger friend Matthew introduced me to just the perfect solution to this dilemma. You can check out his website to know about healthy meals delivery options in your area that especially cater to our anxious and cautious weight watchers generation of today.

Like any other weight loss endeavor, your will to lose that flabby gut is what makes a big deal of difference in your results. No weight loss wand or program will ever work for you if you give up on yourself too easily.

Although restriction is not the key here but leeway definitely is! There’s no way you’ll ever have permanent weight loss if the diet that you’re following isn’t really something that you can make your lifestyle for the rest of your life. So the most honest weight loss advice that you’ll ever hear is, change your lifestyle for life.


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