Abdominal Pain and IBS

Many of the persons affected with IBS often experience abdominal pain. The extent of pain may be from normal or mild to sever cramp in the abdomen. The persons affected with IBS are prone to face abdominal pain but for some it is sometime more than worse. So, if you are experiencing abdominal pain and think that it is because of your IBS, know it. Know why abdominal pain occurs and what you can do to avoid it. This will help you in minimizing the effects of IBS in you.

Your abdominal pain may be a symptom of IBS or may be because of some other illness as well. If you suffer from mild abdominal pain to sever cramp, must speak to your physician. Do not jump into conclusion yourself. It might be a symptom of IBS, which need to be established to prevent further damage. Getting an X-ray examination or so for your abdominal pain is not the solution of identifying your IBS or cause of IBS. X-ray and other laboratory methods are not able to determine the abdominal pain or the cause of pain. But if you are suffering with abdominal pain, make sure to discuss with your doctor, like the severity of pain and other pattern of sufferings. Your doctor may help you better to determine, whether the abdominal pain is the symptom of IBS or it is because of some other illness.

The abdominal pain because of any reason like IBS or else, is the cause of nerve movement, which moves from brain towards gut. The impulses in abdomen are caused due to stress or disparity from the nerves. When nerve impulses approach from brain to abdomen, these causes sever pain and cramp.  This symptom, which is gastrointestinal, affects the functioning of digestive system. 

The reason behind suffering with abdominal may be psychological too. Abdominal pain some time may be posttraumatic, if one has gone through a traumatic situation but didn’t express it afterwards. Abdominal pain may be also because of some injury, etc. Sometime the amount of pain is sever and unbearable.

If you want to get rid of your abdominal pain problem, simply start noticing, how you reacts to the simple problems and day-to-day situations. Notice, in what situations and when pain starts. Thus you will be able to identify, when and in what circumstances, you need to relax. This technique will allow your brain nerve connected to gut for easier transition during the day without pain or cramp in your abdomen. You can take prescriptions that may help you in minimizing the abdominal pain and cramp.

Your abdominal pain is because of your IBS, but this may not the case always. No matter if abdominal pain is a cause of IBS or some other sickness, like a traumatic situation or an injury, the pain in all circumstances relates to nerves connecting brain to gut. So start noticing the pattern of abdominal pain and cramp you are suffering with and discuss with your physician. Get rid of it.


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