IBS and Pregnancy

If you are an would be mom or thinking to be one means either you are pregnant or willing to pregnant, then you might be thinking your Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and its symptoms correlating with your pregnancy. You might have heard that woman having IBS should not bear child, and several other statements like these that are totally a myth and baseless.

So, if you are a woman affected with IBS and want a baby to bear, you can. A good knowledge of IBS as well as your pregnancy will help you a lot. There is no reason that you cannot deliver a healthy baby. Nowadays, good antenatal care is available for taking care of your baby at both places, inside the womb and outside. Knowledge about IBS and how to handle it during the days of pregnancy will help you in controlling your IBS and delivering a healthy baby.

Doctors argue that Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) does not affect the health of child or mother, until and unless the mother is taking care and precautions of her IBS before and during pregnancy. IBS does not shade the baby’s health.

A number of researches have been done on correlating IBS with pregnancy. There are several organizations that establish what is good for an IBS affected mother and baby both. 

You can find a number of literatures to read about IBS and pregnancy. You also can seek your doctor’s advice if you want to become pregnant and having IBS. You can plan yourself accordingly in best favor of yours’ as well as your child.

Some of the medicines are not allowed to take during pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor, if you are taking some medications, and if these medications would be restricted during the pregnant days. Would you be able to make your day without these medicines during pregnancy?

For example, Methotrexate and Thalidomide are restricted during pregnancy as these may harmful to your baby. Any medication, during pregnancy, you will take only after getting examined by your doctor.

So, if you are thinking to bear your child, and suffering with IBS, consider the best possible time for this. Make sure that your IBS is not active when you become pregnant. This will allow preventing many complications during pregnancy. However, a woman affected with IBS suffers more during pregnancy and in some of the cases, the condition may even become worse.

Pregnancy is equally considered as safe for those suffering with IBS as for any other healthy woman. If you are suffering with IBS, it is in best favor of yours’ to consult your doctor, while planning for bearing the child as well as during pregnancy. Your doctor will help you in delivering the healthy baby as well as keeping you in good shape. Avoid foods that cause irritation, cramp and abdominal pain in you.  Keep yourself far from tense and irritable circumstances, as these may trigger IBS.

 No matter if you are suffering with IBS and want to bear a child. You can. Only you need to know certain conditions that will help you and a good medical help. This will ensure good health for both, you and your baby.




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