Side Effects from Medications for IBS

The persons, who either have received medications or are, being receiving medications, often complain that medications have taken a toll on him / her. People often complain about side effects of IBS medications. If during medication, your doctor has warned you or you have read warning label of your medicines, then it is very important for you to take into account, which medicine causes side effects on you. The side effects caused by different medicines do harm to your body and hence you will need to protect yourself from medicinal side effects. Thus it is very important for you to observe which medicine causes side effects. This will help in determining, which medicine is right for you and which is not. A medicine that causes bad impact on an individual may be good for another and vice versa.

 The first general problem of IBS medicinal effect is related to esophagus tract, and you may encounter so many if you are swallowing the stronger pills. When medicine moves down the esophagus, this infuriate the lining which may switch to much difficult problems like ulcers, bleeding or tear in esophagus and this infuriation may lead to several other problems. If you feel pain in taking medicine or a medicine struck to your throat, make it sure if it is not because of medicinal side effects.

Reflux is another problem for which a number of IBS sufferer complain. In this problem, muscles between stomach and esophagus respond invariably. Acid in this area is produced to not let the medicine move through the remaining part of the body system. Reflux is generally noticed as heartburn. So if you are taking medications and facing problem of heartburn, then this may be a side effect of medicine that you are swallowing.

 Make sure that your stomach is not get irritated as like as esophagus. If you feel the problem of heartburn, or cramps, etc in your stomach then this may be side effect of some pill towards which your stomach reacts and produces acids to reduce the medicinal effect. If this is the case, stop swallowing the pills after taking which you face the problems.

Medicine some time also causes irritation of bowel movements or start controlling different type of bowel movements. If you feel that your symptom of diarrhea or constipation is increasing, then this may be due to some medicine towards which your stomach reacts. In times, you may find that your diarrhea is more than constipation or your problem of bowel movement is increasing. In any of such situations, stop taking the medicine and discuss the problem with your doctor.  

If you are facing problems like pain in abdomen, crooked bowel movements, nausea, heartburn or some other pain and irritation, then certainly this may be side effect of a medicine that you are taking. Stop taking the medicine that irritates you; otherwise it may pose more serious problems. Must tell your doctor, and seek help.   Ignore the medicine that causes problem and discuss with your doctor for new prescriptions that will suit you.


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