Trigger Foods and IBS

If your doctor told you that you are affected with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), then the doctor must have checked your symptoms and possible treatment to make you better. But the pain in lower abdomen is enormous which cause a lot of discomfort in you. Now you may want to get the rid of stomach pain as quickly as possible and in a look for alternative solution. If you want a quick solution of abdominal pain problem, then option exists in you. You are the best one to solve your abdominal pain and cramp problem.

To do this, you need to watch your diet. Analyze that you are eating and that you are not. Identify the food, which causes irritation in your stomach and towards which your digestive system responds well. Eat only that food which is good on your stomach and drink water as much as required. If you do so, then this will be the first step in reducing your abdominal pain and eliminating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Although change in food habits do not always help every IBS sufferer but it is recommended for every one suffering with IBS to consider and reconsider his / her diet. Many of the people suffering with IBS say that analyzing dietary pattern and opting for good food habits has helped them in making recovery from IBS.  It is very clear that some of the foods irritate your digestive system and causes problems like abdominal pain and cramp of the stomach. Hence it is in best interest of those suffering with IBS to consider dietary pattern and opt for good food diet rich in fiber and nutrients and low in fats and added sugars.

There are so many foods that may cause problem in digestive system. Added sugars and sweeteners contained in some flavored food items and soft drinks etc do harm to your digestive system. So avoiding such foods and drinks will be best for you. This helps your digestive system in performing well and eases your IBS. 

Alcohols, carbonated drinks and coffee etc are known as enhancers to IBS problems. Since these beverages require storing for long time, these contain preservatives that do harm your digestive system. So if you are diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), it is must that you say no to any of such drinks. Packaged food items like chips, biscuits etc also contain preservatives and hence you all packaged foods containing preservatives. Some of the fast food items also irritate your stomach as these contain fats and added sugars in rich quantity.

Fatty foodstuffs containing oil and fats and fried foods also do irritate your stomach, which further leads to cramp and pain in intestine. These foodstuffs enhance the symptoms of IBS.  So you have to avoid oily and fatty foods and prefer only good fats that may not cause problem in your digestive system.


Dark meat, red meat, eggs and different dairy products like milk, cheese and chocolates causes problem in you, if you are suffering with IBS. Try to avoid such stuffs, as these are heavy and uneasy to digest. If sometimes, you wish to eat any of such food, consume a very little quantity.  

So if you are suffering with IBS, analyze your diet pattern, watch your die content, and observe which food is good on your stomach. Only consume those foods, which do not cause any type of irritation and pain in your stomach. This will help you in eliminating your IBS and ultimately recovery from the problem.







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