IBS and Your Work

If you feel lack of concentration in your work and facing difficulty in performing, then this may be symptom of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). A working person affected with IBS often feel sick and thus takes more number of sick leaves that ultimately causes work related problems.

As a result of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), your relationship with other coworkers starts affecting. So if this is the case with you, try to learn, how to deal with other office colleagues, while suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Thus you will be more comfortable in your work and this will also give you more opportunities to recover from IBS.

One of the big questions is whether you let your office’s colleagues know that you are having IBS or not.  This decision is very crucial for you and this may affect your work and may sometime even pose deeper problems related to your work. You might have feelings that others may start seeing you differently and you also would not like if the problems will affect your work performance. But, if your IBS is posing danger to your work or job, it is very important to decide, whether you will let others know or not. Whether telling other people about your IBS in your work / office will work for good or not will completely depend on the environment in which you are working.
In your office or workplace, there you may find people, who will be supportive and will try to help you in solving your problem. While at times you may find either types of personalities, who may start seeing you differently. So, if second is the case, then it is in best favor of yours’ to not let people know, otherwise, it will affect your work and performance. There are so many people, who do not and cannot understand about IBS and this may pose danger of being dumped by those people.

However, there are several benefits of telling others about your IBS and sickness in your workplace. For example, if you need sick leaves, your HR and seniors will understand, why you need leaves and thus you will be able to get proper time off. People start supporting you in your work too, so you will not feel lonely and your come out from IBS will be easier.

But if you are in the wrong sphere, then revealing others about your problem will cause a lot of trouble. If your manager is not capable in understanding your problem or do not understand your problem, then he / she will expect you to perform as other members of your group perform. If there is office politics, then your employer may use your IBS as an excuse to not give you the benefits as others will get.

It is very important for you to know when to confess to your office staff about IBS and how the people will react after knowing your conditions.  However it is expected that some people will understand your IBS and some of them will help, while some others will react differently. You need to consider several aspects before disclosing your conditions in the work place.

Don’t loss hope, if you have told in your office and people are not understanding towards you. Do not complain, try to perform as well as you can and get the professional medical help. There are many more to support to you, may be your family, your friends, or some other person and after all you.

Yes, you are the best supporter of self, support yourself, try to analyze your digestive system and take healthy food that suits your digestive system, follow the medical prescriptions and you will come out of your IBS.

Always remember; *‘brownouts are not burnouts’, every problem of any sort has a solution, and so is your IBS.  

* The text in italics is quoted from R. Schuller book Tough time never lost, but tough people do.  



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