10 Travel Tips for IBS

Do you travel a lot for business trips or for getting pleasure? Are you suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? If yes, then certainly you will like to avoid the flares because of your sufferings. For the persons who are suffering with IBS including you, if unfortunately, you are the one, there are effective and helpful methodologies to monitor your IBS symptoms and keep your digestive system under your control.

The following 10 tips will be of great help to you, if you are suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome i.e. IBS.

1. Relax. Keep away yourself from irritable circumstances that make you tense. When you are tense the body releases stressors, which badly affects your digestive system. Do your packing few hours in advance. Arrive at airport, if you are to travel by plane in advance. This way you will be able to keep yourself away from loads of unnecessary tension.

2. Define your mode of travel. Sometime traveling in a car / bus is more comfortable rather than going by flight. If you have planned to travel by some airways, make sure to sit in aisle and closer to the rest room. This will give you feeling of being prepared and in more controlled. Ultimately, this will control your stress.

3. Know the available pit-stops. If you are using your car for a trip, then it is must to know about the different services stations that you might need on the way. It is also equally important to know, where you would be able to stop, if required. Knowing your pitfalls well in advance will keep you far from stress.

 4. Be prepared with lodging. When you goes outside your home state, it is also equally important to arrange for your lodging. Preferably book your accommodation in advance, so that you will not need to stroll here and there to check for a suitable accommodation. This will keep you away from a lot of stress.
5. Bring your medications. Carry your first aid and medicines etc, always with you while traveling. Carrying medicines will keep you away from a lot of stress and trouble if need arise and this is true for those as well, who are not suffering with any sickness like IBS. Many of the travelers prefer to travel with extra prescription bottle to keep in different areas, if fail to remember keeping in hand while traveling.

6. Know how to reach your doctor. Collect the information about medical centers and doctors available near highways and in the place you are going to. Keep your doctors’ number handy. This will keep you calm and cool and if need arise, then will be of great help.

7. Be prepared for refills. If your medicines finished, while traveling, arrange for it without delay. Keep the prescriptions of your physician with you. This will avoid a lot of trouble related to your health and will keep you away from stress. Many of the local drug stores will be ready to refill your bottle, when you will away from home.


8. Know what to expect overseas. If you are going abroad, must learn some language of the region. You will need to ask for your rest room, food and local transport etc, in the local language. Knowing a bit of regional language will help in easy roaming and keep you away from stress.

9. Bring the right kind of food. If you are suffering with IBS, then you already know, which food is right for you and which will irritate you.  It would be better, if you will carry the food bag containing food suitable for you, while traveling. And if you are planning to stay in the city for few more days, then must choose your food, which do not irritate your IBS symptoms.  


10. Think of the worst and prepare for the best. Identify your requirements while traveling. Take into account the fact that you have the essential to avert IBS and be ready for the necessary actions, if need arises. This will multiply the joy of your traveling
It is a common truth that a person suffering with IBS generally tends to avoid traveling. But you can easily say yes to travel by simply following these 10 travel tips.


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