3 Health Foods That are Deceiving You and Must be Avoided

You may not have time to sort and analyze the food that you eat. Surveys have revealed that most people today are choosing the food that they eat based on the taste, and not on the nutrients that it contains. Does it mean that if the food tastes good, it is equally good? Well, no! Even though you must have believed that some foods are particularly healthy, they are not so in reality. Here are three such foods such have been cleverly marketed as healthy. However, the truth is just the opposite.

• Glossy Granola – Most probably you think that granola bars are good, because they are always featured in the movies and advertisements as a mountaineer’s choice of snack. However, granola bars are dipped in sugary syrups, accompanied by some nuts and artificial ingredients. Apart from that, there is nothing in terms of nutrients that you can get from granola bars.

• Quickie tea – Tea is of course good, but is instant tea as good? You gain a lot of antioxidants when drinking brewed tea; however, instant tea is not the same as brewed tea. Instant tea contains added sugar. Research suggests that instant tea or bottled tea contains fewer antioxidants than brewed tea.

• Fruity promises – You might think that fruit flavored snacks are healthy because they contain fruits. You might see on the label that it contains vitals vitamins—but this is just as far as the advertisements propagate. You can see that the first ingredient listed is a fruit; however, this is only boiled down juices that are concentrated with sugar and lacks the nutrients that a real fruit contains. Furthermore, flavored snacks contain a lot of artificial additives and preservatives that can be harmful to your health.

Try and avoid these to the extent you can. Keep your food simple and try going in for natural stuff that are actually as good as they appear to be! Real fruits and veggies are the best options in terms of the healthy quotient. Never give them up for any of these popular foods.


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