For the Best Medical Treatments, Try Mexico!

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Chances are that you must have already noticed that there has been a significant increase in the number of people getting their medical treatments done in Mexico. From heart surgeries and cosmetic surgeries to dental, orthopaedic and weight loss treatments, people are looking at Mexico as a one-stop-solution to all their medical requirements. If you are wondering why Mexico is in the top list of everyone in need of good medical facilities, here are some of the reasons.

Reasons Why Mexico is Becoming a Preferred Medical Destination

• State of-the-art new hospitals are amongst the world’s best – The medical infrastructure in Mexico matches the best available medical facilities in the world.

• Low cost of high quality and reliable treatment – The treatment cost in Mexico is very less as compared to that of USA or Canada.

• Doctors with much more experience than those in USA –
Mexican doctors use more advanced procedures than their US counterparts. They are also known to have some of the most experienced and best surgeons in the world.

• Ease of travel for American and Canadian patients – Both road and air travel is made easy by high frequency of flights and short road distance.

A 2009 study by UCLA researchers and colleagues revealed that almost a million people from California alone go south of the border to seek medical care in Mexico each year. The above mentioned reasons are what make Mexico such a popular place for medical treatments.

While Going to Mexico for Medical Treatment, be mindful of:

• The change in climatic conditions. Give time to your body to adapt to the weather before starting with the treatment. You should be aware of what to eat and what to avoid.

• Your clothing should be according to the Mexican weather. Casual wear, along with sunglasses and sun protect lotions will be helpful to counter Mexican heat.

• Keep your travel and medical documents safe. Your passport and medical history papers are of great importance when in foreign land for a treatment.

• Nuevo Peso (N$) the Mexican currency should be carried along with US dollar, which can be exchanged in the banks or foreign exchange houses at stipulated times in the day.

• Though all the major credit cards are accepted for medical procedures in Mexico, make sure to inform your bank about using it to avoid any fraud while using it in Mexico.

• Be careful with your valuables, cash and jewellery while travelling in Mexico to avoid any thefts or steals.

• If travelling by road, make sure your travel and car insurance is approved and you are aware of the traffic rules of Mexico. You can drive a rented car also; given you have a valid driving license.

A number of medical tourism companies have tie-ups with good hospitals in Mexico and can be useful for anyone planning to visit Mexico for a medical treatment. These medical tourism companies offer great medical treatment packages at affordable prices. So, if you too are looking forward to an excellent medical treatment, do consider the option of making use of the world-class medical facilities available in Mexico!


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