A New Era In The World Of Prosthetics

Researchers in the field of medicine have unearthed so many wonders and facts that helped millions of people all around the globe in so many different aspects such as discoveries of drugs, invention of surgical procedures and investigative methods etc.

Today my article is based on this new research, which is a remarkable and amazing research that scientists conducted on a group of mice.

The basic theme of the research was to develop prostheses, which would enable us to move them through our thoughts. Scientists selected a group of mice and they put them in a glass box. The mice were taught that when they needed food, they were to press a lever through which a robotic arm would move towards an opening of a box through which they can have their food. It took a little time to educate mice to learn that behavior. During that time the scientists analyzed as to which parts of the brain were sending these signals to the robotic arm to press the lever so they could have their food.

The scientists after discovering the areas of the brain, which send the signal to the mice’s arm to move the lever, they then placed electrodes in those areas of the brain and trained the mice to think that the robotic arm brings the food to them and they don’t need to press the lever, they just have to think. Out of the group of mice on which these experiments were conducted, about 80 percent of them were able to move the robotic arm with their thoughts and 20 percent were still hitting the lever so that robotic arm brings them food.

This amazing research has opened the doors to build prostheses where we would just have to think and the arms and legs would move through the signals from our brain. I believe this discovery would help so many people all around the world in having a healthy, wonderful and prosperous life.

I hope this article would serve all the people who are really looking forward for the emergence of new discoveries in the world of prostheses to benefit from.


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