Air Conditioners Causing Obesity

Obesity is a worldwide problem and there are a lot of people who are falling victims to this problem. Generally speaking, people do not consider obesity as a problem, but it is a very big problem that gives rise to a lot of problems in the individuals. It is being noted that a lot of people just start to live with it rather than thinking that they should do something about it and they keep on gaining weight till they are obese and start to go through a lot of problems that are related to weight. It is being studied that there are about 30 percent of people in the US alone that are from the ages of 20 years and older, which makes the figures to go up to about 60 million individuals who are obese and these statistics are being provided by the National Center for Health Services. These figures are really alarming because this figure has risen to great numbers in the span of only about 20 years. The most alarming thing that is being seen is that about 13 percent of the individuals, which totals to about 9 million of individuals are young people who are from the ages of 6-19 who are considered to be overweight.

It is of a great concern that these numbers are not stopping there to where they are but they are constantly increasing with every tick of the clock. There are a lot of health conditions that are being related directly to the obesity that includes hypertension, dyslipidemia, which means increase in the levels of the total cholesterol and triglycerides, type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and respiratory problems, as well as cancers that include endometrial, breast cancer, prostate cancer, as well as colon cancers. It is considered as one of the goals that by the year 2010 that the prevalence of obesity that is among the adults must be less than about 15% and as of now if the situation is being seen closely, it is being seen that the situation of obesity is continuing to worsen where it should be taking a turn to improve.

There has been a recent research that was being conducted to understand as to whether the air conditioned environments during the hot summer days that keep all of us cool and comfortable are actually the ones that are getting us gain a lot of weight and there was a general question that was being asked on an open forum for all of us to think that whether these environments are really affecting us the way it is being perceived. It was being said that when the individuals are in a house where they are in a heating system or an air conditioner environment, our bodies just do not regulate the temperature, but it is that we regulate the temperatures around us. When we are not in an environment where there is heating system or the air conditioners our bodies tend to regulate the temperatures and when they do that, they spend the amount of energy from our body to do that and thus we utilize the fat in our body to perform that function. It is being said that it can be this factor that is causing a lot of population of America to go through the epidemic of obesity and obesity is something that is just a gateway to a lot of different health problems that are taking place in a lot of individuals and this needs to be controlled and this needs to be controlled on an urgent basis.

There are a lot of factors that can be contributing to the problem of obesity, which includes lack of exercise, eating unhealthy foods, and apart from these basic things the other factors that contribute to obesity are medications that cause obesity, sleep deprivation, quitting smoking etc. All these things cause obesity and apart from the medical conditions, rest of the things are such that we can control on our own and for that matter we should be very serious about controlling them because our health must matter to us. At this day and age when we have a lot of information on so many different things, we must know as to what are the different factors that are involved in our life that are causing us to gain such weight and what we can do to prevent that because it is we who should be taking a serious step to change our lives or else we are going to go on a path that is going to be really horrific for us in the years to come.

Apart from the factors that are being explained above, there are genetic factors that are also playing a part in them gaining weight, so it is really important that the healthy lifestyle must be something that is being adopted so that a lot of individuals are able to live a healthy life and others who are seeing them can adopt a positive lifestyle. There are a lot of physicians who said that it might not be the case that air conditioned environment plays an important role in causing a lot of people to be obese but it is what the people are eating and what are their lifestyles is what matters the most. They said that there are a lot of people who are living in an air conditioned environment and they are not gaining any weight because they are having healthy lifestyles where they eat properly and they are doing exercise on a regular basis and that is what is keeping them healthy.

So it can be said that the people who are living in an air conditioned environment and they are not eating a healthy diet, as well as they are not exercising are the ones who are at the extreme risk of getting obese and if that is not managed properly, then it is going to be an epidemic that sweeps up a lot of people throughout and it will increase the cost of managing the health issues at a very high budget and that is something that can be really disastrous for us all.

Another important thing that needs to be mentioned here is that it is not only one country that is suffering from the disaster of this problem but it is the entire world that is suffering from it and it should be a joint venture throughout the world in terms of controlling this disorder and that everyone should participate and take their responsibility to control this and rather than taunting the people who are suffering from diabetes, we should encourage the individuals who are obese so that they lose weight and are able to live a healthy life.


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