Are Antidepressants Leading To Increased Suicidal Risk?

Many people die every year and everyone who dies has a cause of death. Every year about 32,000 people in US die because of suicide. The reasons that make basis of death are just tidal waves swallowing people up and suicide is one of that waves.

There is a newly conducted research that suggests that antidepressants lead to suicides, even though in very small numbers, but still is a reason for that.

The scientists conducted a study on a drug taken by children, named, Strattera, which is a treatment given for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and this drug is very much like the drug Effexor, which contains the warnings about suicide. The study was conducted on 1,357 children who were given Strattera, and 5 out of 1357 children said that they had suicidal thoughts and on the other hand there were about 857 children who were given placebo and they said that they had no suicidal ideation.

These were very concerning results as this has been proven through the study that though the number of children who have suicidal thoughts is very less, but still they make about five people who might lead to connect to the number of 32,000 people who commit suicide every year. This is a very alarming situation.

On the other hand it is very common in adults having suicidal thoughts, almost 20% of adults who are going to high school have suicidal thoughts.

The statistics that are pretty encouraging is that the rate of the suicide has dropped from 25% to about 19%.

Some of the researchers say that antidepressants are preventing the risk of suicidal rates, and they base their facts that they did autopsy on two youths who had committed suicide but they never found any trace of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) in their body, which strongly suggests that antidepressants are not linked with suicides.

So it really depends on the effects of the drug on a person to make a decision as to whether or not these drugs should be taken or not because the study suggests that some children who take SSRIs do become hostile after taking these medicines.

So if you need to take these medicines, be in very close contact with your physician.

I hope you will make the right choice.

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