Be Careful Feeding Children

The most beautiful gift that God gives to parents is a child that gives them a feeling of completeness. We just love the feeling of being a parent and we think that we are going to give everything that we can to our kids. We set their room and buy them gifts and plan for their education and future. Since we care so much for them we do overlook on a lot of things. This article is solely based on educating the parents on an issue that is hurting most of the children since they are very young and the parents do not even know about it at all. In this article we are going to talk about a chemical known as Bisphenol, which was first synthesized in 1891 as a synthetic compound. Around the year 1931 the scientists were looking for synthetic compounds of estrogen and it was at that time there was another compound that was found known as diethylstilbestrol, which was recognized as a synthetic estrogen and was classified as one. The synthetic compound Bisphenol was not listed as a synthetic estrogen.

The major use of Bisphenol is in the industry of plastics as well as the epoxy resins. These polycarbonates known as Bisphenol are used in the manufacturing of sunglasses, CDs, water containers, food containers and the feeding bottles for babies. They are also used in the filling for the dental procedures, as well as the containers in which the food is canned. The chemical Bisphenol just seeps down from the plastic containers that are cleaned and are used again. When the blood is being tested of individuals in the developed countries there are low levels of Bisphenol, which are present. Now what we have to see is that what Bisphenol does to our kids who are taking their feeds from the bottles. The Bisphenol can activate the estrogen receptors that can cause a trigger in the body of the effects that are similar to the estrogens. This means that when you are giving your children the feeding from the feeding bottles you can clearly say that you are giving them an estrogen pill.

There was a study conducted in the 1930s in which this synthetic compound was given to the rats whose ovaries had been removed and in them there were effects of estrogen activity seen after the administration of this compound. There were disrupting effects on the hormones that were seen in the individuals who were getting these chemicals in their diet through canned foods etc. It was also found that these compounds can also cause health related problems in men such as decreasing their sperm count as well as causing infertility. One of the strange facts that are there is that the plastic industry itself says that these compounds are not harmful to people through on the other hand there are evidences that these compounds are harmful to the individuals.

There had been studies that were conducted on and off on the compound, in some of the studies there was not the controller environment used to render the exact analysis, in some there were rats used that were extremely insensitive to estrogens, thus it was all confusing for the people who had the knowledge about this compound but then they were not sure whether it did have any negative effect or not. Thus the people continued to use the canned stuff and fed their kids with the bottles not being sure whether it was safe or not. The group of scientists who were working on finding the effects of individuals determined that even if the levels of the Bisphenol were very low they can still disrupt the development of the brain of the rat fetus. Therefore the researchers concluded that this chemical is really very harmful for the individuals and especially the kids. These scientists have been trying to make their point that there should be a ban on the use of the compound in any food cans so that the people are not using them at all and are prevented to suffer from any health hazards.

I think the governments throughout the world must take an action on this and conduct more researches so that they can take solid steps in banning this compound anywhere throughout the world and if any such use of the chemicals is being made anywhere then there should be laws to deal with such violation. I want all the people throughout the world to take a serious note of this thing and they should be careful about what they are eating and as to what they are giving to their children so that they can make sure that nothing of such is being ingested by them or their children. I hope you all are going to take good care of yourself and your family and I hope that my article has brought you to light of this fact.


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