Birth Control Pills Suppress Sex Drive

According to a new research, the birth control pills may suppress the sex drives of women who are on birth control pills for a long duration of time. This fact has been stated in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

It has been an established fact that birth control pills have been known to alter libido in women. The researchers have found the way that these birth control pills affect the sex drive, they say that these pills can change the level of the proteins in the blood that are responsible for the libido for a longer period of time even after the women have stopped using the birth control pills.

The researchers have collected data and they have found very astonishing results. There are a total of about one hundred million women who are using birth control pills, which they are using either for birth control pills, hormonal imbalances or menstrual irregularities. It has also been found out that there are about 80 percent of American women who were born after 1945 have taken the birth control pill.

The researchers have also pointed out that the data of suppressed sex drive has been taken from the clinic where women with sexual dysfunction were treated and this data was collected on about 124 women who were surveyed. So the researchers mentioned that the women should not get panic after reading this data.

There are a lot of reasons of sexual dysfunction. It can be due to stress, medicines taken during treatments, sleep deprivation, alcohol, illicit drug usage etc. So there are a lot of reasons for loss of libido and one should not only consider that they are having loss of libido because they have used the birth control pills. Sexual dysfunction is also related to the psychological condition of a person. For example, if a person is depressed, there would be loss of libido.

Let us discuss as how the birth control pills prevent pregnancy. The birth control pills prevent pregnancy by changing the reproductive hormones of the women, they also bear effect on the sex-hormone binding globulin, which is a protein that suppress testosterone. It is of note that women, whose testosterone levels are suppressed, suffer a loss in libido. It has also been found that the women who are on birth control pill have very high levels of serum hormone binding globulin that binds up with the testosterone and in turn suppresses it than the women who are not on any birth control pills.

This study is still under process and there are a whole lot of things that need to be sorted out and debated so that things could be said with greater authenticity. So the researchers have been mentioning it loud that there is no need to panic.

There are also a lot of women who have not used birth control pills but they suffer from sexual dysfunction, therefore one must not consider the above stated under process research as the last word.

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