Cancer Killers

Cancer is known to be a big scare for a lot of people throughout the world and a lot of people are being diagnosed with the different forms of cancer. When a person is diagnosed with cancer the first thing that comes into mind is death because one just thinks that the cancer has accounted for the lives of so many people throughout the world and that they do not know whether this cancer is going to let them live or will they die. There are many different forms of cancer that are being diagnosed. You can very easily say that as many organ systems we have in our body that all of them are affected with cancer. Now with the advancement of the medical sciences it is being found that we can battle the cancer. There are new drugs and regimens that are now present in the market and that there are a lot of researches going on that are just moving in the direction of finding better regimens and better therapies to treat the cancer.

Since there are new researches that are going on there is a lot of hope out there for the people who are suffering from cancer. At the point in time when these therapies were not found there were a lot of people who had been losing their battle against cancer and they had no resort to turn to except to accept that they are going to die no matter what. The word cancer has been a big threat to a lot of people throughout the world but now the advancements and research there has been a lot of hope that is out there for the people to rely on and they can now find complete cure from the cancer. The purpose of writing this article is to tell you about a new research that the scientists had been working on and have found really good results from that. In this research the scientists have been able to genetically change a patient’s cell to fight the cancer.

This was the type of treatment for the cancer that the scientists had been looking for quite some time. It is really remarkable that if we think for a moment that our own cell from our body that is going to fight the cancer and that one would not have to go through the chemotherapy or other toxic regimens. This research is really amazing and really a huge breakthrough for the people who had been trying to find a way to get out of the clutches of this treacherous disease. This treatment so far has cured two patients completely where they do not have any cancer cells in them at all. The patients who received this therapy were the ones who were suffering from melanoma, which is a skin cancer and can be malignant, which means that it can spread to other parts of the body. The patients who had been cured from melanoma were the ones who had the metastasis throughout the body and it is impossible to get such people back from this state to the state where they are totally cured of their cancer.

The scientists are hoping that this breakthrough can make a huge change in treating the other different forms of cancers which are malignant and that can spread to the different organ systems of the body. This research can really give a big chance of life to the people who have been going through such horrendous disease. These people can have a new life and can have a ray of light that is hope for them so that they are able to come out of the darkness that they had been living in.

The researchers have found out that there were a few white cells in the body that were really active and aggressive in fighting off the cancer cells. The scientists have said that it is unfortunate that the body does not produce more of the cells that fight the cancer the way that they do and this just makes the cancer cells an environment where they just spread throughout the body and do not find the resistance of the kind that those few white cells give. The answer to this problem was that the scientists thought of growing such cells in a lab and then placing these cells back inside the body so that they fight the tumor in a good number. The researchers also pointed out that there are people who do not have those white cells at all that fight the cancer the way that those specific white cells do that are present in certain individuals. What the researchers did was that they took the white cells from the body of the individuals who are going through the melanoma and turned them into the fighting cells to combat cancer cells.

The basic key of making the white cells work that way was in the genetic sequence of the cell itself. So the researchers infected the cell with a virus and then they this causes a change in the genetic sequence and these genes are then incorporated in the healthy white cells that are being taken from the patients who are suffering from the cancer. When these white cells are placed back into the body and that they then make a specialize protein that finds the cancer cells and destroys them. The study that the researchers conducted on the 17 patients with melanoma, there were about 15 men who did not have any improvement in their melanoma condition but on the other hand there were about two men who said that they were seeing a lot of change in their well being. These studies are still in the initial phases but they are the future of treating the different cancers. Hopefully in the coming years we would see cells shelved up of specific cancers. You just have to take a pill or inject yourself with that cell pack and those cells start to fight against the cancer and cure the individual completely of the cancer that they are suffering from.


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