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Top 3 Treatment Options for Colon Cancer

The cells in your body follow a regular pattern where they grow, divide and then die in a predictable fashion. When some of these cells start showing irregular patterns in their function that is when they are said to be cancerous. These cancerous cells may develop in your colon without your knowledge.

Colon Cancer has no proper symptoms, but if you notice that you are suffering from massive weight loss, fatigue and loose stool, you should go for a cancer screening. If your doctor says that you are suffering from colon cancer, here are the three types of treatments that are most likely to be recommended by your doctor:

1. Surgery

Surgery is one of the easiest ways to remove the cancerous growth in your colon, but this is usually performed only when the cancer has been detected in the first stage. In this stage, the doctor can easily remove the tumour by performing a colonoscopy. However, if your cancer is detected at a later stage there are two types of procedures that are followed:

• Surgical Resection

In this process the doctor will make a small incision in your abdomen, remove the tumour from your colon and then connect the dissected colon so that it becomes a single unit again.

• Ostomy

This surgery creates a detour for your intestines. Waste in your body travels through the colon and into the rectum, and they are finally discharged through the anus. Ostomy, bypasses the rectum, where the waste moves through the intestine into the abdomen and discharged into a pouch placed outside the body. This pouch may be temporary; to enable the body to heal after the cancerous cells have been removed or it may be permanent in some cases.

2. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy literally means, chemical therapy, where certain chemicals are administered into your body to prevent the cells from dividing rapidly and to destroy the cells that are cancerous.

Chemotherapy is said to cause hair loss and this is because the good cells that create new hair take a beating when chemicals are used in order to eliminate the bad ones from your system. Chemotherapy is recommended to people suffering from stage 3 and stage 4 of colon cancer.

3. Radiation

You know that radiation is a powerful source of energy that is harmful for the body. You have often heard about harmful radiation from the sun, atomic bombs and even microwave. You are always asked to protect yourself from these. Colon cancer treatment through radiation follows on these lines. The cancerous cells in your colon and exposed to harmful radiations so that they can be destroyed by them. The radiation that you face during your treatment is not good for your body, but this is something that you must take. There are many patients who insist on chemotherapy instead of radiation because of its harmful nature.

These three kinds of colon cancer treatments will be helpful in eliminating the cancerous cells from your body for a full recovery.


Importance of Insurance For a Salary Class People

The chief reason and cause of concern for each and every salaried or remunerated public is that their whole family is dependent on his particular earnings. People who are simple earning person in the family have greater responsibility of the future of his family. Therefore at this stage the role of insurance becomes very important. The profits defense and life insurance as well health Insurance have great benefits for a salary class personnel. Each and every human being aspires to safe guard their esteemed ones from all types of risks and uncertainties in the up coming future. The truth is that the short of cash and frequent money can cause to a set of problems if there is no insurance being purchased at the correct time. Maintaining all these things in intellect common individuals obtain life insurance. The most important benefit of getting this policy is to receive of a fixed amount of money after a fixed time period or the death of the beneficiary’s family.

But now a situation anywhere an individual is not capable to perform his monetary activities due to of any unexpected sickness can be helped through the insurance company if the person has bought this policy. This type of insurance policy is called income protection. The basic principle involved in the functioning of income protection is the utilization of a monetary help when the person involved in the functioning of the business activities is not well or suffering from an illness.


Save Much With Cheap Health Insurance Quotes

One would easily pay a lesser amount for the proper coverage he/she gets and make use of the correct recommendations. On the contrary, if the person gets a wrong advice, the degree of coverage would be comprised, even though he/she can make large savings. Here are some of the tips which help in making the individual maintain enough coverage and save a lot.

The rates could be very well lowered if one stops consuming alcohol. This is because drinking raises the health risk. However, it is known that heavy drinking is traced from many of the health conditions. One could get the help from several organizations which helps in stopping the consumption of alcohol. Moreover, it could be noticed that co-pay would cost higher than the cost of drug sometimes. During such period, it would be wise to remit for a prescription without utilizing the health insurance quotes. This instance readily helps in saving more by opting the ways which offers huge savings.

Yet other alternative for reducing the rate is to become a member of health expense sharing plan in groups. It is a plan in which health insurance coverage are jointly offered by set of people by themselves. As they are found in large associations, one could spot out a group that satisfies the requirement in getting coverage at lower rate. The options should be considered such that it suits the best of the interests and not depending on the various health needs as persons.

One shouldn’t be shortchanged in lesser prices while shopping for health insurance at low cost. Though a cheap rate is preferred, the value of it should not be compromised. It is possible to obtain lower quotes if the person is efficient in shopping. Also, higher price needs to be paid if a right coverage is to be purchased. However, one could save many dollars by seeing five quotes sites at the minimum as this would result in 25 quotes in total to choose the best of them.


Bionic Humans

The technology is advancing at a very rapid pace every single day. There are a lot of new wonders that you can see are being brought up in terms of research that is being conducted on the different things to either suggest a best approach in life towards living a healthy life, effects of supplements on our body, what is best for men to prevent the prostate cancer etc. and now there is a new research that is focusing on the fact as to how the different people who go through the process of amputation are able to get their lives back through this new process where the technology can now turn the humans into the bionic beings.

Before we proceed onto how the technology has equipped the humans to be bionic beings, I would really like to highlight certain facts regarding the amputations that are being done throughout the United States so that we all know as to how many people each year go through amputation and how their lives are being turned upside down where they are not their normal self no more, but they just show faith in them and live their life at the best. It is being estimated that there are approximately 1.8 million people in the United States alone who have gone through the process of amputation. Another statistic that was very shocking and highlighted as to the number of amputees was that there is about one amputee in about 200 individuals in the United States.
There are a lot of amputations that occur each year due to a lot of different reasons. The amputations occur because of the vascular problems in which there is blockage of the artery and that lead to the necrosis of the tissue and for that matter the limb or the digit needs to be amputated. There is another very common illness known as the diabetes, which results in a lot of vascular issues where the infection spreads at a very fast rate and this then leads to the development of a necrosis and damages the vessels in that specific digit that it affects and the blood supply to that specific digit is being compromised and then that digit has to be amputated so as to prevent that necrosis from spreading to the adjacent digits and tissue. It is also been mentioned in the statistics that the amputations that are being done due to the vascular lesions are known as dysvascular amputations and the amputations that are being done due to the vascular reasons are on the rise as compared to the amputations that are being done due to the trauma or accidents.

The people who go through the amputations are the ones who are just going through a lot of stress in their lives. For example if a person whose living depended on the fact that he has to lift loads on his back or has to walk around to perform his job is now no longer being able to perform his job and that is not going to take a toll on him but he and his entire family is going to go through a huge financial crunch. This is only the bare minimum that I have said here. We just cannot understand an individual who is going through the loss of a limb or a digit because these people are not themselves any more and that they are going through a complete new life that they have never thought of living before and this is so depressing for them because they cannot walk, cannot move without assistance and then they go through all the learning processes where they learn as to how to manage different things in their lives on their own.
These individuals who go through amputation need a lot of support from all of us to make their lives better and to be working again and that they just lose themselves at such a rapid pace that they just fall totally apart. They just do not know as to what to do now and that they need love and affection and comfort and support from the people who are around them. I think that we just cannot feel their pain that they are going through, but I also believe that we should tell them that this is not something that they need sympathy for because they are complete individuals and that they can do whatever they want to do, they just have to have the will to do the things that they want to. We just need to accept them with open arms and love them and feel them and this article is based on giving them hope that there are researches that are going on in which a lot of the work is being done on the prostheses that these people can have and really function as they have never lost a limb.

There is a team of British scientists who have worked on bionic prostheses and they have just worked really well in overcoming a problem where the prostheses that were made earlier were constantly rubbing on the skin and then they were causing the skin to erode and cause infection of the skin. This was causing a lot of disappointment among the people who were using the prostheses because rather than things becoming better for them, things were becoming more difficult every single day. Now the scientists have made the prostheses that are made up of metal and that they can now bind to the skin without causing any infection and has improved the quality of the bionic limbs that will be fixed for these individuals.
The prostheses that have been built by these researchers were being tried on a group of patients whose limbs and digits have been amputated and the results that these prostheses have shown were really good. This technology that is being used is known as the intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthesis, which is also known as the ITAP. The best part of these bionic limbs is that these limbs can be directly attached to the individual’s central nervous system and that the individual can take complete control of these limbs in a matter of five years. For us it has been science fiction where we can see the live tissue growing around the metal and that this not science fiction any more, it is a real life fact.

In this technique, there is involvement of the metal implant that is being loosely attached to the bone that is protruding through the skin and the skin just forms a seal around it. The researchers got the hold of growing the skin around the metal prostheses by observing as to how the skin moulds grow around the deers’ antlers. Through research the scientists have been able to develop a technology that is going to give a life to the millions of people who are suffering from the aftermath of amputations and that their life is something that will be changed for the best because then these individuals will be able to perform all their activities and would not feel that they have lost the limb because we learnt to live with our limbs and learnt as to how we can make them function and after amputation and plugging in of these prostheses these individuals will be able to learn as to how to make the best out of these bionic limbs and that it is just a matter of time that these people would learn as to how they can make things work for themselves.

It is through these techniques that these researchers are able to achieve a way where a prosthetic limb can be attached directly to the skeleton of the patient and that even though the skin is breached but there is no infection caused by it and that the invention of these bionic limbs have reduced the medical costs and a lot of inconvenience that was being caused by the conventional prostheses where these individuals would have to go repeatedly to get these prostheses fixed and also to get the medication in order to treat the infections and the pain that they are suffering through by the use of the prosthetic limbs. There is also a lot of problems with the pressure sores, as well as the surgical procedures that are being done to take care of the aftermath of these prostheses.

Now the researchers after having a big breakthrough in the fixation of the bionic limbs and digits, are now focusing on the attachment of the bionic limbs to the central nervous system with the help of the electrodes where the bionic limbs would just act on the desire to move that limb and that limb would move with the specific strength and in the specific direction that is being required and then this would make that limb a complete bionic limb. There have been researches that have been carried out in the United States but they did not make much progress because there were a lot of problems that were going on with regards to prevent the infection that was occurring because of the contact of the skin with the metal.
It is really striking to know that there are about 250,000 people in the United States and the Europe who undergo amputation every year and with this technology, there would be about 30 percent of the people who are going to find a new life coming their way and with no complications at all.


Infertility & Acupuncture

There are a lot of people throughout the world who are suffering from the problems of infertility. This problem of not being able to achieve pregnancy and become parents become a whole lot stressful to the parents and that is something that they have to go through day in and day out. The couple also goes through a lot of psychological issues that need to be addressed.

At this day and age, there are a lot of different therapies that are being offered to the couples and these couples then go through these therapeutic processes with either a successful or a failure in attempt of getting pregnant and this just leads to a great deal of stress that they have to go through at those times.

Among many other therapies that are being offered, one of those therapies is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a Chinese mode of treatment in which the therapists believe that the disease process arises because of the fact that there is a restriction of flow in the energy in a specific portion of a body that leads to the problems in the different organs and thus gives rise to the different disease processes.

It is being said that this Chinese method, Acupuncture, is said to work even where the modern medicine fails to help. In acupuncture, there are needles that are being inserted into the different points of the body and that allows the energy to flow without any obstruction at any point.

There are a lot of reasons for infertility and when you go to an acupuncture specialist, you must state as to what are the different reasons to which the infertility is related such as low sperm count, polycystic ovarian syndrome, miscarriage problems, problem with ovulation or blockage of the fallopian tubes, acupuncture has the remedy for all of these problems.

Acupuncture is also used as an alternative treatment. People use acupuncture when they have burnt all other modes of treatment without any effective results. People who cannot afford the costly methods can also use the acupuncture therapy as a mode of treatment. Acupuncture is also considered as a safe and reliable treatment that can provide very fast and effective way to treat the problem of infertility. In treating infertility through acupuncture, it involves the pricking of needles in the eyebrows, earlobes, eyelids, ears and fingertips. The patient is then set to relax for about 35 to 40 minutes when the needles are being pricked and acupuncture guarantees a complete cure in just 3-4 regular sessions of acupuncture.

Along with using the acupuncture, there are also adjuncts of herbal therapy that are being used. The Chinese herbal medicines include Hachimijiogan, which is a Chinese herb whose function is to reduce the levels of the serum prolactin level and this then results in the normal ovulatory cycle and then pregnancy.

This mode of treating infertility must be used by the couples who are suffering from its aftermath and who want to achieve pregnancy and thus can start their life as parents and are able to get themselves out from a state of severe depression. I believe that this mode of treatment holds great benefits for you and you must check this out, may be as your last resort and do not ever lose hope because hope is what keeps the life going in the right and a positive direction. Best of Luck.


High Blood Pressure And Acupuncture

High blood pressure is a very serious condition, which occurs because of a lot of different medical conditions, which causes a rise in the pressure of blood. The rise in blood pressure occurs in various conditions, which include diabetes, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, heart valve problems, pulmonary problems, anxiety, etc. The blood pressure is a condition that requires prompt treatment because increased hypertension is an emergency.

The patients who are suffering from increased hypertension get immediate treatment in the emergency room in order to prevent the serious conditions from arising. There are a lot of medications that are available to treat the hypertension on a chronic basis so as to keep it within a normal range.

Since the medications are being taken to maintain a normal blood pressure, there is another alternative way so as to control the blood pressure, which is acupuncture. Acupuncture is an old Chinese way to treat a lot of different medical conditions and it promises to treat the problem of high blood pressure as well.

What exactly happens in blood pressure is that it exerts excessive pressure on the walls of the arteries and thus this damages the walls of the arteries and leads to arteriosclerosis, which is hardening of the arteries.

It is really important for us to understand as to what are the different symptoms that occur because of hypertension and its effects on the human beings. The side effects include flushing of the face, dizziness, nervousness, severe headaches, restlessness, breathing difficulty, inability to sleep. An individual is said to be suffering from hypertension when they have a continued rise in blood pressure consecutively for about three days.

The acupuncture therapy is used to lower the blood pressure. The question arises in minds is that whether this therapy is good to lower the blood pressure than the conventional therapies. In my opinion the acupuncture therapy is better than the blood pressure medication because the medications have side effects but the acupuncture therapy has no side effects. The most common side effect that one suffers from the medications is that of the low blood pressure because when these medications are taken then these blood pressure medications cause lowering of the blood pressure, then when the blood pressure goes down significantly then the physicians adjust these medicines to bring the blood pressure in the normal range and then these medications are taken at the adjusted dosages.

Some of the common side effects of the blood pressure medicines include headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, tiredness, weakness, drowsiness, lethargy, diarrhea, constipation, weight loss, weight gain, nervousness, increased anxiety, chest pains, palpitations, arrhythmia, cough, congestion, upper respiratory tract infections, skin rash etc.

The way the acupuncture works is that the needles are being that are inserted on the inside of the forearm just above the wrist and along with the insertion of these needles, there is electrical stimulation that is being done, which causes the reduction in the blood pressure.

In order to see the mechanism of action of this therapy is that when the needles are inserted and the electrical stimulation runs through them, this causes the release of the opioid chemicals in the brain and in the brain and thus reduces the excitatory responses, which results in an eventual decrease in the activity of the heart and the need of the increased oxygen levels, which thus reduces the blood pressure to a significant extent.

Along with this therapy, there are different herbs that are being used to lower the blood pressure, which includes Gastrodia Rhizome, Prunella, etc. to reduce the high blood pressure in order to produce better results to lower the blood pressure.

Along with the insertion of the needles, another method that is being used includes pressing of the skin at the back of hand and between the thumb and the index finger.

This is a proven method to lower the blood pressure and has caused improvement in the heightened blood pressure in a lot of individuals.



Hypnosis is an increased state of concentration; it is no different than an individual reading a book with a great deal of concentration that he or she has no knowledge of what is going on in their surrounding. It can also be mentioned as an intense receptive concentration.

Hypnotherapy is being used to modify different behaviors, overcome the phobias and the habits that the individual wants to get rid of to improve their life. Hypnosis can just bring about miracles in your life that you could have not thought about. It is a gateway to the life you desire full of peace and tranquility with a much better control of yourself, where you are the in charge of your life and you know how to accomplish the different goals and tasks.

To make things easy to understand, lets say that our mind has two different levels, one is the superficial level known as the conscious part and the other deeper part of our mind is known as the subconscious. Our conscious is what holds the information for a very brief period of time and then that information just seeps down to the deeper level of our mind known as the subconscious one, just like water being absorbed by the earth surface that goes underground.

The information just seeps down to the greater part of our mind, which is the subconscious. Now the information that seeps down in our mind just makes our mind set in different patterns of behavior and this then affect our life. Therefore it is really very important for us to understand that we resolve the issues that are unsettled in our conscious part because if we let them seep in our subconscious, they are going to arise again and again and this will distort the thoughts and the mind patterns and will just lead an individual to go through the different conflicts.

There is a gate between the conscious and the subconscious mind known as the critical factor. This guardian knows as to what is right and what is wrong and analyzes the different thoughts against the values and beliefs of an individual and does not let the thoughts pass through that are against the values.

Hypnosis is a way to reprogram our minds on the different things that we need a change in. The example for that would be that if a person is a compulsive eater, then he has developed a behavior that needs to be corrected. This behavior can be corrected through hypnosis and not only this, there are a lot of other things where the mind can be reprogrammed and the individual can get rid of the problems that they are facing in their day to day lives that is keeping them from achieving their goals that they want to and excel in their lives.

You would be amazed that everyone has been through hypnosis at any point in their lives, and all what one requires for hypnosis is focus, motivation and the will to get hypnotized so that they are able to fix the problems that they are going through in their every day life to improve and better their life for good.

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Cure For Baldness

Baldness is a problem that raises concern in both the male and the female circles. There are a lot of different remedies that are being proposed to individuals who are suffering from baldness. The therapeutic options include homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbal therapy, acupuncture and dietary therapy, as well as hair implantation therapy.

The homeopathic approach is considered a safe mode with which one can prevent suffering from the side effects of the medicines. Homeopathy just uses the natural route that contains the use of the organic substances such as fluoric acid, lycopodium, kali carbonicum, kali sulphuricum, natrum mur, phosphorus, selenium and tissue salts that are used according to the diagnosis of the condition. It must be known that the approach of the homeopathy is a very slow route and is something that cannot be used by someone on its own but rather is an approach that is being done by the professionals in which there is the use of accurate dilution ratios.

The aromatherapy is said to have beneficial effects in people who are suffering from baldness, but this is a very small circle that has got the benefits from aromatherapy. The oils that are used to treat baldness includes the oils that are being extracted from the bay, cedar wood, grapefruit, the jojoba oil, lavender, rosemary, thyme etc. It is being said that these oils when applied on the scalp can arrest hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

There are herbal therapies that are said to benefit people who are suffering from baldness, the herbal products that are said to benefit baldness that include aloe, arnica, brahmi and mulberries. The professionals who work in herbal related therapies include the ancient Indian discipline known as Ayurveda that includes massaging as well as ingestion of the herbal therapies.

Another very important aspect of treating the baldness is dietary modification in which the diet patterns are adjusted, which allows the individuals to have improved dietary intake, which results in prevention of hair loss. The diet that helps in providing cure for the baldness includes the foods that are rich in minerals, which include silica, iron, as well as calcium and zinc.

Another mode of therapy that helps in providing a cure for the baldness includes acupuncture and acupressure. The professionals of this discipline believe that the baldness is directly related to the blood purity and also on the basis of the health of the organs, as well as the sexual health. There are a lot of people who belong to this profession and are providing help to a lot of individuals in this regard. If you want to know more about the therapy offered by this discipline, you must contact with the professionals to help you understand the discipline.

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Basics About Thrush And Its Treatment At Home

The fungi that are responsible for thrust are known as Candida albicans. The thrush is also known as yeast infection or candidiasis. This is not a serious disease that would cause disability, but the people who suffer from the thrush call it a very painful condition. The best thing that can be done when an individual is suffering from thrush is that they go and visit the doctor and get themselves treated for thrush, but apart from getting oneself treated by a doctor, there are other remedies as well for thrust that can be done at home. In this article we are going to list the different things one by one so that you are able to learn all the different aspects of how to treat thrush at home.

1. The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is that you must clean the area out thoroughly with plain water. You must not use soaps, shower gels as these products can worsen the infection. You must make sure that the area that is affected should be clean and dry as the dampness just aggravates the situation more.

2. You should use lubricants or spermicidal creams on the areas that are affected with thrush, as the condition can get a whole lot worse than expected.

3. You must never use the synthetic fibers or materials, as these will affect the area adversely and will deteriorate the condition more.

4. Another pretty important fact that we all must know is that stress triggers thrush and we should learn the strategies through which we can reduce the level of stress that we are going through so that way we can reduce the chances of having thrush.

5. There is a very effective remedy for thrush known as melaleuca oil, which can be bought at the herbal stores.

6. Another product that works pretty effectively for the problem with thrush is aloe vera gel that can be bought from the herbal stores by applying it to the affected areas.

7. You must avoid using oral contraceptives and broad spectrum antibiotics so that the problem of thrush does not get aggravated.

8. The individuals that suffer from iron deficiency anemia and diabetes are the ones who are more prone to get thrush. If anyone is suffering from any of these diseases, they must know that they need to be very careful that they can get thrush.

9. You can apply yogurt to the affected areas of thrush, as it will soothe the skin down and will prevent the inflammation from occurring.

10 You must avoid dried fruits and the products that are made with yeast, vegetables that are pickled, smoked foods etc. You can avoid the above said foods and then see as to what are the other foods that aggravate your situation and then when you find the different foods that are triggering thrush, you can eliminate them from your diet.

11. The supplements that can help you fight against the thrush are Probiotic supplements, which are the ones who support the fungi of the normal flora.

The bottom line is that the home remedies will help you treat the thrush, but if you are unable to get it under control, you must get immediate attention from your doctor on this matter and get this problem looked at.


Garlic – Miraculous For Health


There are many natural food substances that have gained the reputation of providing a lot of benefits to humans, among them is garlic, which is used as medicinal purposes even by the physicians.

Medicinal Action and Uses

Introduction: There are a lot of medicinal uses of garlic that will be listed in the following paragraphs:

Effective Remedy For Disorders: The effective remedy for the different clinical conditions include skin disorders, erectile dysfunction, low libido, improving memory, improving the complexion of skin, strengthens the bones and joints, improving the digestion and bowel movement, as well as useful for cardiac diseases.

Antibiotic Properties Of Garlic: Apart from having such wonderful medicinal properties as mentioned above for the different medical conditions, the garlic also holds the antibiotic properties and is also known as the nature’s antibiotic. It is also very effective against the yeast, viral and fungal infections. The garlic is also known to be effective against anthrax.

Garlic Used As An Expectorant: Garlic is also used and known for its expectorant properties. It is also being used for the patients who are suffering from asthma and helps improve the health of the lungs. Garlic is also used very effectively in whooping cough.

Garlic Reduces Cholesterol: Garlic is considered to be a marvel for the patients who are suffering from the cardiovascular diseases. It works on lowering the cholesterol level as well as triglycerides. Apart from that, it also inhibits the sticking of the platelets together, which decreases the coagulation phenomena. Another very good function of it is that it works to lower down the blood pressure and also has the anti-oxidative properties.

Garlic Lowers Down Blood Pressure: Garlic just decreases the pressure off of the small arteries and lowers the blood pressure.

Garlic Works For Digestive Disorders: Garlic has the potential of improving the peristaltic movement of the digestive system and enhances the secretion of the digestive juices. It also improves the infection of the intestines and helps to remove the intestinal worms.

Garlic Functions As An Antiinflammatory: Since garlic has the antiinflammatory properties, it helps to improve the migrainous conditions, as well as working at best for the arthritis and the other inflammatory conditions of the body.

Garlic Protects From Skin Disorders: Garlic just detoxifies the blood and helps reduce the minor skin infections.

Garlic Fights Against Cancer: The studies that have been conducted to see whether the garlic works on reducing the risk of cancer and it has been seen that it works effectively on reducing the formation of carcinogenic compounds and hence reduces the risk of esophageal, colon and stomach cancer.

Garlic Is An Effective Remedy For Erectile Dysfunction: This is another very important property that garlic possesses and helps improve libido and erectile dysfunction. It improves the blood circulation to improve the erection. An enzyme known as nitric oxide synthase, which is responsible to stimulate the production of erection is being produced in more quantities because of garlic.

Role Of Garlic In Pregnancy: In pregnancy the women go through increased hypertension and this condition is known as pre-eclampsia. There have been studies that have shown that garlic eases off the blood pressure in the pregnant women.

Role Of Garlic In Herpes: Garlic is also known to be helpful in treating genital herpes and also reduces the risk of outbreak herpes outbreak.


Garlic can be a very helpful companion in a person’s life, which can help prevent a lot of medical problems and thus will ensure a healthy life overall, which will then impact positively on the mental and emotional well being.

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