High Blood Pressure And Acupuncture

High blood pressure is a very serious condition, which occurs because of a lot of different medical conditions, which causes a rise in the pressure of blood. The rise in blood pressure occurs in various conditions, which include diabetes, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, heart valve problems, pulmonary problems, anxiety, etc. The blood pressure is a condition that requires prompt treatment because increased hypertension is an emergency.

The patients who are suffering from increased hypertension get immediate treatment in the emergency room in order to prevent the serious conditions from arising. There are a lot of medications that are available to treat the hypertension on a chronic basis so as to keep it within a normal range.

Since the medications are being taken to maintain a normal blood pressure, there is another alternative way so as to control the blood pressure, which is acupuncture. Acupuncture is an old Chinese way to treat a lot of different medical conditions and it promises to treat the problem of high blood pressure as well.

What exactly happens in blood pressure is that it exerts excessive pressure on the walls of the arteries and thus this damages the walls of the arteries and leads to arteriosclerosis, which is hardening of the arteries.

It is really important for us to understand as to what are the different symptoms that occur because of hypertension and its effects on the human beings. The side effects include flushing of the face, dizziness, nervousness, severe headaches, restlessness, breathing difficulty, inability to sleep. An individual is said to be suffering from hypertension when they have a continued rise in blood pressure consecutively for about three days.

The acupuncture therapy is used to lower the blood pressure. The question arises in minds is that whether this therapy is good to lower the blood pressure than the conventional therapies. In my opinion the acupuncture therapy is better than the blood pressure medication because the medications have side effects but the acupuncture therapy has no side effects. The most common side effect that one suffers from the medications is that of the low blood pressure because when these medications are taken then these blood pressure medications cause lowering of the blood pressure, then when the blood pressure goes down significantly then the physicians adjust these medicines to bring the blood pressure in the normal range and then these medications are taken at the adjusted dosages.

Some of the common side effects of the blood pressure medicines include headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, tiredness, weakness, drowsiness, lethargy, diarrhea, constipation, weight loss, weight gain, nervousness, increased anxiety, chest pains, palpitations, arrhythmia, cough, congestion, upper respiratory tract infections, skin rash etc.

The way the acupuncture works is that the needles are being that are inserted on the inside of the forearm just above the wrist and along with the insertion of these needles, there is electrical stimulation that is being done, which causes the reduction in the blood pressure.

In order to see the mechanism of action of this therapy is that when the needles are inserted and the electrical stimulation runs through them, this causes the release of the opioid chemicals in the brain and in the brain and thus reduces the excitatory responses, which results in an eventual decrease in the activity of the heart and the need of the increased oxygen levels, which thus reduces the blood pressure to a significant extent.

Along with this therapy, there are different herbs that are being used to lower the blood pressure, which includes Gastrodia Rhizome, Prunella, etc. to reduce the high blood pressure in order to produce better results to lower the blood pressure.

Along with the insertion of the needles, another method that is being used includes pressing of the skin at the back of hand and between the thumb and the index finger.

This is a proven method to lower the blood pressure and has caused improvement in the heightened blood pressure in a lot of individuals.


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