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Top 3 Weight Loss Myths Debunked

“Damn this weight loss plateau! I eat right, I exercise regularly and still I’m stuck at the same number since 2 months. What the hell am I doing wrong?” I’ll tell you what. Maybe it’s your facts more than your actions that are constantly deterring you from moving closer to your weight loss goals.

Sometimes hearsay is unquestioningly accepted as universal truth by majority, simply because it has been passing on from generations. Millions of people end up being a victim to these myths and get caught in the rut, losing all their motivation and finally giving up because even though they’re putting in their best efforts, they hardly see any results.

Of course, you do not want to add onto the statistics of these people. Given below are some of the popular weight loss myths that play culprit for derailing the efforts of a huge majority of weight watchers:

1. “Strength training will make me bulky”

To start with, let’s clarify one thing. One pound of muscle doesn’t weigh more than one pound of fat. They weight just the same, however muscle definitely takes up less space and is denser in comparison to fat. So, two people with same weight can look very different, if one has a higher lean muscle mass to fat ratio. Muscle weight makes a person look more fit, firm, and small. Good muscle mass also enhances metabolism, helping you stay lean.

Strength training makes you optimally burn calories throughout the day and heavier weights can give you the best result of your efforts. The research team of the Washington University School of Medicine found that using heavy weight for the workouts improves the sleeping metabolic rate of exercisers’ by almost 8%, even if you do only 3 to 6 repetitions. This means that you can lose almost 5 pounds more every year even when you do nothing else.

2. “All calories are the same, so what I eat doesn’t make much of a difference as long as my calorie count is right”

For decades people believed that all calories are the same. You eat 500 calories of cake or cereals; they will be burned or stored by your body the same way. It has now been scientifically proven that calories are not at all alike when it comes to losing weight.
Certain foods require more work in eating than others, like chewing whole grains, vegetables or fruits. But these are also the foods that have calories that are more easily burnt when you’re trying to digest them. The mere act of chewing has been known to improve the calorie burn by almost 30%.

A Japanese study also revealed that women who ate food that require more work had better waistlines than the ones who ate foods that are easy to eat. It is actually the protein and fiber in the former that require the effort to digest, which causes your body to not absorb much of their calories.

If you avoid processed foods, your body’s ability to burn fat continues to be high all through the day, so you keep on losing weight and still not feel hungry.

3. “Don’t eat at night, else you’ll gain weight”

NO snacking at night. It’s all logical you know – it’s the time when you’re least active, so you shouldn’t eat too much at that time. Even a study in the Journal named Obesity in April 2011 said that you’re more likely to be obese if you eat after 8 p.m. Why? There are really no clear-cut reasons that have been suggested. And the topic still remains a debatable one, since ages.

The truth is – it is more about how much do you eat, instead of when you eat every day that decides your weight gain. Most people are in the habit of consuming more calories during the night just because they’re bored, or because of negative emotions, like loneliness or any other, and not because they are actually hungry.

This usually makes them exceed their calorie limit for the day and often gets stored in their body as fat. Sometimes these people may also wake up the next day with little or no appetite for breakfast, the meal that regulates our metabolism as well as our calorie intake for the entire day.

Although sleeping early does help, but if that’s not an option, you can try eating your dinner an hour later than you usually does, to avoid the nighttime snacking, suggests a spokesman for American Dietetic Association. Nevertheless, even if you postpone your dinner, make sure that you have it at least two hours before you sleep. This is helpful in avoiding mindless snacking in the evening.

You can try the best weight management program that there is or even buy the most raven weight loss devices for yourself (like this belt) but if you’re trapped in any of the myths mentioned above, you’re sure to reach a stage when you’ll be clueless about how to cross that dreaded plateau. At that time, you’ll know that it was probably one of these myths that were holding you back.

This is why it is important that you do not just accept things on their face value and question the reason behind what you hear. Only then will you be able to debunk these myths and know what’s actually right for you. After all, there are a lot many myths that surround us than the ones that are mentioned here.

Marcia Calleiro is a vegan and a work-from-home mother. Calleiro usually orders from any healthy meal delivery or diet meal delivery service as they serve fresh, tasty and nutritious food. She combines this with her waist trimmer device for overall fitness. She is currently a contributor to Health Care Information Website, a site that educates its readers about various health and weight loss issues. In her free time, she likes square-foot gardening, playing games on her Xbox, and spending time with her family.


Preparing Your Mind for Effective Weight Loss

You want to know the future of the weight loss industry? Simple! It’s rooted in bringing about the behavioral changes in people to help them achieve their long-term weight loss goals and keeping those unwanted pounds off for years to come.

With most fad diets having hit rock bottom in their popularity charts, more and more people are now realizing the need to bring about the crucial lifestyle and behavioral changes in their lives in order to fight this trying obesity battle. They now understand better than ever before that success of weight loss goals go a lot beyond just the right exercises or diet. That there are many other factors that can influence our hormones, the environment around us, and our body composition and influence our journey to lose weight.

While we can control a lot many of these factors, there are some factors that cannot be controlled by us. To ensure our success, we can try to identify these events or behaviors that are beyond our control, be proactive about them and prepare ourselves to deal with them.

Friends and Family Impact Your Weight

A study conducted by the University of Michigan revealed how behavior modification and peer pressure can affect the lifestyle/eating choices made by female freshman roommates. The results clearly showed that roommates who had bulkier partners are likely to gain a lot less weight (one-half pound) in comparison to those who had slimmer roommates (two and a half pounds, on an average) in the first year.

For sustainable weight loss, lifelong behavior modification is important. And our family and friends, to a great extent, influence what we’re eating as well as when/how frequently we’re eating them.

Quite understandably, researchers were of the opinion that bulkier roommates are, more often than not, on some kind of exercise routine or low-calorie diets, which catches on with their roommates, making them gain less and avoid the defamed ‘freshman 15.’ Behaviors of heavier roommates make their roommates more conscious about their nutrition and diet and modify their habits for the good toward weight reduction and healthy eating.

There are certain behavior changes that you can implement in your life to achieve your weight loss goals:

Switch to a Door-to-Door Meal Delivery Service Instead of Heading to a Fast Food Joint – It so easy to find a meal delivery service that provides healthy and delicious freshly-cooked food while keeping your calories in check. You can try this service or this one, to start with, which are two of the most popular meal delivery services in America. Stick to them and you’ll not have to get into the hassle of counting calories again. They do it all for you.

Aim to Change Your Habits Permanently, Not Temporarily

When you set unrealistically high goals for yourself, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment from the very start. Keep your focus on changing your habits rather than reaching out for a number, after which you long to get back to your “normal” habits, only to gain all of your lost pounds all over again.

Establish small goals for yourself while altering your habits. Try aiming for weight that is somewhere between your current weight and your final weight that you want to achieve. Give your body some time to metabolically adjust to every new weight loss plateau and accomplish your goal in small steps than just trying to take a giant leap.

Ask Your Peers for Help

Health-conscious behavior is contagious in social surroundings. We all more or less know about the basic negative and positive habits of people around us. When people who surround us indulge in healthy eating habits that encourage weight loss, it doesn’t seem too difficult to resist temptations and most of us often follow suit, only to see excessive pounds disappear in no time. Modify your lifestyle and eating habits and at least some in your peer group are sure to follow suit.

Reward Yourself for Your Small Achievements

Remember how your parents used to get you that coveted toy to reward you for scoring high in class? It was a great way of keeping you motivated to do better every time. Nothing much changes when you grow up, except that you need to reward yourself now.

Apply this to your weight loss journey. Maybe you wanted to buy that expensive watch that you thought is extremely extravagant to spend on. So set a milestone for yourself and if you successfully achieve it, go buy that guilt-free. After all, you’ve worked hard to earn this for yourself. Such small rewards can be a great positive reinforcement to motivate you to stay on track. The only thing you need to be careful about is, don’t reward yourself with any food items and you’ll be fine.

People and environmental factors that surround us can make a great deal of difference in our motivation and mindset to reach our weight loss goals. Try staying with positive people who share the same belief system and are trying to achieve the same weight loss goals and it would all begin to look as effortless as it could be.

Marcia Calleiro is a vegan and a work-from-home mother. Calleiro usually orders from any healthy meal delivery or diet meal delivery service as they serve fresh, tasty and nutritious food. She combines this with her fitness program for overall fitness. She is currently a contributor to Health Care Information Website, a site that educates its readers about various health and weight loss issues. In her free time, she likes square-foot gardening, playing games on her Xbox, and spending time with her family.


4 Great Exercises for Outdoor Workouts

Nothing beats exercising outdoors with the wind blowing and the feeling of being free of confined spaces. Working out in a gym may have a lot of benefits, but outdoor workouts can be equally beneficial if you do them the right way. Burn calories with these 4 great outdoor exercises:

1. Run On The Beach – There are many advantages of living close to the beach. One of them is the feeling of being free when you run on the sand with the feel of wind on your face the sea spraying on your hair. Run barefoot to make your exercise more fun. Your body will adjust to the rhythm and foot pattern naturally. All that you have to do is to do a few warm ups for your ankles before you begin with your run.

2. Park Plyometrics – The next time that you go to a park, be ready to do a challenging workout called Plyometrics. You need a 6-12 inch wall to help you with your exercises.

(a) Jump Off With Single Leg – Stand with a foot on the ledge and ensure that your heel is near the edge. Push off with the foot on the ledge and extend your leg. Try to get enough height and swing your arms up as you push off. Repeat this 10 times.
(b) Jump With Double Leg – Stand before the ledge with your feet apart at shoulder width. Place your hands behind the head. Your elbows should face out. Squat a little, jump up and land on the ledge softly. Repeat this 10 times. It must be mentioned here that plyometrics are not for beginners. You must practice strength training and should have good core strength before you attempt plyometrics. Incorporate these exercises into your routine at least two times a week.

3. Climbing Stairs – This is a great exercise for burning calories. Having a park or a stadium close to your house where there are stairs, helps, as working outdoors is more fun. Begin with jogging to warm up. Follow this with stretches, focusing on your calf muscles. Now take the stairs at a run and walk down so that you do not injure your knee. To stretch your calf muscles, stand facing a wall and lean towards it, as if you are doing pushups. Now stretch till you can feel it in your calf muscles. This stretch help prevent calf injuries when you are climbing the stairs at a run.

4. Inline Skating – This involves balance, core stability and muscle coordination. The motion of skating gives your gluts and hips a good workout. When you are doing inline skating, wear protective pads so that you do not hurt yourself if you are unable to keep your balance and fall.

Keep yourself fit by following these outdoor workouts. When working out outdoors, there is a fun element added to a routine and this fun ensures that you enjoy what you are doing.


4 Things Your Need to Know about Low Volume Training

You might have heard of Low Volume Training, as it is a popularly followed routine in weightlifting and mma training. In low volume training or high intensity training, you rest your body in sessions involving higher volume and maintain your muscle mass as well. It is based on the concept that rest would improve the efficiency of your weightlifting routine as it increases strength and promotes growth. There are a number of things you must know about low volume training before you incorporate it into your regimen –

1.The Basics Of Low Volume Training – The number of repetitions or reps in low volume training is minimum in number and this is what Low Volume Training is based on. These limited reps are seamlessly blended with traditional weightlifting to create a successful regimen. Hence, you would be allowed to increase the weight as you progress through your routine. The routine starts with more reps that slowly keep reducing. Thus, after your four-week cycle, your muscles would have experience the descending rep routine with increasing weights.

2.The Routine To Be Followed In Low Volume Training – The pattern suggested by experts for the four week routine is as follows –
• First Week – Not less than eighteen and not more than thirty reps
• Second Week – Not less than thirteen and not more than seventeen reps
• Third Week – About twelve reps
• Fourth Week – Not less than three and not more than seven reps

You have to use higher weights on your low rep weeks. The idea is that when you finish your set, you should be exhausted. Hence, when the weights are low, the sheer number of reps would tire you out and when the reps are low, the weight will compensate for the exhaustion. Take some time off after you finish about 3 cycles (consisting of four weeks each) because your body needs to rest before your routine begins again.

3. The Kind Of Weights To Use – It is recommended that you take the professional guidance of a trainer for this step because it is crucial to both your mma training and your health. Particularly during the heavy weight- low reps period, it could cause serious injury if you make a mistake regarding the right exercise. The trainer will teach you about simple but important things like hand placement or the right machine to use

4. Other Important Things To Take Care – Don’t think that low volume training is easy because it isn’t. It requires strength and resolve and is pretty difficult. Make sure that you are working out your entire body and not just one half of it. Always count your repetitions when you work out specific halves of your body to make sure that they are both getting equal attention.

Tools like exercise log are available in the market that make matters easier for you and keep count of the reps and weights you work. Make a proper plan and write it down to prevent confusion.


What You Should Know about Outdoor Exercises

Although you can exercise at the gym or inside your house, it is more fun to do it outside. You can derive more fun walking on the beach than by spending time sweating on a gym treadmill. You can also enjoy jogging, while soaking in the pleasant ambiance of a green park, rather than doing longer sessions of exer-cycling indoors. Here are some of the most popular outdoor exercises that would bring lot of fun with them.

• Take a step at a time - A good way of burning calories is climbing up stairs. You can do this at local stadiums. To avoid spraining your ankle, you must do a warm up exercise just before you climb steps. You can do this by jogging on the ground beside your apartment for about 5-8 minutes. After that, you can do some light stretching and take aim for the stairs.

• Skate your way - Another enjoyable way of doing an outdoor exercise is by inline skating. Inline skating improves your balance and coordination. The lateral skating motion also improves the shape of your hips. Try it out and see for yourself.

• Brisk exercising on the beach - You can always try brisk running on the beach. The coolness of the sand and the gentle breeze of the sea will be add ons to the enjoyment factor. However, before you start running, you must warm-up sufficiently. You can do this by walking on the beach for about five to eight minutes.

If you are looking for a real good challenge, then you can try outdoor plyometrics. A piece of advice though– plyometrics is not for newbies. You must also be free from any injury when you do this exercise. Another thing to remember is that you must always do a warm-up exercise before you indulge in such a session. There are two types of plyometrics, the single leg jump-off and the double leg jump-off. The difference between them is the size of the ledges. It’s up to you which challenge you are ready to face.


3 Solutions to Top Exercise Excuses

How long can you get away with silly reasons not to exercise? How many more times can you fool yourself that you love yourself as you are? Wake up and get ready to give up all excuses about not hitting the gym. Check out if these exercise excuses seem to be close to what you keep making.

No Time for the Gym is No Excuse

1. Walk while you talk- One of the trendiest excuses for not exercising is that you don’t have enough time. Maybe there is no time to go to the gym, but there is a lot of time to catch up with some free hand right? Why bank only on the gym? Walking is a good way of exercising. Instead of sitting while talking on the phone, you can start briskly walking while having a long drawn conversation with a buddy.

2. Show time and exercise time - Instead of sitting and waiting impatiently for the TV program to resume, you can go cycle on your excer-bike and do some workouts during commercials. If you are stuck up in a queue and it seems that it is simply not moving forward, then you can do some light stretching while waiting.

3. Burn your pockets and calories too- Visiting a shopping mall? Try some quick exercising even while you shop. Instead of using an elevator, you use the stairs. Climbing the stairs is an effective way of burning some calories. It will allow you to perspire and burns a lot of calories out of your body.

Exercising could never be more enjoyable. Simply pocket in your iPhone with you, put on the headset, and start jogging while you enjoy listening to the music. You can also invite your friends to come along with you for a group exercise in the nearby park. Chatting up and exercising could well go hand in hand. Given that where there is a will, there is a way, don’t let excuses stop you from exercising. Good luck!


3 Exercise Types for You to Explore

Given that every separate individual has separate tastes. It is natural for one type of exercise to suit some one while being equally unsuitable for somebody else. Therefore, it is important to know the best exercise that is suitable for you. Check out these three separate types and judge the one apt for your body.

1. Aerobics:
Are you a slender person? Although you can’t lift the weights, there are still exercises that are perfectly suited for you. In fact, aerobics is tailor made for you. If you want to enhance the elasticity of your muscles, you can try an aerobics exercise program. This includes stretching, balancing, and breathing exercises that would improve your flexibility, balance, and stamina.

2. Water Sports: Are you in love with water? Would you love exercising in the swimming pool? Then water sports could be an ideals exercising form for you. Swimming wins as a favorite activity without a doubt. However, if you want to see what the world beneath the sea is like, you can always take scuba diving lessons. You can also take up different lessons in water sports like water skiing, canoeing, surfing, and many more. Participating in water sports is a good way of exercising your body. It refreshes you, and can take all the stress out of you.

3. Weight lifting: If you want to develop muscles in your body, you can always do some weight lifting. There are different sets of weights for each type of muscle that you want to grow. The gym instructor will put you on programs that will help you to develop muscles. This is best suited to those with strong bodies and who are confident of handling mass real well.

Working out is beneficial for the body; however, doing exercises that are not fit for you will be harmful. Choose your exercise programs wisely after carefully weighing the body type and a talk with the trainer.


4 Exercises That Boost Your Energy Levels for the Day

Have you ever found yourself to be very sluggish, tired at sleepy at times? And all you wish to do is to sleep for long at such a moment? Well, there is a simple and effective solution for this hassle: Exercise! Yes, exercise has enormous benefits and is composed of twofold benefit feature as it not only boosts you body’s fitness level and your mood but also successfully manages to uplift your overall health and well-being in the long run. And one need not spend exorbitant amount of money for the same. There are certain simple bodybuilding exercises which will help you stay fit, at your ease and help you fight fatigue and keep the fat at bay.

1. Burst training workouts

Burst training work out requires shorter duration of time, its intensity is tremendous and the results are very satisfying. It involves a variety of body movements which mimics our everyday activities with regards to sports and recreation. If you wish a quick refreshment for your body then try sprinting for about 60 seconds or walking for two minutes. Fast jump roping for 30-45 seconds or even 45 seconds of mountain climbing followed by a minute of walking rejuvenates your body all over again.

2. Low intensity workouts

If you wish to burn your fat content then it depends upon the intensity used on it. While low intensity exercise like walking or strolling, swimming or light cycling burns a higher percentage of fat from the total calories burned, High intensity exercise like running, heavy swimming or cycling, sprinting etc. helps you burn more calories overall and is vital for good cardiovascular health.

3. Boxing

What is the best form of exercise when you feel frustrated tired and stressed throughout the day? Boxing! Yes, indeed! Boxing helps uplift your energy levels instantly, though you may find it difficult to combat with its immense intensity, but it is efficient to burn calories and to increase lean muscle mass and reduce the rate of injury. Especially for women, the kicks and lower drills help’s to tone their butt and thighs.

4. Circuit training workouts

Don’t wish to follow the monotonous method of workout? No worries, Circuit training is definitely for you then. It helps you alternate between different muscle groups in a different and interesting way. It is not mandatory to make use of equipments for the same. In case of wanting to use the equipment, it comes inexpensive and consists of jump rope, surgical tubing, dumbbells, and jumping jack. Also one could use their own body weight! It is a combination of cardio and strength training exercise which helps in maximum blasting of calories.

While exercise is vital for your mind and body, overdoing it get you in certain health conditions which can be very risky. So it is very crucial to consult your family doctor for the same. Exercise will tone up your body and help you looks and feel better. The energy, stamina and endorphins gained will spread over to other areas of your life and make you feel more controlled over yourself and your life!


3 Common Exercising Issues

You have been trying to exercise in order to get in shape and to feel good. Yet, do you feel shaky, dizzy, or short of breath after an exercise session? In case you are experiencing these symptoms consult a doctor straight away. Here is looking into few of the common problems bothering most of us in the present day.

1. Shaky experiences- Shakiness can be caused by drinking too much coffee before going in for a workout. Another possible reason that contributes to this symptom is that you probably have a low level of blood sugar. Muscles need glucose to have energy, and if you have low levels of blood sugar, this may cause muscle jitteriness. The best thing that you can do to avoid this is to eat a light and healthy meal before exercising. You must avoid sugary foods, though this may cause a rapid rise and fall in blood sugar levels.

2. Itchy Issues- Are you desperate to have a model like figure? However, does itching skin bother you while working out to achieve the same? Working out builds up body temperature and this can cause skin problems for you. This is known as exercise-induced urticaria. Itching can also be caused from wearing the wrong type of clothes while exercising or by sudden changes of temperature.

One piece of advice is that you must avoid scratching your skin. Scratching will only make it worse. The thing that you can do about this is to shower immediately after your workouts. Also, consulting your doctor will help you get a proper medication to rid your skin of such irritation.

3. Cumbersome Crunches- Do your knees remind you of crunchy biscuits while working out? You might notice that whenever you do squats you hear crunchy sounds coming from your knees. If you experience pain whenever this sound occurs, there might be a serious problem brewing. To avoid this symptom, you can start by going in for strength training for the leg area. You can also change the type of your exercise after consulting your trainer. However, if symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Never neglect such issues, no matter how unimportant they appear. Mend them before they get out of hand.


Capacity Of Aerobics Exercise In Elderly

Aerobics exercise is becoming a major part of our lifestyle. There are a lot of people now who are understanding that it is really necessary that they spend some time during the day where they are exercising and burning their calories so that they are able to keep themselves fit and healthy. The aerobics is something that is not limited to any age or class and is a way of life that every one can adopt. It is so important for all of us to understand that without exercise we are just allowing our bodies to learn to live a lazy way and thus we will get fatigued easily and our bodies just do not have that capacity to perform the physical endurance that we think we have. You might think that you are a strong person, if so, then just run a kilometer distance, if you are someone who has not made his body tuned to daily aerobics exercise, you will see that your body will give up on you and you will be someone who just could not make up with the amount of physical capacity required to run that kilometer. Therefore you can see that you really need to think seriously about exercising. In this article we are going to discuss on the fact that the fitness level declines among people who are growing older, but if they are going to keep up with the exercise that requires them to burn their calories, they will be able to live a healthy and an independent life that they want to live.

It is a fact that as the individual gets older, they lose their physical endurance and they physical capacity declines very rapidly. The most important thing that needs to be realized here is that we can start living a healthy life so that we do not have a whole lot to catch up with in our elder years, but if we are a person who is living a lazy lifestyle where we just do not care about exercise right now thinking that we are physically very healthy then I must say that it will be whole lot work to do and it will be something that is going to worse and worse with time. These elderly people who are unable to do physical exercise are someone who have not spend much time exercising in their youth or are someone who have been gravely ill. Therefore it is really important for all of us to understand as to how important the physical activity is to all of us and that is why we should just put ourselves in because may be tomorrow we might not have that capacity to keep ourselves fit and healthy by doing exercise.

There are researches that are being done to understand the change in the aerobic capacity of the healthy individuals that range from different age groups 21 to 87. The data was analyzed on about 375 women and about 435 men. In this study, the participants who underwent the study did exercise on the treadmill about every four years for a median of 7.9 and this provided the researchers to analyze the variations on a very large time span. In these treadmill tests the participants’ aerobic capacity, which is the amount of oxygen that is being consumed by the body during exercise that is known as VO2, which was calculated during the treadmill tests. It was being found that the aerobic capacity just diminishes as the person does less physical activity and when they start to exercise, they walk slower and they just get more and more exhausted with the physical exertion.

When such things are being found in the elderly, it just clearly indicates that the elderly just cannot live their life on their own and that they would just feel fatigued very easily while doing their activities of daily living. During the treadmill tests, it was found by the researchers that there is a change in the aerobic capacity for each decade of age and that the aerobic capacity declined in each decade in both the men and the women, but the results were pretty stunning when it was seen in the older age groups. The statistics showed that there was a decline of about 3 percent to about 6 percent in the ages ranging from 20s to 30s and in the elderly there was a decline of about 20 percent in every decade in people who are in their 70s and beyond. If we see the age group of 40, the aerobic capacity declines more in men than women. In men they lost about 8.3 percent of exercise capacity in their 40s and about 23.2 percent in their 70s.

It was really striking to find that the individuals who were really active and healthy enough to walk on the treadmill showed a decline in the exercise capacity and the rates were quite high in the elderly individuals and it was really stunning that how these individuals really show a decline with age. The researcher stated that it is very important that the elderly people must understand the significance of aerobic capacity and that they should focus more on doing aerobic activity so that they are able to do their activity of daily living. The researchers also added that the elderly individuals should also participate in the fitness programs and they said that participating in the structured exercise program can turn out to be really helpful in the lives of these individuals and it will help these individuals a lot to get their life back and even though their capacity is decreasing, they are still able to maintain the capacity for that decade and will be able to decelerate the process of decrease in energy and capacity to some extent. The researchers added that decline in the muscle mass is also a very big cause in the decline of the muscle strength and that also contributes big time in the exercise capacity of these individuals with age and the exercise can help them prevent that as well.

It is really very important that the elderly individuals put in an hour or so or more every day so that they are doing the exercise that they need to do every single day so that they are able to live healthier lives and are able to carry out the activities of daily living. I believe with a healthy lifestyle the elderly would live a much better life. I would also like to share a website with all so that the ones who want to do aerobics can get a lot of help from this site. Best of luck to all.

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