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Nurturing Your Child’s Creative Side – Top 3 Tips

It is almost accepted as a norm by most people that the level of creativity is innate in every individual. All we can do is just accept the way our mind works. The truth is, our growing environment in our tender years decide our graph of creativity to a great extent. Discouraging peers, restricting or overprotective parents, negative teachings, and distracting surroundings, all play their part in killing the imaginative powers and innovative ideas of young minds. Plus, the need of teachers and adults to make children conform to the norms is another way to discourage new ideas that dwell in their minds.

If you are one of the smart parents who wish to nurture your child’s creativity, here are a few tips that can prove to be helpful:

1. Provide Your Child with Artistic Supplies – Paint, brushes, canvas, clay, paper, are all the materials that impel children to create something. While a little guidance doesn’t harm but let your children explore their imagination to make what they want out of these supplies. Parents must realize that it is not the final product but the process of creating that is more important to inspire creativity in children. So, allowing them the freedom of expression is mandatory to nurture their innovative side. You may even encourage them to make their scary halloween costumes for 2012 themselves, if they are old enough.

2. Ask Them Open-Ended Questions – Questions that have a lot many possibilities can force a child to think deeply and you may even discuss various other alternative possibilities with your child, giving them a whole new perspective on things. What if questions, or questions like, how can you change or improvise this, or how do you feel about something, et al are all good examples of such questions.

3. Allocate Time For Imaginative Play in Their Everyday Schedule - Give children some time to indulge in their favorite activity once in a day, just for fun. It may be painting, dancing, playing any musical instrument, or anything else. It will help to limit the use of electronic toys as it restricts thinking. Empty boxes or building blocks are open-ended toys that best exploits the imagination of children. Also, keeping a check on TV viewing is also important as television often coveys a distorted view of others and promote gender-based, racial, religious, and cultural stereotypes.

Creativity develops a child’s ability to solve their own problems and fosters open thinking. Parents should try to adapt to children’s way of thinking as much as they can, instead of trying to structure their imagination to adapt to their own adult ways that are corrupted by what is “acceptable” to majority.


6 Routine Stretching Exercises

Unlike how many people take it to be an option; stretching should actually be a part of your daily routine. Beginning with warm ups and ending with cool downs have its own set of benefits. Foremost being, it prevents injuries and muscle pulls and prepares the body for the exercise regimen. Stretching also improves flexibility. There are different types of stretches that have been created, keeping different training programs in mind. Some of them have been described below along with the fitness program with which they should be combined:

1. Static Stretching – This stretching is a cool down stretch where you have to stretch your body to its maximum distance and hold it there for half a minute. It is done by staying in one place and does not involve any quick movements. All that you can feel during this stretch is a mild pull throughout the body.

2. Passive Stretching – This is similar to the above stretch with the difference that it requires a partner who provides the stretch. One example is the hamstring stretch where you stand with the wall supporting your back and your partner lifts your leg in a stretch. This stretches the hamstrings and is one that is popularly used by all sports people.

3. Isolated Active Stretch – Trainers and massage therapists use this from of stretch. They hold the position and remain there with the assistance of only the muscles. One example would be the air kick where you kick your leg up in the air and hold it for a count of 30 seconds. It increases elasticity of the muscles and also improves blood circulation.

4. Ballistic Stretching – This encourages a part of the body to be exercised to go ballistic, or in other words, beyond its range. These stretches can cause injury if you are not used to them and should be performed under the supervision of a personal trainer.

5. Dynamic stretching – When your swing your hands and legs in a controlled manner so that they reach their maximum limit of motion, you perform a dynamic stretch. The stretch begins slowly and as your get used to the motion, you increase the speed.

6. Isometric Stretching – This is a kind of stretch where you resist stretching after the muscle has been stretched, creating a pull. So, there are two movements in the opposite directions. You can do this with the help of a partner and ask him to hold your leg high while you oppose it.

All these stretches and a few more increase the flexibility of the body and prepare it for the actual exercise without having to buy any pills, no matter what your age may be. They also increase the flexibility of joints and you will find that the ligaments and tendons are stronger than ever.


How To Challenge Negative Speculations

When does a thought begin to affect you? When it repeatedly creeps into your mind! It then takes control over your emotions and you start feeling low and depressed. Thoughts, especially negative ones, don’t need your permission to enter your mind. They come as they please but it is up to you to push them out.

Of course, if you fight them, it will only be that much harder to make them go. So, what can you do? Challenge them! Follow the tips given below to challenge negative speculations –

1. Take Charge of Your Thoughts and Feelings – It is so easy to tell yourself to take charge. But, how do you do this? Medical science teaches you to apply Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Test the negative speculations with reality so that the situation gets clear in your mind. You understand that these thoughts are meaningless.

2. Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts – Every negative thought is associated with a bad memory. So, when something triggers the memory, the thoughts return. Why not try to replace the bad memories with good ones. The result will be good memories and positive thoughts.

You can also practice affirmations to do this. If you have doubts that your husband’s love for your has decreased, practice affirmation. Repeat – I am happy in my husband’s love – as often as you can, till the sentence becomes a chant in your mind.

3. Seek Professional Help – One sure way to fight negative speculations is to seek professional help. You can seek the help of a hypnotherapist to help you release negative thoughts. They will work towards replacing the negative images with positive ones. Or, you can apply guided imagery to rid your mind of worries. Fight them back with positive thoughts and images and soon they will be a thing of the past.

4. Be In the Company of Friends – When you are in the company of your friends and peers, you will be able to forget the negative thoughts. Share your worries and unburden yourself. You will find that your load is lighter. It is also quite possible that you may find the solution to your problems.

5. Enjoy Life – Don’t keep brooding over your troubles. Enjoy life and try to engage your mind elsewhere. Read books, listen to music, go for long drives, watch a movie, do aerobics and others. There is so much that you can do to keep your mind occupied. Try out some of these options.

Negative thoughts may seem real to you when they occur. But, they are only as real as you let them be. Challenge their reasonableness and you will find that they are unable to face reality. They will vanish in the face of reality. Be aware of your thoughts as they come and go. Make a conscious effort to become aware of them. When they come knocking at your mind’s door, usher them in along with positive thoughts. You will be surprised at who manages to stay there.

Read quotes of great people wiser than you. You can find some awesome quotes here. Read them and follow them to challenge negative speculations.


5 Health Benefits Of Lavender

Lavender! The name brings to mind a soft, refreshing aroma. But lavender also has many health benefits. Although lavender has been an important ingredient in many traditional health recipes to treat sickness, but it is only now that the awareness about its benefits is catching up with people. Given below are 5 health benefits of lavender:

1. It relaxes the body and mind – Most of the body and massage lotions use lavender as a prime ingredient. This is because it has the property of relaxing your mind and body. Lavender contains a compound called linalool that de-stresses the mind. Adding 6-8 drops of lavender oil in your bath will relax you. Alternatively, you can also apply lavender oil after a shower.

2. It promotes deep sleep – With a fast paced life, sleep is becoming elusive. Lavender oil has properties that promotes sleep, relaxation, improves mood and enhances concentration. Yes, you may even order hgh pills for these benefits but natural ways are always the best. Right? You can either spray a few drops of lavender oil on your pulse points or use it as aromatherapy to have a deep and undisturbed sleep. According to Alan Hirsch, neurological director of Smell and Taste Research Foundation, the smell of lavender produces alpha waves in the brain that promotes sleep.

3. It reduces hair fall – In a study conducted by the University of Maryland, people suffering from excessive hairfall were asked to use lavender oil. After 7 months, these test subjects reported regrowth of hair.

4. Detox your skin with lavender – The environment is full of things that are not good for your skin. The pollution, dust and grime make your skin dull and lifeless. Use a lavender body wash to wash away this pollution and the grime. It is supposed to make your skin glow with health and youth.

A study by Johnson & Johnson also found that lavender contains antioxidants. As a result, using the lavender body wash improved coarse skin by making it smooth. It calmed the irritants acting on the skin.

5. Using lavender as a love potion – Men who used lavender found that they were more sexually aroused and were able to satisfy their partner better. The herb is not a love potion but is very effective all the same.

Use lavender in your life to promote a healthy life. The herb is natural and therefore, safe to use. You can use it as massage oil, in perfumes, powder or for aromatherapy purposes. The results are just amazing.

Rhiana Jones is a health expert and a freelance writer. In her free time, Jones loves exploring fashionable accessories. Recently, she came across a great site to buy sexy superhero Halloween costumes 2012.


Keeping a Check on Your Food Cravings

One minute you’re innocently going about doing your routine work, the next minute you know you are relentlessly searching for that mud cake that was kept in the refrigerator. What really happened? You were taken over by the demons of food cravings that make losing weight seem almost like impossibility in your situation.

Like millions of other people, you almost always choose to brush off that faint voice at the back of your head, which is saying “This is loaded with calories. Don’t eat it!” Almost each one of us has these cravings and at that time, the answer to keep a check on them goes a lot beyond willpower.

Scientifically speaking, it is actually the feel-good brain chemicals like dopamine that fuel these cravings. And once you eat what you were pining for, these chemicals are released to create a sense of euphoria that your brain wants, time and again.

Natural as this cycle might be, it is detrimental for weight watchers like you who’re unable to resist and succumb to these urges and add on more unsightly pounds to your waistline. So, if you’re a worried weight watcher who is desperately trying to develop a resistance for these calorie-laden delights, here are a few things you MUST ask yourself when that insatiable urge tries to win you over:

1.Do I Feel Stressed?

Norman Pecoraro, a researcher with University of California, who studies stress physiology, explains that cortisol is a hormone that is released by the body when we’re stressed. This hormone suggests your brain to look for rewards and is usually satisfied (or eases out stress) by comfort foods that are loaded with fat and sugar. When you look for potato chips, french fries or any such food to ease out your negative emotions, like sadness or anger after an argument or fight with someone, you are subconsciously establishing a connection in your brain between comfort foods and stress.

In order to combat these negative emotions, it’s important that you find out ways for yourself that can help you relax instead of just grabbing the next bag of chips:

Listen to Music – Have an upbeat playlist ready with you at all times. Listen to it when the craving strikes. The songs provide an emotional release as well as the much-needed distraction.

Pause for the Cause – Wait it out. The intensity of cravings is known to subside after the initial 10 minutes have passed.

Know What’s the Distraction that Will Work For You – Every time you feel any negative feelings and you want to just gorge on food, ask this “I’m feeling _____ because ____.” This will help you find the distraction that will work best for you in that situation. For example, if you’re feeling lonely, taking a walk alone wouldn’t be of any help. If you’re stressed out because of a fight with your mom, call a close friend and let it all out. In short, look for an outlet that will help you release your nervous energy.

2. Am I Eating Less Than Usual?

You might think that by eliminating carbohydrates or any other food group completely, you’re reducing your calorie intake substantially. But the truth is, by cutting out any particular food group completely or by reducing your calorie intake to less than 1,000 calories daily, you’re only getting your body ready for the main craving mode. “Restrained eaters” thereby end up having 1-2 BMI points (or 10-20 pounds) higher than regular eaters.

Exercise Your Leeway Safely – Even if you do feel like surrendering to your cravings sometimes, don’t forget about portion control. Instead of eating the whole chocolate pie all by yourself, settle for only a bite of it.

Don’t Eat around Other Stuff to Avoid Your Specific Food Craving – If milkshake is what you seek, having yoghurt instead won’t be of any help. Trying to satisfy your specific craving by bingeing on other random food stuff may make you consume more calories than if you’ve just had that food item in a limited portion.

It may seem like a real pain initially to curb your food cravings but as you move along; it will become a habit and wouldn’t seem like too much of an effort anymore. It’s also a good idea to not stack fat-laden stuff, like mayonnaise, ice creams or cheese at home. If you don’t have time to cook, instead of going out to have a subway or any other restaurants that you “think” serve healthy food, try sticking to best home delivery diet food package services that serve fresh food at your doorstep at an affordable price.

Also, instead of fad diets, my personal recommendation would be to try this popular weight loss plan, which also focuses on bringing about behavioral changes in you instead of just guiding you about exercises or diet that’s good for you.
Always know that it’s not just the willpower and knowledge of what to do or eat that’s going to help you in your weight loss endeavors. Behavioral changes play a very subtle and crucial role in helping you stick to that lifestyle and keep off your lost weight for the long haul. Now you know why you always end up gaining weight whenever you get off a regime suggested by fad diets.

Your Turn

What do you crave for the most? How do you fight your cravings? Share it all with us in the comments section.

Rebecca Williams loves writing about meal delivery programs and review popular weight loss programs that are both healthy and easy on the pocket. She’s an avid reader and a nature lover. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her plants or go for a walk in the woods and spend time with children. She’s a contributor to Health Care Information, which is a great website that offers tips and advice for healthy living enthusiasts. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.


What are Nebulisers and How to Use Them?

Should you be using a nebuliser to treat your respiratory illness? Let’s find out. A nebuliser is equipment that transforms liquid into globules of aerosol that can be inhaled. This device uses oxygen, air that is compressed and even ultrasonic power. This ruptures the solution and discharges droplets of aerosol straight to the lungs. However, the use of this device has seen a decline in recent years. Despite this fact, they are favoured by some patients and can be greatly useful in certain conditions.

You can find a broad variety of this device in the market. Jet nebulisers are managed by compressed air while the ultrasonic ones by vibrating crystals. The first one consumes huge amount of the drug while expiration. The other variety is being widely used.

The rate of flow of gas has to touch a minimum of 6 litres per minute in order to deliver tiny adequate particles in about 5-10 minutes. The ultrasonic variety is relatively smaller and does not produce much noise.

The device is not so efficient with many producing only about 10% of the dosage that is suggested. A huge amount of the drug remains glued to the internal parts of the equipment or is misused while exhalation. The productiveness of the delivery of the medication is based on the kind and quantity of nebuliser chamber and the rate of flow. There are chambers with a container and various systems of valve that enhances the productiveness of the delivery of the drug.

The use of nebulisers for Respiratory illness:

Undoubtedly, nebulisers can help in curing most of your respiratory problems. Those problems can be anything, COPD, cystic fibrosis and many other clinical conditions.

However, the device is no more used for treating serious asthmatic patients as laid down by the British Guideline. Despite this fact, it is increasingly used for treating severe asthma attacks. The Guideline states that there is not enough evidence to recommend the use of the equipment in case of acute asthma. In case the device is used in emergency conditions, there is a risk of desaturation of oxygen. Hence the device should be driven by oxygen with a heavy flow regulator connected to the cylinder. This will ensure the much needed rate of flow which stands at 6L per minute.

Can COPD be cured by a Nebuliser?

Patients suffering from COPD have bronchoconstriction that is not reversible. But most of them show reversibility with increased dosage of bronchodilator.

The emanating liquefied vapour from the device changes the viscosity of the mucus and aids expectoration. Hence nebulisers driven by air are used most of the times while treating serious conditions of exacerbations and COPD.

While using the device in the treatment of COPD the following points should be taken into account:

1. Hand-held nebulisers are superior
2. Treat patients with the device with upsetting breathlessness in spite of treatment with inhalers.
3. Find out if the patient is able to use the device before prescribing one.
4. The patient is to use a mouthpiece or a face mask whenever it’s possible.
5. Individuals having problems with hand-held inhalers may also experience problems using the device.

How to Maintain a Nebuliser?

The device has to be cleaned on a regular basis. The face mask and mouthpiece has to be washed thoroughly in warm water. Leave the different parts to dry overnight. Before you use the device, you should run it for some time and then add the drug.

All in all, this device has generally proven to be useful for most of the patients who are suffering from minor respiratory issues. Consult with your physician and see what he says.


Sleeping Tight in Pregnancy

It can be extremely difficult to have sound sleep when you have a large tummy and you are always conscious of not hurting the baby in your womb. You may order any sleeping pill any time if you are a regular insomniac but that option strikes out if you are pregnant. To top it all, lack of quality sleep makes you more prone to frequent depression, illnesses, and colds, when you are expecting.

With various other guidelines that mom-to-bes’ are inundated with, a thing as simple as sleeping also has its do’s and don’ts for pregnant women. Explained below is how various sleep positions affect you and your baby:

Sleeping on your stomach – During the initial pregnancy stages, breasts are usually tenders. As you reach the third trimester, your belly and breasts are a lot larger than before. Although it isn’t very dangerous to sleep on your stomach, still it is not recommended as it can be very uncomfortable.

Sleeping on your back – The weight of your increasing uterus immediately begins to pure pressure on your back muscles, primary blood vessels, and intestines. This can lead to disrupted blood circulation, blood pressure issues, backache, indigestion, and haemorrhoids.

Sleeping on your side – When you lie on your left side, it enhances the flow of blood and nutrients towards your baby. This also makes it easy for your kidneys to discard any wastes or fruits from your body. Consequently, swelling in your hands, feet, and legs are bound to be minimal. Although there’s no real benefit of sleeping on your right side but it still isn’t harmful. So, you can switch sides in between and be comfortable while drifting off to slumber. Side positions are good for the health of both the mother as well as the baby and also ensure that you sleep tight to wake up all fresh in the morning.

For additional comfort, it is a good idea to use a pillow to support your belly or you may even put one in between your knees. Here are a few special pillows that you can use in pregnancy:

Small Pillows – Using a small pillow in between the bent knees reduces the pressure on lower back and makes it even easier to sleep on your sides. You can even tuck one behind your back, which makes it easy for you to maintain your side positions without any trouble.

Wedge Pillows – These wedge-shaped pillows are placed below your belly as you sleep on your side. This takes the pressure off your neck and back. It also aligns your back and stops any rolling forward. For those who experience shortening of breath or heartburn due to pregnancy, wedge pillows can be a good solution as it elevates their head more than the chest, preventing and relieving these problems.

Body Pillows – These full-length pillows support as well as realign the back, hips, neck, and belly. These pillows are loved by many would-be-mothers as they not only support the back but also structures around the belly.

Finally, don’t stay anxious all night worrying about the comfort of your baby. Your baby floats in a weightless environment without feeling any discomfort even when you are tossing and turning all night. So, just relax and have a good sleep!


5 Ways for Parents To prevent Obesity In Children

Childhood obesity in not a parent ego issue but is actually a serious medical condition. Most people write it off as a parent’s attempt to better their image by making their child better looking but it is far from that. As kids, we are all drawn towards junk food like fries, burgers and sodas. Also, candy contributes to obesity but on some occasions like Halloween and Christmas, it is a part of the celebration.

Here are some points that would help you control the weight problems of your kids –

1.Watch The Weight Gain – This is the easiest and the most ignored solution for obesity issues. Most obesity problems are not complicated at all and you can control these problems by merely watching what goes in. Simply keep a tab on the diet of your child but don’t under nourish them. There are certain diet requirements based on height and age and you should follow them when you watch their food intake.

2. Encourage Regular Eating – It is best that you fix regular eating timetables and even join your kids when they are eating. As per the government health recommendations, there must be 3 meals and additional snacks per day of a healthy person. Hence, your child shouldn’t be going without food for more than 3-4 hours. If you join them during their meals, it would add more regularity to their timetable.

3. Inculcate Healthy Eating Habits Early - Healthy dietary choices not only prevent obesity but they also cancel out other health issues in a person’s life. But it is much more difficult to break someone out of an unhealthy eating habit than it is to incorporate it from an early age. Add fruits and vegetables in their diet plans when they are in preschool and you will notice that such kids stay away from fatty foods when they grow up.

4. Don’t Be Restrictive – It is okay to control their intake and monitor it up to a certain extent but you must try and not come across as some tyrannical food control freak. These are probably the best years of your kids in terms of digestion and you don’t want to be too much of a spoil sport. Another thing about being overly restrictive is that children tend to do the opposite of what you tell them to do. This means that if you keep them away from junk food, they will gravitate towards it and you don’t want that.

5. Join Them In Moderate and Healthy Eating – Your kids learn from your habits and even imitate your choices. The best thing is to join them and eat moderately in front of them so as to set an example. If you are gorging on burgers yourself and asking them not to, it creates double standards and makes them angry. So, when you ask them to eat their salad, do the same and things would be much easier.

Don’t be too strict while introducing the regimen. Be easy on the kids, they are children, after all. Be polite and give them a free treat occasionally to encourage them.


E-Cigarettes: Healthy Alternative or Harmful For the Heart?

Smoking kills. Yes, of course that statement doesn’t need any re-clarification, but ask any smoker and he will tell you in detail about the numerous difficulties of trying to quit smoking. These start from the urges and cravings for the smoke to problems in concentration and lack of productivity at work. This is why E-Cigarette or electronic cigarettes are something that you must consider whether it is you or your close someone who is trying to quit smoking.

The problem starts with the fact that there is a raging debate about the beneficial effects of electronic cigarettes and it is believed by many to be harmful for your heart, doing little good than bad. Well, recent extensive studies and research has shown that they are completely safe and has no harmful effect on the heart. Still don’t believe this suggestion? Here are 3 reasons to stop worrying and start believing this result –

1. The Survey Is An Extensive One

Yes, right, that a survey can never be theoretically all encompassing reflecting cent percentage of the populace but at the same time in practice, an extensively done survey with a wide range of carefully selected sample subjects is the nearest you can reach to a statistical surety. This is why the survey which takes into account a reliable number of subjects, all of whom were made to sue the electronic cigarette, makes it a perfectly setup scenario.

The fact that the survey was done on people who were made to use the electronic cigarette and were monitored for problems right before and after the usage makes it perfectly clear that the harms from using the same are absent. Scientists and doctors have mentioned that there is a slight possibility that electronic cigarettes come with short term harm for some, but the same is extremely negligible to be taken into account.

2. Millions Of People Are Using Electronic Cigarettes

There are more than a million people all over the globe who are using the electronic cigarettes an alternative path to quitting smoking and reaping the benefits out of the same. The reports of problems or health hazards due to smoking an electronic cigarette are next to null and the rare instances can be safely categorized as cases of allergy, unadvised consumption or unregulated consumption of the same. Remember that no remedy is good if you overdo it and the same hold of the concept of electronic cigarettes.

3. Laboratory Analysis

There have been numerous analyses of the electronic cigarettes in the laboratory and it has been seen that it is free from any remote presence of carcinogenic substances which might be meddling with your health. The trace amount of whatever harmful substance might be there in an e-cigarette is negligible. The amount you accumulate from smoking an e-cigarette continuously for six to eight months is the same as one single conventional cigarette.

It is recommended that you start using the electronic cigarette or gift it to a loved one at the earliest and bunk any worries that you might have.


Road Trips Shouldn’t Be an End of Your Healthy Eating Endeavours

Road trips and unhealthy food go hand-in-hand indeed. After all what more is there to do when travelling? Sitting in a closed vehicle, your arm will invariably stretch towards the open pack of chips. Aerated drinks, sodas and take-away are what follows next. You don’t even realize how much junk food you have in your system by the time you reach your destination.

Junk food is certainly more convenient and may sound much easier to carry while travelling. But what we don’t realize is how we run after convenience without really looking its nutritional value. If you try to find the nutritional value of burgers, wafers and other junk food, you probably won’t find any! These foods, although seem very appetizing but on the contrary are extremely unhealthy.

If this is what you consume throughout your trip, chances are you won’t even be able to enjoy as much as you hope for. Wonder Why? The extra sugar, starch and preservatives present in junk food makes you grouchy, fatigued and may even leave you with a stomach ache. To avoid these situations, you just need to make little changes in your pre-trip shopping list and then you’re set to travel, the healthy way!

Since there are not many places giving importance to healthy, it’s the best to pack your own meals and snacks from home. This way you know you are consuming the best material which has wholesome nutritional value. Healthy means fruits and lots of veggies and thus when you are going out, take these with you. Fruits like apple, banana, orange and kiwi are quite filling, easy to eat and very good for body and so they make great snacks of travelling. For veggies, you can boil them, chop and carry in zip-lock pouches or take them with you in a salad form. Consuming the daily requirements of veggies will keep you healthy and regulate your body functions properly!

Another great way to fulfil your nutritional requirement when on the go is nuts. Nuts give you energy, contain essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and reduce the level of cholesterol in your body. Being high on fibre, they are a part of a balanced diet and also keep blood pressure under control. Having almonds and few cashews daily will yield positive effects on your health. If you want to carry some sweet snacks on the trip with you, invest in granola bars! Since these are rich source of fibre, nuts and cereal, it will make you feel fuller for a long time.

Water is another important element that you need to have when travelling. Never forget to carry water with you. Also take yogurt, juice, and water rich foods like cucumber

If you are going to a place like a movie or airport where home-made food cannot be carried, you must not get tempted and eat only healthy and nutritional food. Tofu-wraps, salads and other low-calorie food can be ordered. Japanese cuisine is an excellent option to explore as it’s known for its low-calorie nutritional content.

Just stay determined, and soon you won’t even feel like looking at the junk food anymore. The first step may be the hardest, but once you are on the path, nothing will be able to stray you!

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