Detection Of Bladder Cancer In An Easy Way

Earlier the test that was used to diagnose bladder cancer was cystoscopy, which is an invasive procedure, but now there is introduction of a new test, which is known as the urine test through which the bladder can cancer can be diagnosed.

The urine test that is going to change the world of diagnosing the bladder cancer as this is a noninvasive test and will prove to help a lot of people throughout the globe. In this test, an enzyme telomerase is being measured, which is a major part of cellular repair. If the levels of this enzyme are abnormally high, then this represents the presence of a bladder cancer.

The most important thing that the urine test is going to help with is that it will cause an early diagnosis of the bladder cancer and will help millions and millions of men throughout the world.

According to the statistics, there are about 64,000 people all around the world who suffer from the bladder cancer each year. The bladder cancer is more common in men than in women. According to another statistic there are about 13,000 men who die each year from bladder cancer.

The first indications of the bladder cancer is that there is an increase in the frequency of the bathroom. Currently in order to diagnose the bladder cancer, the individuals go through a very painful procedure of cystoscopy in which a tube is inserted through the urethra and then it is moved into the bladder. There is a camera in the tube that helps the doctors visualize the internal lining of the bladder and they can remove the tissue of the bladder so that they can perform the histology analysis on that tissue and then make a diagnosis of the bladder cancer.

Even though the cystoscopy gives an accurate diagnosis, this procedure is very painful and bears risk of infection and bleeding. On the other hand the urine test is not invasive and it is easy to perform and gives an accurate diagnosis of the bladder cancer by detecting the abnormally high levels of telomerase.

According to the recent statistics, the smokers have a very high incidence of developing the bladder cancer and this discovery is going to help a lot of men throughout the world.


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