Don’t Spank Your Children

On the basis of data collected from the entire world, children are being spanked when they misbehave in order to teach them manners, but according to the research these kids are the ones who are more likely to be more anxious and aggressive than the children who are disciplined in nonphysical ways. We have to keep in mind that spanking is a norm in our cultures, throughout the world.

There are many theories that are being put as to whether the parents should use physical means to discipline their children or not is a lot controversial. Some say that children should not be spanked and there must be other ways that need to be explored according to the children’s psychology, which can help them grow in a more positive manner.

The other school of thought says that spanking and physical discipline depend on the traits of the child and the family and the circumstances in which it is used.
The researchers then collected the data through questionnaires from throughout the world including different countries and they found out that physical discipline was something that was used to discipline the children.

It was again brought up that the children who are being spanked are prone to be more anxious and aggressive than the children who are being managed other way around.
In Asia, people who are the followers of Buddhist teachings are less likely to spank their children or other forms of physical discipline. In Kenya where physical discipline is considered as norm and the kids there are reported to as pretty aggressive.

So the extract that comes out from this research is that we should learn ways where we do not use physical means to control children cause that leads to a lot many negative effects in their lives and damages the personality and causes them to go through a lot of deterioration that might take years to heal or might not heal at all.


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