Fine Tune Your Mind

We normally are living a life where we just get dull and take a back seat in our lives and are all wrapped up in our day to day life and with lots of situations that we need to handle throughout the day. We go through different things during the day and feel that our mind is really tired and that we just cannot stand any more stress on it. But on the other hand we see people who are really strong in their mind and just involve themselves in the activities that strengthen up their minds and make them feel sharper than ever no matter how much stress that they are going through. Mind is something that has never been explored fully though there still are a lot of researches that are going on but still there is a lot much to know as to how our mind works and what we can do to strengthen it and make it work the best for us and honestly speaking that is what we want deep inside.

In this article we are going to discuss as to how important it is to keep your mind rolling by doing different mathematical questions, puzzles, etc. and these things can just give your mind the vitality that it needs to better solve the different problems and handle different situations that your mind is going through each day. Brain is the control of our body that performs so many important functions of our body from thinking, talking, movements of muscles, memorization and so on and on.

There was a study that was conducted in which it was determined that the individuals who prefer to live a dull life and do not involve in brain exercises are the ones who are most likely to get Alzheimer’s disease. We can easily understand as if we have a bicycle that is in the working order and then we do not use it, we will see that slowly and gradually it is going to get rusty and then a time will come when we would not be able to use that bicycle at all and that would be a part of junk, which is true. So by looking at this theory it is really necessary that we care for ourselves and bring our brain into action by working on the different brain teasers and crossword puzzles.

Now we are going to discuss the different things that will greatly enhance your brain ability and will make you a far better learner than any other individual. It is really important that you first understand its true importance because this will put you in the lead than the rest of the people who are not into making themselves go through the brain rush. The most important thing that you need to do is to bring about a change in your lifestyle. At this point I would like to make a note that intelligence quotient is not a permanent thing, it varies according to your brain capability, if you are not putting yourself through brain exercises just by thinking that you have a low intelligence quotient then you must know that it is something that you can increase very easily just by making yourself go through different brain exercises over a short span of time and you will see that your intelligence quotient is something that is building up really fast, much faster than you can ever imagine.

You can utilize math skills to improve your brain functioning. There are people who can calculate faster than a calculator and their understanding towards a thing is much faster than an average or above average individual. So you can just put yourself into calculating different things and can even explore Internet where you can find different math problems that you can solve and can learn a great deal from them.

Start focusing on the language skills. You can go through the newspapers and will find the different topics really interesting, just go through them and try to have a complete understanding of the theme of that topic. You can also find the crossword puzzles that you can work on and you don’t need to think that you are in a competition or something just take your time and find those things interesting for you so that you can keep working on them and then make it a habit and after that you can compete for time and you will see that you will be able to complete that in the given time and much before that. So just do not judge yourself for that in the beginning.

Another very interesting thing that you can adopt is to memorize one word or a quote depending upon when you have time to go through that and you can always make time for that. You will see that you are putting your mind to exercise the different things and that you can do it. There will be a lot of factors that will discourage you, but you need to know that you just need to keep on going because it will make you more confident on yourself.

You can explore the topic of your interest and can dig into it more and more and find new information that comes along and keep yourself up-to-date with it. This way you are going to see that you are learning more and more on a constant basis and that this is strengthening your knowledge and making you a whole lot confident on the things that you were not comfortable on before.

You can also work on enhancing your visualization powers where you can start to paint and imagine the different ways you want to express yourself. It is not necessary that you paint following the lines but you can paint in an abstract way and express yourself through different colors and this will just open up your mind to see things through different angles and that would enhance your capabilities greatly.

Along with all these words of advices it is also important to make a note that you eat healthy foods and that foods that are rich in choline, omega-3 fatty acids, as well as antioxidants. I hope this article will make you be the one that you have always wanted to be.


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