Grapefruits Can Help Fight Gum Disease

The recent study says that people who eat grapefruit for about a fortnight may have minimal bleeding from gums, as it is found that grapefruit promotes wound healing.

The researchers conducted a study in which they selected about 58 people who were suffering from chronic gum disease. They asked those people to eat grapefruit and then after a period of time they found out that eating grapefruits had a very positive effect in both smokers and nonsmokers.

The mechanism with which grapefruits work is that they increase the level of vitamin C in blood and thus they promote the process of wound healing and reduce the damage that occurs by unstable free radical molecules.

It is found in the study that the vitamin C level in smokers is about 29 percent lower than in nonsmokers.

Researchers have also mentioned that eating two grapefruits a day can raise the vitamin C plasma levels in all those people who consume grapefruits.

The smokers were seen to have a level that was doubled after taking the grapefruit, but as they had a lower baseline of vitamin C level at the start of taking the grapefruit, the level of vitamin C was still lower than that recorded in the non-smokers.

The reason why the smokers have decreased levels of vitamin C is because it alters the way the body metabolizes vitamin C and it is also possible that smokers also have a less healthy diet.

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