Head Lice Problem

Head lice is a very annoying condition in which the lice gets to the hair of the children and they just live on the scalps of the head of humans who are its host. The lice then lays the eggs and these eggs are laid close to the scalp, which adhere to the hair. The lice sucks the blood from the scalp and this results in the itching on the scalp, which is being scratched by the children and that causes the formation of the scabs. The itching on the scalp is the first sign of the presence of lice in the head. When the child scratches on the head often then that alerts the parents as well as the teachers at school because it just spreads at a very fast pace and can infect all of the children in a class. Therefore if a child is being found with nits and lice in their hair needs to be quarantined so that the rest of the children are not infected by it.

The nits are glued to the hair so it is not possible for the individual to see it with the brushing of the hair, so it is really important that the nits and lice be seen in bright light so that it is known for sure that the child has lice in their hair. It is also of note that the lice can transfer from the children to adults and since it can infect a lot of individuals, it is something that needs urgent attention. If you are unable to see anything with the naked eye then you must use a magnifying glass to be sure if the lice are present or not.

The lice that are adult are brown in color and they look very much like the elongated ticks. The lice have six legs and they just make the life of an individual miserable. The life span of a head louse is about 30 days and the head lice lays about a total of 100 nits. The only food that the head lice survives on is the blood of a human and when they are being picked up from the head, the head louse cannot even survive for 24 hours. The pattern with which the head louse colonize is that they lay about four eggs a day and about seven to ten days later these egg hatch and this process of multiplication goes on at a very rapid pace and this is something that needs to checked really soon or it can result in a spread to a lot of other children and adults. So it is important that you get a treatment on an immediate basis as well as treat the hair again of the infected children and adults in about another week’s time as well.

The way the head lice transfers from one individual to another is that they get transferred to the accessories that are being shared among different individuals such as combs, hair brushes, hats etc. The more common way of transference of lice is from head to head contact. The most common ground where we can see the rapid spread of the head lice is the school and it is in a school setting that the teachers take a lot of care to prevent the lice from spread and when a child is being inspected to have lice in his or her head, these kids are then being given a note for their parents to inform them that they have lice in their head and the parents need to treat the lice that very day. The next day when the kids go to school, the very first thing that the teachers do is that they inspect the kids again to make sure that they do not have any lice in their head because if the lice or the nits are being spotted again, then the parents are being asked to take their kids to home so that the lice just do not get spread to other children.

One of the most effective ways to treat the head lice is to find them manually and remove them. The other method that the parents use mostly is the use of tea tree oil that removes the lice or other solutions that are known to kill the lice and after cleaning the hair, they must be looked under the bright light to make sure that all the lice and the nits are removed from the hair. Another way that can be used is to place a white tissue paper underneath the hair and as you are combing the hair, you can see if anything falls on the hair and you can know if there are any lice in the hair that were being left. There are even special combs that are being sold to comb out all the lice out of the hair.

The right way to brush the hair to remove the lice and nits from hair is that one should start brushing the hair from the scalp to the ends by looking at the strips of hair in smaller sections so that it can be seen that whether the nits or the lice are being adhered to the hair in any segment. Brushing the hair like this can be a very time consuming process and one just has to patient while going through that process. The child can be looked for the lice and nits every day after having a shampoo to make sure that there are no remnants of lice left in the hair. It is very important that all the bed sheets, blankets, pillow covers should be washed in hot water so that the lice are being killed. One should also vacuum the carpets etc. to make sure that there is no living lice left in the home or it can again grow to the same extent as it had been before.


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