Heart Attacks


One of the leading causes of death in the United States is from cardiac diseases and from those problems, heart attacks, makes to the top. The cases are rising every year and this must be taken into consideration as to how we can minimize the chances of heart attacks in individuals and save the lives of thousands of people.

Signs And Symptoms Of Heart Attacks:

Heart attack is a condition in which there is a sudden impairment in the function of heart. The signs and symptoms that are reported when an individual suffers from heart attacks include discomfort and pain in the chest, excessive sweating, nausea and vomiting. When the condition gets into a full swing, the individual can lose consciousness as well. If left untreated then the individual can die.

Why Is Heart Attack A Pretty Serious Situation?

The heart attack is a pretty serious situation where the heart cells are not getting the food, which is blood and oxygen and this leads the heart to go into abnormal or impaired activity, which just puts an individual to the risk of life. This situation is risky because the heart muscle starts to die out and the damage that is being done to the heart muscle is irreversible and just leaves a scar tissue in a focal area where the blood supply is being impaired. It is very important that the individual who is suffering from heart attack must get the immediate medical attention or he or she can lose their life.

What You Should Do If An Individual Suffers From Heart Attack?

If you see any individual who is going through the above mentioned symptoms, then you must call 911 so that the paramedics can immediately monitor the situation by doing ECG and blood tests and administering the appropriate medications so that the life of an individual be saved from certain death.

The Life Saving Medication In Heart Attacks:

Generally the cause of heart attacks is the impaired blood supply to the heart muscle, which in turn leads to the death of the heart muscle, which needs to be restored as quickly as possible because if the blood supply is not restored, then death can be certain. The cause of the impaired blood supply to heart is because of a clot of blood being trapped in a blood vessel supplying the heart and this clot that gets trapped needs to be dislodged, which is being done through either the process of thrombolysis or angioplasty.


Heart attack is a very lethal situation and must be dealt as an emergency. It is very important that the individual who had had a heart attack before, must be monitored for the factors that caused the heart attack the first time so as to prevent a second heart attack, cause the second heart attack can be lethal.

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