Heart Patients – Beware Of Thrilling Rides

There are many risk factors that are laid out for people who are suffering from heart diseases such as diet high in cholesterol, high blood pressure, lack of exercise etc., but there is also a pretty important factor that is being researched regarding patients suffering from heart diseases, which is that they should not go through any thrill rides such as roller coasters or fun rides, which are high speed.

The basic way with which these rides effect the human body is increased heart rate and thus this can result in heart attacks and irregular heart rhythms and can ultimately lead to sudden cardiac death.

In order to back their research, the team of scientists asked for volunteers who were made to go through a roller coaster ride and among those volunteers were men and women. During the roller coaster rides, the volunteers showed to have a tremendously increased heart rate and in about 44% of the volunteers it increased to an extent where it caused irregular heartbeats.

The researchers said that about 44% of the volunteers who had irregular heart rhythms had been in that state for about five minutes after the ride.

The researchers also asked the operators of the roller coaster to keep a defibrillator on hand just in case if any of the people having a joyride might develop into a sudden cardiac arrest.

The researchers also added that there are a whole lot of people who have cardiac problems, which are not yet diagnosed as of yet and they are the ones at the highest risk of developing severe irregular beats or either going into a cardiac arrest, and people who feel that they cannot go through such rides, MUST not take them, as this could be pretty disastrous for them.

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