Heat and Personal Health

Normally we discuss foods, health habits, lifestyles in terms of health care, but there is little that is written in terms of heat affecting the life of individuals. There are a lot of people throughout the world who suffer from heat stroke and in the summer months especially there are a lot of cases reported to the hospital where people have suffered from heat. It is noteworthy to mention it here that in the summer months during the past few years there were about 10,000 people reported dead due to the intense heat in France alone. This was a very shocking news and there were a lot of programs and ads that were given in the newspapers to make the people aware as to what can be done to prevent themselves from the heat. In this article we are going to discuss the different factors where we will be talking about the different ways where one can prevent themselves from the scorching heat of the sun.

One of the most common affect of heat is dehydration in which the water is being loss from the body through a very high perspiration rate. The best remedy in that situation is to drink large amounts of water so that the water loss can be managed by it. Another element that is being lost through sweat are the minerals so with the loss of minerals the individual goes through excessive lethargy and fatigue, so it is best to add salt and lemon to the water along with some sugar so that the right level of minerals can be maintained in the body. Of note, just do not drink alcoholic drinks and you must not wait to drink water till you get thirsty and drink on a consistent basis. Another important fact is that you must consult your doctor if you are taking water pills before you consume large amounts of water.
It is important that you do not drink liquids that contain caffeine, alcohol because these cause the loss of water from the body and you must not drink very cold fluids as this can cause cramps in the stomach. So you need to be very careful in the hot weather months because if you walk in the wrong steps then you can hurt yourself and hurt yourself really bad.

Another step that you can take to prevent yourself from the scorching heat of the sun is that you can stay indoors because that can prevent you from being dehydrated. The best option would be to be in an air conditioned environment because that would cool you off as the temperatures outside are raising your body temperature and this is something that can ultimately lead to heat stroke that can be deadly. Therefore it is really important that you try to keep yourself as cool as you can. If you do not have an air conditioned environment at home then you can spend some of your time at a mall or you can even spend a few hours at a public library because this way you can cool yourself off for a few hours and that would help you greatly. You can also call the local health department and check if there are any heat shelters in your area.

You can find comfort in your home environment with the electric fans but it becomes really difficult to fight the rising temperatures and that then ultimately causes the heat related illness. One thing that you can do is to take shower on and off so that you are able to cool off your temperatures throughout the day. Another important thing to note is that you must wear loose fitted clothing as well as wear light colors so that you are able to keep yourself cooled off in such an environment.

The people who are at increased risk of developing heat related illnesses are the infants and young children, elderly people who are age 65 or above, individuals who are mentally ill, as well as who are suffering from serious health conditions such as heart disease or high blood pressure. This group of people as mentioned above are the ones who need a constant check by you so that you can know as to how they are doing so that if anything goes wrong at any point then you can take immediate measures for that.

As it is said that Prevention Is Better Than Cure, it is important that you try to prevent yourself from heat rather than getting emergency medical attention from heat stroke, so it is important that in such weathers you should limit your outdoor activity, you must not exercise on tougher routines as you had been and if you are exercising then you must take sports drink so that you can keep yourself hydrated. I hope this article must have provided you with the basic information as to how you can protect yourself in the summer months.


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