Is Eating Addiction

It has been a mystery for people thinking is eating addiction? There were many school of thoughts on that, some thought that eating is addiction and some thought that it is not. There have been different people who had been asked from time to time as to what is food to them and there were many different answers from them. There were groups of people who said that they could not live without food, they have to eat something with quick intervals or else they would die. On the other hand there was another group who said that they have fixed timings when they eat and in between that they just try to abstain from eating as much as possible so that their routines of eating do not get disturbed. Another group of people said that they like to eat during meals and they like the times when they are eating. There were three different groups from whom the data was being collected and thus it was being determined that these different opinions do really hold a great deal of data in them.

The group who said that they do not like to eat meals in between their meal times were the ones who have restricted themselves from eating much and were focusing on maintaining their routines and taking a balanced diet. On the other hand there was another group of people who said that they cannot live without eating and they have to eat something in quick intervals or it is a do or die situation for them, these people can be considered addictive to food and that they cannot live without eating and all what is on their mind is to eat, what to eat, when to eat etc. Their words clearly show that these people have that thing inside them of what we call Addicted To Food. Another group of people who have been saying that they eat in between meals but not that much, this shows that this group of people are the ones who can get addicted but are not showing the feelings that are similar to the ones who really are addicted.

There was a research that was conducted recently in which the researchers made it clear that overeating is really addiction. The researchers said that the people who are overeating are very similar to the people who are using drugs because the drugs stimulate the same areas of the brain as does overeating. The scientists proved that there was a strong connection of the stomach and the brain. The scientists mentioned that this habit develops into a human without actually making them know exactly as to what exactly they are entering into. Like the person who is addicted to food is someone who just cannot live without it. The scientists made it clear that these people who overeat, their stomach has a very close connection with the area in the brain that is known as hippocampus. This area of the brain is the same area that is known to be the active area of the drug abusers.

The main function of the hippocampus is related to the function of memory and emotions. It is this area that is stimulated of the people who are overeating. Another area of the brain that is linked in the individuals with overeating is the front al cortex of the brain. This was a big finding where the researchers were able to find that the hippocampus and the frontal cortex are directly involved and sends signals that causes the individuals to eat almost on a constant basis. The researchers also mentioned that the hippocampus as well as the frontal cortex are the same areas that are involved in the individuals who are drug addicts, which means that overeating and drug addiction are linked to the same areas of the brain, which makes overeating linked to addiction.

There was another view that the researchers put forward was that since the hippocampus and the frontal cortex are the areas of the brain that trigger the individuals to overeat. They also said that it is really very difficult for the people who are overweight to cut their habits off because they get signals from these areas of the brain and this tempts them to eat more and more and this is a drive that makes them eat on a constant basis. It is just like a behavior that has been modified in an individual, it is something that the brain has learnt and a pathway being set. If the individual who had been overeating and is now trying to lose weight and is successful in losing the weight and has got his BMI back to normal that they are also at the brink of getting back into the same habit and can be called as individuals who are at risk of going back into the same habit again.

This information that is being gained by the researchers can turn out to be a very useful information and in the future can be made to work into play where there is development of new drugs, new therapies that are being brought about and this can change the entire world of the way that obesity is being treated world wide. It is now clear cut that overeating is directly linked to the brain and it is addiction. There are people who leave addiction of drugs or alcohol on their own will and the individuals who are overeating can learn to stop overeating on their will as help. But for those people who are weak and just do not have enough will power would remain a victim and these are the people who need help in terms of medicines and hypnotic therapies, as this is a truly eye opening research for all the people as there are a lot of people throughout the world who are getting into the category of being obese. I hope this research opens more doors and more avenues where a lot of people are able to find benefit from it.


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