Job Loss Linked To Heart Attacks

Stress has always been known to cause a lot of detrimental effects on the health of the individuals and there have been a lot of problems that are reported because of the increased stress in a life of a person. Stress is known to cause ulcers in the individuals who are living a highly stressed life and along with the medications, these individuals are being asked to make their life as stress free as possible. In this article we are going to discuss regarding the stress that really damages the individual financially and also can cause heart attack and that is loss of job, which is known to affect the lives of millions of people throughout the world. This stress doubles up if the individual is to lose his job in the later years of his or her life and this can be really traumatic to that individual.

There was a study that was conducted in which there were about 4031 people who were from the ages of 51 to 61. This study was conducted over a period of time and these individuals were the ones under observation and over the span of about 10 years it was found out that there were individuals who lost their jobs and in that there were about 23 people who suffered from heart attacks and about 13 people suffered from the stroke out of the group of about 582 individuals who were laid off from their jobs. The major cause of death in these individuals was blamed upon the stress because of their need to keep the jobs and the reason to have a stable life and their dependency on that. One of the major reason for the stress because of job loss and that leading to heart attack is their fragile nature to go through that kind of an experience that is really shattering to them and thus leading them to live a much harsher life after the loss of their job, which deals with a great deal of a psychological factor that plays an important role in the part of lives of these people.

It has been mentioned that the individuals who are elderly and who are not able to work in full capacity in their jobs must be provided a place in their current jobs where they are able to work less than what they are doing now, which will help to reduce the number of individuals who go through stress and then ultimately suffer from heart attacks. It is also of great importance that there must be centers that are developed that would work to counsel the individuals who are elderly and help them go through this process very smoothly because at an elderly age there are a lot of health related problems and other factors that does not allow them to work in full capacity and if there are such centers, there would be better outcome in terms of helping them find the jobs that they can do in their capacity and also counseling them so that they can understand that what is the thing that is in their best interest.

One of the biggest fears that are being faced is the loss of health coverage that these individuals have through their employment because they are relying heavily on their health insurances and when these are being taken away, this just adds the burden on their thoughts as to how they are going to cope with that and how they would be able to manage their life with such and these things just put a great toll on them and hurts them really bad and results in the worst outcomes that can be faced by these individuals, death.
The researchers who were conducting the research on the aged people said that it was not surprising to them that loss of job could have such an effect on the elderly people because these days the life is becoming too difficult to live and that things are getting pretty expensive, especially the health and that the elderly just cannot help themselves in getting out of the depression and anxiety that they are going through, which then ultimately works to take them out of the misery of life by taking their life.

The learning that we gather from the effects the job loss in the elderly bears is that we should understand and learn as to what are the different things that they are going through, what are their problems that need to be addressed, how we can support them as a human because these are the individuals who still want to work and earn, but that opportunity is being taken from them, what are the reasons that put them through so much stress, is that the worry of health insurance? Do they worry a lot of their extinguishing finances that are going to burn out the moment they are going to lose their job because they are living pay check to pay check. There must be a lot of problems that I am sure they must be suffering from and that is something that we need to understand and see as to what are these places where we can help them live and sustain their lives better. I think we can do it and this just needs our attention, dedication and devotion and sincerity to the cause.


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