Living With Cancer


Cancer is a deadly clinical condition, which when is being diagnosed in a person just puts them in a state of shock. In this article we are going to discuss the different things that one can do while they are suffering from cancer.

Control Your Life While Suffering From Cancer

Introduction: You can control your life even after you are being diagnosed with cancer. Below we are going to list the things that will help you manage the crisis that you are at this point in time of your life.

1. Drink Plenty Of Water: You need to drink plenty of water as this will help you to eliminate the toxic ingredients from your body and is a big help while you are taking all the toxic medications such as chemotherapy etc.

2. Get A Change In Your Look: You can change the way you look by getting a shorter hair cut because while you are going to take the chemotherapy, the hair will fall and this will not be a big change or a difference when you already have gotten your hair short.

3. Cut Out Caffeine From Your Diet: You need to cut out the caffeine from your diet, as caffeine increases heart rate as well as it causes increased problems with diarrhea. Remember that the caffeine is also present in the cola drinks so you need to avoid them as well.

4. Check Your Temperatures Regularly: You must check your temperatures regularly to see whether you are suffering from any infections or not. If you are in any case having high temperature, you need to contact your doctor and tell them that you are suffering from high temperatures and give them the readings that you have recorded so that they can know your vitals accurately. People who are suffering from cancer are prone to have viral infections.

5. Eat Three Times A Day: You must remember that the kind of the treatment that you are on, you need extra strength to fight off cancer. Another important thing that you should know is that the medicines that you are on are going to make you weak and for that matter you need to eat three times a day and must eat regular meals and not eat less. Most often the problems that the individuals face while having chemotherapy is they have feelings of nausea, which is a side effect of the cancer chemotherapy. These symptoms will just get worse if you are not going to eat the food that you must eat to avoid these symptoms.

6. Make Changes In Your Lifestyles: You need to know that the treatments that you are going through are going to make you weak, therefore you need to make the certain changes that you need to have to improve the work efficiency such as placing a chair near your iron stand and ironing your clothes while sitting and you can place a high stool to wash your dishes etc. It is very important that you go through these changes so that you can make sure that you are going to have a better work environment in which you are not going to make you feel fatigued but you can do the things of daily living pretty easily.

7. Cool Plenty: It is good that you cook plenty because with that you would not be needing to cook every day and thus can save yourself time and energy.

8. Get A Good Mouthwash: It is really important for you to know that with the cancer therapy, one can develop mouth ulcers and for that matter you need to have a good mouthwash to prevent mouth ulcers from arising.

9. Keep Yourself Upbeat: It is really important that you not let yourself go down because there will be a lot of points when you will go down and fearful of the situations but you need to diffuse all that by taking your mind off from those things and indulge yourself in watching movies, enjoy doing the things that you do etc. to make you feel happy and upbeat.

10. Sleep As Much As You Can: It is really important that you take an hour or two more sleep than you normally do because there are a lot of healing powers in sleep and you must take as much as you can to give you time to recover from the brunt of the chemotherapy and the other toxic therapies that you are going through.

11. Spend Time With Friends: You must spend time with your friends and enjoy your time and share as to what are the feelings that you are going through and how you are coping up with them and you will find that you will be getting a lot of strength and support from them.

12. Kill Your Pain With Painkillers: It is really important that you manage your pain with the painkillers and not bear it, as with the medical advancements that are being made these days, there is no need to bear your pain. Consult your doctor and ask him if you are unable to bear your pain.


I believe that the article is going to help you find the ways as to how you can improve your life and get yourself in an order so that you are able to balance the things properly and able to fight the cancer as it should be. I believe you will be much better in a few days and keep believing in yourself and don’t give up because your strength is something that you derive from inside and keep praying as it will give you more power.

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