Misconceptions On How High Sugar Meals Affect Us

Children eating unhealthy foods are on the high rise. We see children snacking on high sugar foods, burgers; French fries etc. and we just do not feel as to whether they are eating healthy or unhealthy. It is generally becoming a part of a trend that most of the people around the globe are following especially in the United States. People who care for what their children should eat mostly say that if their children would eat high sugar foods, as well as oily and greasy foods is that they will gain a lot of weight, but in reality these parents do not know that their children would not only gain weight but they will also be going towards a lot of degenerative diseases that they can be going through when they will enter their adulthood. This is something that most of the parents just do not know at all and things are just getting worse for these kids day after day. If parents want to take care of their children, they should not let them eat the food that is unhealthy for them so that their children can live a longer and a healthier life than the kids who grow up into adults who suffer from a lot of problems as they grow up.

There are a lot of researchers who have been involved in finding how the children are affected with the unhealthy diet patterns and there is a new study that suggests that eating of the high sugar foods trigger the release of a lot of damaging substances into the blood and they said that it is not necessary that the parents get their children to whatever they want to eat but they should be taking care as to what is best for their children and should not just get them everything that they ask for because there are a lot of things out there in the market that are just not good for their kids at all because they can just lad their kids to a lot of health problems as they progress towards their adulthood. The researchers also said that as to what trends your kids will be in now, they will just follow those trends and their life will be truly miserable, it might be something that will appear in the later years of life and that would be very hurting for you and your child, so it is very important to develop better behaviors at a younger age.

The parents should educate their children as to what are the healthier foods that the children can eat. A very important information that the parents should know and pass on to their children is that there are high glycemic foods and low glycemic foods and all foods have a glycemic index, which tells as to how fast the body burns and turns the food into energy. The foods that burn very quickly are the foods that have simple sugars in them and the foods that burn slowly are high in fiber. The high glycemic foods are the ones that burn very quickly and raise the level of blood sugar pretty fast. In reaction to that the body just releases large amounts of insulin to push that blood sugar into the tissues and that causes the blood sugar level to go down and that is why there is a feeling like energy crash after eating foods that are high glycemic foods.

On the other hand the foods that are low glycemic foods burn very slowly and cause the blood sugar level to rise at a very slow pace and thus the body just does not need to manage that situation on an urgent basis and this just leads the body to have the sugar in a controlled level and that is why an individual does not feel a crash in energy as one experiences with high glycemic meals. When an individual just have a high glycemic food one can see a very high rise in the energy and as soon as this energy gains its peak, it is as soon as the energy goes down. With the high rise of glucose in the blood there is development of a lot of ATP molecules. The formation of the ATP causes the production of oxygen free radicals that are very dangerous and causes damage to the cells. If the oxygen free radicals are not checked, then this can lead to the development of the chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancers, as well as depression. This damage just also causes a lot of problems in the arteries, heart, lungs, brain that ultimately leads to the chronic degenerative illness.

As a defensive mechanism, the proteins neutralize the toxic effects of the oxygen free radicals and that those oxygen free radicals are not dangerous. Therefore it is pretty obvious that there is very less consumption of the high glycemic foods and thus through this we should prevent the chronic degenerative diseases that can arise at a very young age. It is also really important that the parents and the kids must eat foods that have the antioxidative properties in them. It is to be noted here after going through all the facts and figures that the foods that the kids eat are the foods that are high glycemic foods and we can see as to how these foods are affecting their lives and if you want your kids to be healthy you must be sure that the kids are eating healthy foods and not the foods that are the high glycemic foods.

We must educate our kids and tell them as to what are healthy lives and how we can be healthy and what is the importance of the foods that we eat and what effects it bears on us and how we can improve and learn as to the foods that are going to keep us healthy and will make our lives much better. The education that you are going to pass on to your kids is something that your kids will pass on to their kids and this will then pass on from generation to generation and your generations will be thankful to the healthy lifestyles that you are going to teach to your children.

I hope that this article is going to help a lot of parents and will change the future of a lot of children and I hope that all of you have a happy and a brighter life.


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